Mexican cartel, MS-13 members arrested sneaking drugs across the border


DEL RIO, TX- Border wall? We don’t need no stinking border wall, right Democrats?

In Del Rio, TX last week in a 24-hour period, Border Patrol Agents assigned to the Del Rio sector apprehended a number of illegal aliens, including Bangladeshi, Chinese, and Haitian nationals.

To round out the international criminal pie, they also arrested a member of MS-13 and a wounded member of a Mexican cartel, who fled across the border.

Out of 107 illegal aliens captured during the period on January 9, it included five Chinese, three Bangladeshi, five Haitians plus the cartel member. They also seized 90 pounds of narcotics.

The cartel member was wounded in a shootout near Guerrero, Coahuila that killed eight Los Zetas cartel gunmen. Border patrol agents working near Carrizo Springs, TX apprehended the wounded cartel member who crossed into Texas trying to escape Mexican police.

Using helicopters, multiple agents and a special unit called BORTAC, border patrol agents were able to track down the cartel member. The evil (according to Democrats) border patrol agents provided medical assistance and transported him to a medical facility for treatment of multiple gunshot wounds.

The shootout started when gunmen in several vehicles drove up to a police checkpoint near the border in Mexico and started shooting at officers. They fought off the attack and called for backup. Dozens of state police and soldiers rushed to the scene and took down the attackers.

Chief Patrol Agent Raul L. Ortiz said:

“These multiple events marked just one busy day in Del Rio Sector. I would like to thank the agents who worked with each other and our law enforcement partners to bring each of these events to a safe and successful resolution.”

The MS-13 gang member, who had a violent criminal history, was arrested by Eagle Pass Station agents on Jan.3, when 43-year-old Jose Guatalupe Cantarero Reyes, a Honduran national, illegally re-entered the U.S. near a populated area.

He was convicted in Forth Worth, TX in a family violence assault causing bodily injury in 2008. He was deported in 2011. Sounds like someone worthy of living in the United States, if you’re a liberal.

“MS-13 members are dangerous individuals and thrive on creating chaos,” Ortiz said in a written statement. “Thanks to the hard work and vigilance of our agents, we were able to arrest this individual before he could infiltrate our communities.”

Agent Ortiz, maybe Reyes was coming to America to “do the jobs Americans won’t do.” Like kill people.

Meanwhile, last week a Mexican to tried to enter the United States at the Pharr-Reynosa International Bridge between Pharr and Reynosa drew a knife and cut his throat when he was denied access. The man was not identified.

Two Mexican security officials, who weren’t authorized to speak publicly said the man was seeking asylum in the United States.

“He committed suicide,” one of the officials said.

He was on the Mexican side of the bridge close to the international dividing line, the other official said.

The man, in a blue shirt, approached U.S. officials on the bridge and raised his hand to his neck. The source who spoke to Reuters also provided a photo of a man’s body lying in a pool of blood with his throat cut. The sources said the man was in his 30’s.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection did not respond to Reuters for comment. The attorney general’s office in the Mexican state of Tamaulipas is investigating the death.

In good news for border security, last week the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit reversed a decision by a federal judge that blocked nearly $4 billion in military funds that the Trump Administration diverted to the border wall.

The administration had wanted to spend $3.6 billion for the construction of 11 barriers on the US/Mexico border. This latest decision allows the funds to be spent while the original case is under appeal.

El Paso County and the Border Network for Human Rights filed the original lawsuit to block the administrations plans. The administration requested the appeals court to look into the matter on Dec. 16.

The White House, in a statement said:

“The United States Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit has lifted an illegitimate nationwide injunction entered by a lower court, and in doing so has allowed vital border wall construction to move forward using military construction funds. This is a victory for the rule of law. We are committed to keeping our borders secure, and we will finish the wall.”

This is good news in a move to secure our country.

Let’s not forget about the arrest that just took place in Glen Burnie, Maryland.

It’s yet another day where Democrats are screaming for open borders, lighter penalties for violent criminal offenders and ZERO participation with ICE and CBP.

That same day…another violent crime committed by an illegal immigrant against an American citizen.

A man known to drive a church transportation van in Glen Burnie, Maryland has been arrested and charged with 19 counts of sexual assault on a child, Annapolis police said.

Officials said they received a report Sunday of sex offenses that occurred in the unit block of Juliana Circle West against a 13-year-old girl. The investigation widened to include reports of child pornographic images, police said.

The suspect was identified as Jose Argueta, 44, of Glen Burnie.

Police said Argueta met the victim while driving a church transportation van, police said. It was reported that on four occasions, Argueta sexually assaulted the girl and during some of the assaults, pornographic photos of the victim were taken by Argueta.

According to Annapolis Sgt. Amy Miguez, the van Argueta drove transported the victim and her family to their Glen Burnie, Maryland, church.

“That’s how [the victim] first met him,” Miguez said. “It was obvious that there was a lot of information confirming that this had happened and also photographs, unfortunately, pornographic images of this child.”

Last Thursday Argueta was arrested and is charged with 19 counts relating to the assaults. He is being held at the Jennifer Road Detention Center without bond.

On Friday, the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement lodged a detainer against Argueta.

In a statement, ICE said:

“On Jan. 10, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) lodged a detainer with Anne Arundel County Detention Center for unlawfully present El Salvadoran national Jose Argueta (also known as Jose Angel Mendez) pursuant to his arrest for several charges related to child sexual abuse, possession of child pornography, and other related assault and sex abuse charges.”

I wish that we could say that this was an isolated incident. But that would be a lie.

Far too often, we see violent crimes being perpetrated by people who are not supposed to be here, and sometimes by illegal immigrants who have been deported multiple times and continue to sneak back into the country.

Yet that is not stopping left-leaning political entities from doing everything they can to show that their loyalties lie with illegal immigrants rather than Americans.

As Immigration and Customs Enforcement has said:

“When law enforcement agencies fail to honor immigration detainers and release serious criminal offenders onto the streets, it undermines ICE’s ability to protect public safety and carry out its mission.”

In other words, sanctuary municipalities are choosing non-existent rights of illegal aliens over the safety of their legal residents.

ICE is getting sick of it.  As are so many others.

When an illegal alien is arrested, ICE responds by sending a request to the jail where the criminal is held, asking them to notify ICE if the criminal is to be released.  ICE requests enough notice to be able to respond to the jail and take custody of the criminal before his release.

This allows ICE to ensure the criminal stays off our streets, and also allows ICE to deport them if possible.

But many counties choose to not honor the detention requests and instead allow the illegal alien criminals their liberation and leaving them free to continue committing crimes in our country.

Most recently, ICE has spoken out against Cook County, Illinois, who is one of many counties ignoring ICE’s detainer request to hold criminals for deportation.  Cook County includes the City of Chicago.

It was announced Friday that in 2019, over 1,000 criminals who are in the US unlawfully have been released in Cook County alone.

Among those approximate 1,070 free criminal aliens, there have been some very serious cases reported.

Of note, Nicaraguan, Mexican, and Jordanian immigrants have been arrested for crimes such as domestic violence, aggravated domestic battery, strangulation and recklessly discharging a firearm.

Additionally, a South African native was accused of indecent exposure.  While that sounds much less serious than the crimes listed above, it’s the type of crime that pedophiles and sexual predators start out with, testing the waters, preparing to escalate into more violent crimes like sexual assault or even rape.

There is a high likelihood that there have been many other illegals released or about to be released that ICE doesn’t even know about, due to the fact that the agency is denied access to the police database.

An ICE official, Henry Lucero, said:

“Because ICE does not have access to standard Illinois law enforcement databases, it’s difficult to accurately account for all the aliens who have been arrested, released and committed additional crimes. 

However, with the limited information ICE can verify, we know that police resources are being wasted, more people are being victimized, and it’s a matter of time until something more significant happens.”

All of those crimes mentioned had the potential to either be avoided, or to be utilized to prevent future crime by the individual.

Lucero further said:

“The most concerning issue about working in an area that refuses to cooperate with ICE is not only that we do not know which criminal aliens are being released from custody, but the public doesn’t know either.”

The recidivism of the criminals shows that had the jail contacted ICE as they requested, many future crimes against American citizens would never have occurred. Similarly, if ICE had been able to use the aliens’ crimes to deport them back to their own countries, said aliens wouldn’t be wandering free in our country ready to victimize other citizens.

But Cook County couldn’t care less about that.

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Mexican cartel, MS-13 members arrested sneaking drugs across the border

In 2017, then-Attorney General Jeff Sessions threatened Cook County’s Chicago, along with several other sanctuary cities, saying he would pull federal funding from the municipalities if they didn’t abolish their sanctuary status.  These cities included New Orleans, Philadelphia, Las Vegas, Sacramento, Milwaukee, and New York City.

Take a guess as to how many of those cities heeded the warning.

ICE is having no effect on the status of the cities.  The Attorney General is having no effect on their statuses.  So, moms of children slain by illegal aliens are trying.

In California, Shauna White’s 19-year-old daughter, Madisyn, was murdered last month by an illegal immigrant in the City of Oakland. 

Shauna blames the sanctuary policies of Oakland for her daughter’s death. 

Shauna appeared on Fox News and was asked about Oakland Mayor Libby Schaff.  She said, “I feel that she has no concern for the citizens that are already here, who have been born and raised here for generations.”

Schaff is hardly the first so-called leader of the Bay Area city to care more about illegals than their own citizens.  Her predecessor, former mayor Jean Quan, was too busy making music videos with drug dealers, standing on the front lines with rioters during protests, and laying off 80 officers from the city’s already depleted police department to care about civilians being criminalized by illegal aliens.

In 2018, Schaff posted a warning that ICE was “preparing to conduct an operation in the Bay Area, including Oakland,” warning illegal immigrants, including serious criminals, to hide during the operation.

Madisyn White was brutally murdered on the streets of Oakland by 19-year-old Roberto Martinez who was living illegally in Hayward, CA.

Shauna described the incident as road rage. 

“When [Madisyn] got out of the car to take care of it with the insurance, [Martinez] became aggressive,” Shauna said.  “He’s well known over there to rob people. … When she didn’t have anything else to offer him, he attacked her. He punched her in her face and continued to hit her.”

Madisyn returned to her car to try to photograph the aggressive alien’s license plate.  Martinez then shot Madisyn, killing her.

“He let out 10 rounds on my daughter. He killed her,” Shauna said.  “He just, he killed her.”

Schaff reportedly refused to release a photo of the suspect because of the vast rights illegal immigrants are afforded in the city, which by far surpass those of legal residents.  It’s been speculated that Martinez has since fled to Mexico.

This is just one example of crimes ranging in severity, up to and including murder, taking place by criminals unlawfully in the US, which could have been avoided.

These immigrant sanctuary municipalities are unconstitutional.  They’re irrational.  They’re getting Americans killed.  And they need to stop.

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