Meet the Sheriff’s Sergeant fighting to save California: State has ‘become pro-criminal and anti-cop’


SAN BERNADINO COUNTY, CA – The 2020 election cycle is full of highly contentious races that have the potential to alter life in America. One of those races is in California’s 47th assembly district where a Deputy Sheriff is attempting to clean up the streets that have been marred by poor leadership.

Matthew Gordon, 34, is a Sheriff’s Sergeant in San Bernardino County currently running for California assembly against Democrat incumbent Eloise Gomez Reyes. Gordon began his career in law enforcement at only 17 after becoming an Explorer for the San Bernardino County Sheriff’s Department.

The officer’s dedication to helping his community hasn’t wavered since.

I am proud to receive the endorsement of SEBA, the union representing thousands of San Bernardino County law enforcement…

Posted by Matthew Gordon for Assembly on Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Gordon’s campaign website outlines the work he has done within the state of California:

“He has worked in many communities including the high desert, Rancho Cucamonga, Chino Hills, and Sheriff’s Headquarters, has worked many different assignments, and has been a part of the hiring and training processes for the department.”

The campaign page goes on to say that Gordon is running to be “part of the solution” for California’s many problems:

“It is Matthew’s desire to become part of the solution to many of California’s problems which have led to a mass exodus of citizens leaving the state. He knew he had a choice; he could stand up for the common person and fight for what was right, or leave.

“He has chosen to run for office in order to make a positive difference in the everyday lives of others and truly represent the 47th District in the Assembly.”

The candidate outlines that some of his central platforms are fighting homelessness in his district, restoring the public’s trust in law enforcement, and decreasing the increased crime rates caused by democratic leadership.

In particular, Gordon is opposing propositions 47, 57, and Assembly Bill 109 which his opponent Reyes voted to pass. Each law aims to push more criminals back into society; proposition 47 allows for some felony drug possession and theft charges to be reduced to misdemeanors and proposition 57 offers the chance for inmates to be released early.

Assembly Bill 109 is similar as it pushes the responsibility for some criminals from the state to local law enforcement agencies.

Gordon claims that these policies have greatly increased crime in the state. In an interview with Law Enforcement Today, Gordon said:

“The person I’m running against has voted for several negative law enforcement reforms for our state.”

When asked about the impacts that these policies have caused, the Sheriff’s Sergeant said:

“It’s been terrible.”

He continued:

“There are more criminals out in society, crime is skyrocketing, and unfortunately the opposite side hasn’t stopped there.”

He went on to claim that the thoughtless policies have enforced a pro-criminal attitude in the state of California.

“We’re in a state right now where it has become pro-criminal and anti-cop; it simply should not be that way. People need to be held accountable for their crimes.”

Contrary to his opponents’ advocacy for crime without punishment, Gordon advocates for personal responsibility. During the interview Gordon stated that recently California, and Reyes, have leaned away from individual accountability:

“Personal accountability is absolutely the answer and I believe that the state of California has gotten away from that, particularly my opponent, she’s part of the majority party.

“Throughout the past several years when these anti-law enforcement bills would come up, she’s voted for them.”

Gordon also spoke about the role that elected officials should play in the community:

“The role of an elected official is not to do what they believe they should do, but it’s to do what’s best for their district. I will always do what is in the best interest of my district even if I disagree with it.”

To support Gordon’s campaign and his fight to improve district 47 visit his campaign website here and follow the campaign’s Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. If you would like to donate to his campaign follow this link.

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Veteran: We need to cut California out of America to save the Republic

So, I was thinking, which is often a dangerous activity.

Many Californians are in favor of open borders. The bulk of their metropolitan cities are sanctuary cities for persons not in the country legally. The state and its city municipalities are taking aim constitutional rights of law-abiding American while providing everything for free to those who enter our borders in violation of federal law.

So, I say, let’s give it to them.

We have seen countless stories recently coming out of California.

-The state signed a bill that requires a valid California identification to purchase ammunition for legally owned weapons. It also requires a new background check at every purchase. All at the purchaser’s expense.

-The governor signed into law a bill that makes it more dangerous for law enforcement to do their jobs. Use of Force laws are now designed to make it next to impossible for officers to defend themselves.

-San Francisco, which is wallowing in piles of human excrement all over their streets and sidewalks, just issued a proclamation deeming members of the NRA domestic terrorists.

-California is now offering opportunities for convicted felons to vote. They are also moving towards allowing them to serve on juries. These are not simply being awarded to petty criminals. These new laws are intended to allow murderers, rapist and child molesters the chance to ‘be normal” again.

-Governor Newsom also signed legislation allowing citizens to refuse to assist an officer in need of assistance. People are now legally allowed to let an officer be murdered rather than aiding. Apparently, Newsom is helping citizens from being put into a moral dilemma.

-Recently, the governor also allowed the parole of a former Aryan Brotherhood member convicted of two brutal murders.

-California is reducing the number of school resource officers that can be on a campus. Why? Because “people” believe it strikes terror in the hearts of students and creates a hostile learning environment.

-Most local law enforcement agencies in California are prohibited from assisting federal agents, like CBP, from doing their jobs.

-Sacramento’s mayor wants to pursue prosecutorial measures against officers that are involved in fatal shootings, even after the shootings have been deemed justifiable and the officer(s) involved have been ‘no-billed’ by the grand jury.

-Democrats in the state are proposing legislation that allows you to commit violent crimes and get away with it. All you must do, is be the one to report the crime. The bill sates “a person who is reporting a crime of sexual assault, human trafficking, stalking, robbery, assault, kidnapping, threats, blackmail, extortion, burglary, or another violent crime shall not be arrested for a crime …”

-A murder suspect was stopped during a routine traffic contact in Ohio. Ohio authorities turned him loose. Want to know why? California didn’t want to deal with the hassle of extradition.

-They passed a law last year no longer allowing people to be charged with murder when they were not directly involved in a killing. The law overturns the state’s felony murder rule that holds an accomplice in an offense such as robbery liable for a homicide that happens during the crime, regardless of whether the defendant was involved in the killing.

Hopefully I have provided enough insight into my idea.

President Trump is building a wall along the southern border. What if we turn the wall north at the Arizona/California and have it span the entire length of the interior California state lines with Arizona, Nevada and Oregon?

That way, their southern border with Mexico is wide open. That is what they wanted after all.

We can remove their electoral college votes. They seem to want that as well. We will also remove the relevance of their votes on the national landscape.

Wait, what about the right-minded people living in California? Surely there are people who love this country and want to see its citizenry protected.

Great point.

We will continue to use existing migration laws. We will put a point of entry every few hundred miles along the wall. Those who wish to seek asylum in the United States will be able to do so. They will be able to file based on fear of violence, a lack of general law and order, seeking to flee a socialistic regime and persecution for having a differing political ideology.

Seems logical to me. They can give away all the ‘free’ stuff they want to give to immigrants. Although, the give-a-ways won’t last long after we cut off all federal funding.

California can become the free-for-all that they so badly desire. The rest of the country can then continue moving forward to being the nation we were intended to be by our founding fathers and all the amazing patriots that have been willing to put their lives on the line to keep this nation free. 

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