Rest in peace Officer Kelly Korchak. We honor your supreme sacrifice, which has robbed your child of his mother SO very young in life.

May he ALWAYS KNOW what a Hero you ARE! We will NEVER FORGET.

From Port Authority Police Benevolent Association, Inc:

Rest In Peace New York City Police Officer Kelly Christine Korchak. P.O. Korchak died June 10, 2017, from a 9/11 related illness. P.O. Korchak was married to New York City Detective Steven Attarian of Emergency Service Truck 6. Kelly was diagnosed with her illness while she was pregnant. She opted to forego aggressive treatment during her pregnancy and gave birth to Luke Harrison Attarian eight months ago. Kelly was 38 years old. Lord please keep Kelly in your eternal embrace and bless and protect her family, the NYPD and all law enforcement.

(Graphics courtesy Rose Borisow GrafX)