Metro officer shot, nearly murdered in ambush at home: ‘This was a ruse to get police to the house’


NASHVILLE, TN – A Metro Nashville police officer was shot in an ambush while responding to a “set up” call falsely reporting an active shooter at a home in South Nashville.

The shooting was reported just after 6 p.m. in the 7200 block of Sugarloaf Drive, located off of Nolensville Pike.

According to MNPD Public Information Officer Don Aaron, police were called to the residence for a report from a man claiming his brother had shot his mother and that the gunfire was continuing:

“On the 911 call you can hear him saying that he’s scared the shots are continuing to be fired hurry, hurry please get here in a hurry. It’s very concerning what our officers are being confronted with over the past few weeks is very concerning.”

Three officers knocked on the door to the residence. The door opened, and when officers began to make entry into the home, the caller opened fire, striking Officer Brian Sherman in the left arm.

Officers retreated from the home and 22-year-old Salman Mohamed followed them outside into the driveway armed with a rifle. Officers began to negotiate with the man, but he shot himself in the head. He died shortly after of his wounds.

Aaron said the South Precinct officers were not equipped with body cameras. The swat team was equipped with cameras, but the suspect was dead by the time they arrived.

Aaron stressed that no officers fired their weapons during the incident.

Officer Sherman was transported by medics to Vanderbilt University Medical Center, where he was treated for his injuries and released late Tuesday night.

Aaron said Mohamed’s mother and three siblings were in the home, but no one was injured nor were any other shots fired, as he initially reported:

“Again, no one else in the home was hit. This was a ruse or a setup to get the police to come to the house, and as soon as the officers knocked on the door, the door was opened, and they came under fire by Mohammed.”

No motive has been released by authorities, but Aaron said Mohamed appeared intent on luring the officers to the home:

“We believe the person who made the 911 call was Mohamed himself. In fact, on the 911 call, you can hear him saying that he’s scared that shots are continuing to be fired. ‘Hurry, hurry, please get here in a hurry.’ It was all a ruse to get the police officers to this scene.

“Mohammed’s motives for this have not been determined. Obviously, we’ll be talking to his family throughout the evening to try to resolve why he did this. Again, no one else in the home was hit. This was a ruse or a setup to get the police to come to the house, and as soon as the officers knocked on the door, the door was opened, and they came under fire by Mohamed.”

Authorities stated that Mohamed had no previous arrest record, and they were looking to see if he had any prior police contacts.

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LAPD officer shot in the chest with own gun after confronting man breaking into his vehicle

April 30, 2021


LOS ANGELES, CA – An off-duty Los Angeles police officer was shot in the chest with his own gun Wednesday in a struggle with a man who had broken into his car and was attempting to steal his police gear, authorities said.

.The off-duty police officer and a suspect were both shot and wounded during a gun battle at a Sherman Oaks apartment complex around 2:30 p.m.

The incident began when the officer left an apartment with a woman and went to the parking lot of the complex. As he approached his vehicle, the officer observed a man who had broken into his vehicle and was wearing his ballistic vest and had his service weapon, according to Chief Michel Moore.

The officer confronted the man with his backup handgun and an exchange of gunfire erupted. The shootout continued through the parking garage to a breezeway behind the apartment complex. 

Chief Moore said the officer struggled with the man before the situation turned into “what we believe to be a gun battle between the both of them, with the suspect using the officer’s primary duty weapon.”

In the breezeway, the suspect was shot in the arm and shoulder, and fell to the ground, according to authorities. 

The officer recovered his stolen firearm from the suspect, and then retreated back to his vehicle where he collapsed with two gunshot wounds to the chest and one to his thigh.

Other officers responded to the scene and surrounded the apartment complex. The officer was transported to a local hospital where he was listed in stable condition. 

Chief Moore said he spoke to the officer before he underwent surgery: 

“I spoke with him before he went into surgery. Obviously, these are very traumatic injuries, and he is grateful to be alive, but he is not out of the woods yet.”

The responding officers located the suspect in the breezeway as he was tossing magazines from the stolen firearm over a fence.

The suspect was transported to a local hospital with three gunshot wounds. He was listed in stable condition.

The woman who accompanied the officer was not injured during the incident.

The incident remains under investigation, but Chief Moore stated the incident appeared random rather than a targeted attack.

Officials are working to determine how the suspect was able to access the officer’s vehicle inside a secured garage. 

Chief Moore said that the officer is a member of the detective’s bureau and typically keeps his vest and firearm inside his vehicle.

Officials have not released the name of the officer or suspect.

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