Menstrual products in elementary school boys’ bathrooms? Nope, it’s not a joke – it’s a law in Oregon.


OREGON – A new law in Oregon is requiring menstrual products to be available in boys’ public-school bathrooms.


Democrat Governor Kate Brown signed the “Menstrual Dignity Act” in July 2021. This required all K-12 schools to make sanitary products available to all students. Instructions for use were also included.

According to Fox News, Oregon planned to implement the sanitary product strategy in all schools during the 2022-2023 school year.



The statement read,

“Starting next year (2022-2023), products will be available in all restrooms (male, female and all-gender) in every PPS building where education occurs.

To ensure timely compliance, PPS ordered 500 dispensers. 

Dispensers have been installed in all elementary and middle school girls’ restrooms, and more will be installed in all remaining bathrooms, including boys’ restrooms, next year.

Instructions on how to use tampons and pads will be posted in all bathrooms.”



In March, the Oregon Department of Education developed a toolkit. “The Menstrual Dignity for Students” toolkit includes instructions on the proper usage of products and tips to help eradicate the stigma of menstruation.

The toolkit states:

“Importantly, this law affirms the right to menstrual dignity for transgender, intersex, nonbinary, and two spirit students by addressing the challenges that some students have managing menstruation while minimizing negative attention that could put them at risk of harm and navigating experiences of gender dysphoria during menstruation. 

Research also connects gender-affirming bathroom access to supporting student safety at school. 

This program offers an antidote to the common narratives that say menstruation is something deserving of embarrassment and shame. 

Menstruation is simply a biological process for people who ovulate, though negative cultural messaging often leads young people to believe otherwise. 

According to a recent survey, 80% of teens feel there is a negative association with menstruation, “that they are gross or unsanitary.” 

These attitudes, combined with a lack of understanding around menstrual health and a lack of access to menstrual products can result in experiences that can impact a student’s mental and physical health as well as student attendance.”



According to Newsweek, Conservatives are angered by this decision and have criticized the bill. They are frustrated with Democrats for “forcing”gender-affirming ideas on students.



A spokesman for the Oregon Department of Education, Marc Siegel said:

“The intention is that all students have an understanding of menstruation as a positive part of human development, without shame or stigma.

…that all menstruating students have the right to access the products that they need, whenever they need them. 

This is important for everyone, so that all students, including those who are transgender, intersex, non-binary, or two spirit, in all grades, can access their education without barriers.”

He noted that the toolkit:

“Centers on inclusivity, education, and privacy so that all menstruating students have access to dignified self care. 

It provides best practices for staff engagement, student and community engagement, as well as resources for providing menstrual health education that is positive, celebratory, and not shame based.”

Bridget Barton, Oregon gubernatorial candidate, remarked:

“Radical leftist woke policies are destroying Oregon from our streets to our businesses to our schools.

But as a mom, a new grandmother, and a Republican candidate for Oregon governor, I can’t believe we’re even discussing this — America’s most unpopular governor, Kate Brown, is putting free tampons in the boys’ bathrooms of Oregon’s elementary schools.

“Clearly Brown cares more about what’s going on in the bathrooms than what’s going on in the classrooms.”


Virginia Democrats reportedly trying to hide sexually explicit school material in schools from parents

FAIRFAX, VA – Virginia Democrats are fighting against the bill proposed by Republican Governor Glenn Youngkin that would allow parents the opportunity to know when their children could be exposed to sexually explicit materials.


Governor Youngkin proposed the bill learning of books in school libraries that were widely available to children depicting sexually explicit material. The bill specifically calls for a way that parents will be involved in anything similar in the future.

Additionally, the bill would require that any child who attempted to check out such a book from a school library would have to first obtain written consent from a parent.

It also called for the removal of any medium that was deemed to be grooming in nature.

State Democrats have called for the bill to be defeated when it comes up to a vote as they seemingly believe the books are acceptable material for children to read.

The move comes after a pair of books, “Gender Queer: A Memoir,” and “Lawn Boy” were deemed to have sexually explicit and pedophilia material by some parents who looked through them.

The books came to light after a concerned parent found the books in the library of Fairfax High School.


The concerned parent, Stacy Langton, voiced her concerns to the Fairfax County Public School Board Meeting in September of 2021. Langton proclaimed to members of the school board that both books contained pedophilia and should immediately be removed. She said:

“Both of these books include pedophilia. Sex between men and boys…One book describes a fourth-grade boy performing oral sex on an adult male. The other book has detailed illustrations of a man having sex with a boy.”

After Langton’s concerns were voiced, the books were also found in the Loudoun County Public school system.

After a review of “Gender Queer,” Loudoun County Superintendent Scott Ziegler decided to remove it from school libraries. Ziegler explained to the Washington Post why he came to the decision:

“The pictorial depictions in this book ran counter to what is appropriate in school. I read every book that is submitted for my review in its entirety. I am not generally in favor of removing books from the library.”

Ziegler’s decision to remove the book from circulation comes after the Fairfax County School board has allowed both books to remain in circulation after a review. Fairfax School Board released a statement when they made their decision:

“The decision reaffirms FCPS’ ongoing commitment to provide diverse reading materials that reflect our student population, allowing every child an opportunity to see themselves reflected in literary characters.

Both reviews [of the books] concluded that the books were valuable in their potential to reach marginalized youth who may struggle to find relatable literary character that reflect their personal journeys.”

The School Board went on to note several reviews by those who were tasked with determining if the books were appropriate for children. All of those published in this report give high praise for the books and note that there is either “no pedophilia present” or they “neither depicts nor describes pedophilia.”

Fox News spoke to Langton after Fairfax County reinstituted the books into their libraries. She said:

“I find it very dishonest [of them] to state that there is ‘no pedophilia’ and that the images are ‘not obscene’ when the images are objectively so, by any measure, and his counterpart in the next county agrees they are ‘inappropriate.’”

Fox news also spoke with Ian Serotkin, the Vice Chair of the Loudoun County School Board, about his decision to back the superintendent on removal of “Gender Queer” from school libraries.

He said that he had never voted to remove a book before, but seemingly had to this time because the “sexual content” is largely throughout the book. He said:

“It is not fleeting or brief. The sexually explicit illustrations which have gotten significant media and public attention may only appear on a handful of pages, but sexual themes are pervasive throughout the book.

And the sexually explicit illustrations themselves cannot be ignored. I think I can draw a line between something being described in writing and it being depicted in living color.”

Two men arrested and charged with the attempted murder of a Chicago cop after shooting him during a traffic stop

Transgender child rapist celebrated as hero by media, who either missed or ignored his criminal past

The following contains editorial content which is the opinion of the author. 

KANSAS- The Post Millennial reports that a man who thinks he’s a woman, has been held up as a hero by many in the liberal media for his complaints about the hardships so-called trans inmates face in American prisons, media which ignore the reason why he’s in prison in the first place—sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl.

Likewise, nobody affiliated with the prison which he now calls home back up his claims.


Rayne Bennett (we’ll call him by the name he was born with, Jacob Lawrence Pina) was convicted in 2016 of sexually abusing a child, and was placed on a sex offender registry for 25 years.

KSN reported that Pina held the victim against her will and raped her.

While he was awaiting trial, Pina started to claim that he was a she and adopted his pseudonym of Rayne Aloysius Constantine Rose Pina.”

Upon being sentenced, Pina was placed in a man’s prison, where he belonged.

Shortly after being incarcerated, Pina found a mental health professional in order to receive a gender dysphoria diagnosis in order to transfer to a women’s prison, where he would likely be safer since even among prisoners, pedophiles aren’t held in high regard.

However Pina’s claims went unanswered by prison staff who didn’t buy his claim that he was now a she.

As liberal media is wont to do, some sources began holding Pina up as some kind of martyr and was profiled by NPR (our tax dollars at work), the Topeka Capital-Journaland the Leavenworth Times in stories highlighting the “hardships” faced by trans-identifying inmates in Kansas prisons.


According to 4W, none of the publications spoke of the crime Pina was accused of committing, only printing “gushing” pieces about him while ignoring his victim.

Also, despite the fact that Pina has not been diagnosed for gender dysphoria, the media outlets all identify him by his preferred pronouns of she/her.

Basically, the liberal media outlets all let Pina go on a rant about how he’s been receiving poor treatment from Kansas correctional staff, and basically made the claim that merely because he decided to “identify” as a woman, that in and of itself should allow him to transfer into a female facility.

Pina claimed in a number of the pieces that he had allegedly filed multiple complaints against prison staff for misconduct, and included “misgendering” among his grievances. According to the Kansas Department of Corrections, they have no such copies of any complaints from Pina.

Pina also falsely claimed that Corizon Health, which at one time held Kansas’s prison medical care contract, told its staff not to diagnose inmates with alleged gender dysphoria. His statement was backed up by some former Corizon workers, however the company denies it.

Charles Seigel, a spokesman for Corizon said that it knows of 145 inmates with gender dysphoria inside Michigan prisons. In addition, he said the company has a process for people who wish to seek out another opinion if they feel they were diagnosed improperly.

“If we found someone was doing the opposite of our policy,” Seigel said, “we would certainly take some kinds of actions depending on what that was.”

Pina actually gave away the true basis for his claims in the piece written for the Topeka Capital-Journal:

“Every day is the day where I have to worry about: Is this person going to hurt me? Are they gonna kill me? [Prison] broke me. It destroyed a part of me. A good part of me.”

Clearly, Pina is using his gender crisis as a means to get out of the men’s prison where he is probably not held very highly within the prison hierarchy.


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