In Memoriam Officer Richard Lopez


Commissioner James P. O’Neill of the New York Police Department sadly reports the death of Officer Richard Lopez.

Officer Lopez, 52, died as a result of a cancer he contracted due to his duty assignment at Ground Zero following the World Trade Center disaster.

Officer Lopez spent months searching the disaster site for survivors and later, victims of the disaster. During his search and rescue efforts, he inhaled toxins and contaminants on a daily basis, which later developed into cancer.

Nearly three thousand civilians were killed on the day of the disaster. Over one thousand first responders, police officers, firefighters and EMS personnel have died over the following years due to diseases that have developed from their exposure to the toxins and contaminants.

Officer Lopez served the New York Police Department for 20 years. He is also a United States Marine Corps veteran. His wife, daughter and a brother survive him.

Officer Richard Lopez is gone, but will never be forgotten.

EOW: Sunday, June 24, 2018.

Richard Lopez
(Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow GrafX)
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