Colonel Patrick Callahan, director and superintendent of the New Jersey State Police, sadly reports the death of retired Trooper Robert Nagle.

Tpr. Nagle, 67, died as a result of a cancer he developed due to his assignment at Ground Zero after the World Trade Center disaster. During his assignment at the site, Trooper Nagle inhaled airborne toxins and contaminants during his tour of duty. Those toxins and contaminants eventually resulted in cancer that claimed his life.

The airborne toxins and contaminants that were inhaled by first responders caused cancers that have claimed the lives of thousands of emergency personnel and continue to do so.

Trooper Nagle served the New Jersey State Police and the New Jersey Marine Police for 34 years. He was also a New Jersey Air National Guard veteran. His wife, children, grandchildren and a brother survive him.

Trooper Robert Nagle is gone, but will never be forgotten.

EOW: Monday, November 26. 2018

Robert Nagle

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