This Is a Messed up World

This is a mixed up, backward world we now live in. I remember, not all that long ago when a politician was expected to be anti-crime. It was unheard of for someone running for election not to support the police. Today it is the norm.

In Florida, a candidate for governor has aligned himself with an anti-police group calling for the abolishment of police. In Illinois, the Democrat candidate for governor aligns with a group that says they are the families of police murder victims.

Today in America the media would have you believe the police are the criminal problem. Forget the dope dealers on the corner. Forget the gangbangers doing drive-by shootings to eliminate their dope dealing competition. Forget the lack of a family to raise and teach children. Forget the lack of leadership from pulpit and politicians.

Back in my twenties, I knew an older man named Fred. He had come to America after WWII. He and his family escaped through the mountains to get away from the communists in his country. Eventually, he made it to the U.S. and became a citizen. He worked two jobs for many years to provide for his family and to make them a good home.

Fred told me one day that the real problem between our country and the Communist countries is our planning. We plan for next year, two years from now tops. The communists plan fifty to one hundred years down the road.

Never have I seen this more evident than today when I see politicians selling their souls today for votes without a realization or care how this will impact our country down the road. The major media is all in, supporting these people since that gets readers or viewers and that sells ad space. Who cares about the repercussions down the road.

This naiveté will eventually bite them in the ass. Unfortunately, the damage they are doing will stay with us for many years. If we changed things today, I imagine it would take at least a decade to repair the damage done.

I know there are many people who still support the police and show their children good examples but there are so many who believe the rhetoric touted by the major news media and fail to do the right thing.

As a result, a day doesn’t go by when you don’t see someone recording their own civil or criminal behavior and refusing to comply with lawful orders from the police. Every day groups in masks take over intersections blocking vehicles. When the police arrive to break it up the police are the bad guys.

So, what happens? We all know what happens. Police go to work, get in their squad cars and patrol. People wave at the police and the police wave back. After all, you wouldn’t want to be impolite. You keep your windows rolled up because no one wants to hear the insults and taunts shouted by the people on the corner. Calls for help get drowned out in all that.

You respond to your radio assignments, but not at a speed where you might get there and confront one of these lovely citizens. After all, they don’t want to go to jail for the crime they committed. You would be racists if you tried to enforce the law.

So, what does a police officer do? How does the officer deal with this? This pressure builds as they are forced to internalize these insults. They are told society doesn’t want them. They are proud they signed up for a tough job to serve and protect and now if they stop for a sandwich they had better watch the counter person prepare it or they may be a foreign substance added. If they sit down for a coffee break they get called racist or refused service.

Here in Chicago, our wonderful mayor called it going fetal. It means not doing anything just getting through the day. Like he is doing right now until the end of his term.

The only problem with going fetal is how long can you take it? How long until you take too many insults and blow on the street or at home? How long until you can’t stand it any longer and start to believe the insults? How long until the pressure becomes too great and you make a mistake? How long until you hesitate and get killed or overreact and kill someone? For far too many this pressure has resulted in an epidemic of police suicide.

I know that I don’t have the answers and I must have been a great part of the problem all along.



I’m afraid it will take some great tragedy to get people to see the light. The Iroquois Theater fire in Chicago back in 1903 killing more than 600 people showed the need for fire regulations. What is it going to take for society to see the need to change their ways and support the police, not the criminal?

I’m almost 63 years old. I won’t be around all that much more, so I don’t worry about myself. I do worry about what my children and their children will have to deal with. I am afraid that all too many so-called leaders can’t see beyond their nose and selfishly don’t care how this will affect their children.

My heart goes out the today’s police officers. The old adage is more correct today than ever before, “Kid, this job ain’t what it used to be.”

My brothers and sisters in blue – run low and zigzag. Stay safe!

– Robert Weisskopf (Lt. ret.)