Chief Michael Nelsen, of the Brigham Police Department in Utah, sadly reports the death of Assistant Chief Dennis Vincent.

Chief Vincent, 53, died a week after he suffered a medical emergency while participating in the department’s annual physical fitness testing. Vincent collapsed while performing a portion of the fitness test and was transported via ambulance to Brigham Community Hospital and then transferred via air ambulance to the University of Utah Neurological Care Unit in Salt Lake.

While at the hospital, it was learned that he suffered a catastrophic rupture of an aneurysm in his brain. As a result, he underwent emergency surgery to repair the original aneurysm and a second aneurysm was located during surgery. Both were repaired and he remained in the intensive care unit in critical condition.

Following surgery, there were complications of pressure inside his brain. Consequently, his condition fluctuated dramatically until he suddenly passed away.

Dennis Vincent served the Brigham Police Department for 24 years. He was also the emergency manager for the City of Brigham and the medical examiner investigator for Box Elder County. He had previously served the Willard Police Department for four years as well as the Perry Police Department.

Vincent is the 143rd Utah police officer killed in the line of duty — in this case a department-mandated annual fitness test. He is the fifth to have died from a medical condition, said Sol Oberg, Utah Law Enforcement Memorial president and Kaysville police chief.

“Although it’s not traditionally what we associate with a line-of-duty death, some of these things are required of us. … It’s just like any other duty that they have to do,” Oberg said.

Oberg added that Vincent was in great shape.

A procession brought Vincent’s body from Salt Lake City back to Brigham City on Saturday morning, going past the state Capitol on their way.

“Vinny [Vincent] would be honored going by the Capitol,” police said on their Facebook page.

His wife, four sons, three grand children and three siblings survive him.

Assistant Chief Dennis Vincent is gone, but will never be forgotten.

EOW: Friday, October 26, 2018.

Dennis Vincent

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