The following poem is titled Message From Rick. It came to us from a friend in Kentucky after she read the In Memoriam for Officer Rick Nilos. The preface is simply an email message written by the author, but we’ve included it as a background prior to reading the poetry.

– LET Staff

Rick NilosIt saddens me when an officer is killed or dies. After reading your post about Rick (Nilos) and the knowledge he had of his relationship with Jesus Christ I feel led to share with you a poem God gave me a long time ago. He has blessed me with the gift of poetry and I just released my book called Life After CancerI won’t bore you with the details but God saved me from breast cancer. I write from personal experiences and God always puts me in character when I write. With that being said I pray these words will be of some comfort.


I know your hearts are heavy and you miss having me there

But now I’m resting with the Lord and free from every care

I was welcomed in by Abraham and he took me by the hand

He said I’d like to welcome you to that blessed promised land

Then Jesus stood before me and he held onto me tight

And he reassured me everything would be alright

He led me down the streets of gold and running to meet me

Were many friends and loved ones I had longed to see

People I didn’t know came up to me and said

Because you gave of yourself God saw that I was fed

Please don’t be sad and mourn for me I’m doing what I love

Serving God and guarding you from heaven up above

Soon we will be together never more to part

Until then just remember I’m as close as your heart

– Joye Atkinson

Editors note: Joye’s book, Life After Cancer, is available at Createspace

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