Chief Leanne Fitch of the Fredericton Police Service in New Brunswick Canada sadly reports the deaths of Constable Lawrence Robert Costello and Sara Mae-Helen Burns.

Constable Costello, 45, and Burns, 43, responded to a report of shots fired at an apartment building in a residential area. When the Constables arrived, they located two victims laying on the ground, an adult male and female. While they were approaching the victims, they were fired upon and fatally wounded.

Lawrence Robert

Two constables were among the four people shot and killed Friday morning in the Canadian city of Fredericton, New Brunswick, police said. (Fredericton Police Department)

Other constables arrived and the suspect engaged the officers in a gun battle. Constables returned fire and secured a perimeter around the area.

Later in the morning, the 48-year-old suspect was taken into custody. He is being treated at a local hospital for serious injuries he sustained during the gunfight.

The male suspect is not being identified at this time other than he is a resident of Fredericton. The reason for the initial shooting is unknown. However, some witnesses have said the suspect was randomly shooting a long gun from an apartment. One witness heard someone in an adjoining apartment say, “Shut up! Shut up!” then he heard a volley of two gunshots and then three more gunshots in rapid succession.

David MacCoubrey, who lives in Fredericton, said he heard about 20 shots and was hiding on his kitchen floor, reported Fox News.

“I’m on my floor,” he told The Associated Press in a phone interview. “The cops have come through my place. They have searched all the apartments in the building. It sounded like it started in the courtyard area.”

MacCoubrey said police have been searching the buildings, and he’s been sitting away from windows.

The Everett Chalmers Regional Hospital has reported they are treating multiple gun shot victims, however the seriousness of those injuries or identification has not been released.

Nevertheless, the Fredericton Police confirmed there are two more dead in addition to the constables.

The RCMP assisting the Fredericton Police Force with normal calls for service. Moreover, they are conducting the homicide investigation into the murder of two civilians for the Fredericton Police Force. Serious Incident Response Team in Nova Scotia will be conducting the investigation into the police shooting aspect of the investigation.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau tweeted his condolences following the incident.

“Awful news coming out of Fredericton. My heart goes out to everyone affected by this morning’s shooting. We’re following the situation closely,” the prime minister wrote.

Fredericton has a population of about 58,000 and is located just northeast of Maine. The city is the capital of New Brunswick.

Robert Costello served the Fredericton Police Force for 20 years. He is survived by his partner and four children.

Sara Mae-Helen Burns served the Fredericton Police Force for two years as a sworn officer and had previously served as an auxiliary officer. She is survived by her husband and three children.

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