Chief Terry McDonald of the El Mirage Police Department in Arizona sadly reports the death of Officer Paul Lazinsky.

Officer Lazinsky, 58, suffered a medical emergency and collapsed while he was in a foot pursuit to apprehend a juvenile suspect. Other officers that also were engaged in the pursuit saw Lazinsky fall to the ground. They stopped, assessed Lazinsky and determined that he had suffered either a seizure or a heart attack.

As a result, they provided emergency first aid and transported him to a local hospital. But sadly he could not be revived. The Arizona Department of Public Safety took over the investigation into his death.

The suspect, who was captured, had an outstanding warrant for his arrest. It is possible that he may face additional charges related to Lazinsky’s death.

The chief extolled Lazinsky’s virtues.

“He has given his life in service,” said McDonald.

“Paul was an ace,” he continued. “Paul was the kind of guy, you want something done, you gave it to Paul. I don’t care if it was to take care of the command van or serve on a retirement board. He was also the representative of his officer’s association. He worked with officers on employment problems or disciplinary issues.”

“He was a pleasure to have on board as an officer,” McDonald concluded.

A local news reporter from ABC15 spoke with Sammy Lopez, an El Mirage resident. He said Lazinsky helped get him on the right path nearly 10 years ago when he arrested him.

Lopez said Lazinsky treated him with respect, and tried to encourage him to get back on the right path.

Over the years, the two formed somewhat of a friendship, bumping into each other around town.

“The way I look with tattoos, you would think I’d been in prison and all this stuff, and he didn’t judge you like that. He would come up to you and talk to you like a normal person. That’s what I liked about him,” explained Lopez.

Paul Lazinsky served the El Mirage Police Department for 17 years. He was 10 months away from retirement.

Lazinsky was a United States Army veteran, having served 20 years prior to joining the El Mirage Police Department. His wife, three children, mother and two siblings survive him.

Officer Paul Lazinsky is gone, but will never be forgotten. EOW: Tuesday, December 12, 2017.