Are criminals just falling from the sky? Apparently so. Meet the burglar who fell through the roof then started stealing.


OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – For the second time this year, a restaurant in Oklahoma’s capital city has been burglarized. Off the Hook is a seafood hot spot on the city’s northside, situated on the corner of Brotton Road and Interstate 35.

On July 30, a single individual smashed a window to gain entrance before leaving with a safe and busting open the registers. It occurred around 2:30 am.

“For our employees to have to be off work, to me that’s the worst part,” owner Corey Harris said after the original break-in. “All the other stuff can be replaced, but the fact that you not only took money from us but took money from our employees as well by us being closed, so you know, that’s terrible.”

Sadly, Harris also lost his mother three weeks after that robbery.

Less than 3 months later, the restaurant, it’s owner and the staff are once again looking at a loss coupled with down time.

Loniesha Tempson spoke with KOCO, who identified her as the owner of the restaurant. It is unknown of Tempson purchased the store from Harris, or if they are co-owners.

“I was on my way home, and I got a call from Cox. They were telling me three of my sensors were going off,” Tempson said. “So, I immediately knew something was off.”

It all went down a little after 8 pm on October 26th. After walking in and seeing the roof caved in, she checked the cameras. She was not expecting what she saw.

“It was like an out of body experience, like ‘ah,’ you can’t believe that someone could be that dumb,” Tempson told Fox 25.  “We looked at the footage and don’t recognize him. I think he was intoxicated or under some type of influence because you got to be under something to come through someone’s roof and fall like that and be able to get right back up.”

She provided Oklahoma City Police with surveillance video from inside the restaurant.

According to police, this burglar climbed a ladder and entered the building through an air duct on the roof.

It was there that security cameras picked up his entrance as he crashed through the ceiling and tumbled to the floor.

Once he collected himself, he began combing the establishment for items of value.

The difference in entry was not lost on the owner.

“[The first] time they threw a big rock through the window, and this guy was a professional,” Tempson said. “He actually crawled through the whole restaurant like Spiderman, so he knew what he was doing.”

Fortunately, Tempson said he didn’t get much.

“He took electronics, tablets, just things that I didn’t think to secure,” Tempson said. “The Door Dash tablet, just random stuff.”

But police may have caught a break in trying to identify the burglar. In this instance, the man left something behind.

“He left a flashlight, some blunt papers and lighters, and all kinds of stuff. He had his fingerprints on everything. He just wasn’t thinking,” Tempson told reporters.

Pointing at the location of the store as a reason some might see the store as a prime spot, Tempson said that there is no need to target the store, saying if people need help, just ask.

“If you need some help, need some money, you know we don’t mind. You can come ask, pick up trash, or we’ll even hire you. Everybody’s hiring.”

She also mentioned the long-lasting impacts that continued break-ins could have.

“Everybody’s been kind of looking out for us, which it makes me feel really good…it can be a little discouraging because you don’t want to keep putting insurance claims out…eventually they’ll drop you, but what do you do?” Tempson said.

OKC police are continuing their investigation. Law Enforcement today will provide updates as they become available.

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