Meet the group that’s on the front lines of the fight against unconstitutional gun laws


NSSF Director of Public Affairs Mark Oliva was joined on SHOT Show TV by Sean Davis, Co-Founder of The Federalist, and Ryan Cleckner, of, for a wide-ranging discussion on recent state and local efforts by elected officials to enact stricter gun control policies.

The three kicked off the discussion by highlighting the recent gun rights rally in Richmond, Va., which national pundits and politicians falsely predicted would become violent and dangerous. Instead, Davis said he observed the opposite.

“What we saw instead was tens of thousands of people getting together peacefully, talking, making new connections, picking up their own trash, and not a single arrest,” he said.

Meet the group that's on the front lines of the fight against unconstitutional gun laws


Cleckner touched on the American system of federalism, where states are the laboratories for policy. When it comes to gun rights, the places with the most restrictive gun control measures, like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City, those policies have proven a failure and only restrict the rights of law-abiding gun owners.

Other topics Davis, Cleckner and Oliva discussed included local ordinances to ban and close down gun ranges, efforts to restrict gun ownership based on age, NSSF’s #GUNVOTE® voter education efforts. They also spoke of how local gun control efforts are actually doing more to “wake up” and energize Americans about their Second Amendment rights being attacked.

Cleckner summed it this way, “I love it – nothing is better for gun rights than unsuccessful attempts to take them away.”

Meet the group that's on the front lines of the fight against unconstitutional gun laws


Democratic candidates are joining the fight – but they’re not fighting to protect second amendment rights — they’re trying to slap red tape all over them.

Check out what Michael Bloomberg is up to, brought to you by LET staff writer and Army veteran Mitch McKinley. 

While some may only know of Michael Bloomberg’s stance on “common sense” gun control from last night’s Super Bowl ad, the reality is that Bloomberg has been spouting nonsense for years.

Breitbart reminded us of a December 20, 2012, Nightline interview, when he pitched the idea that guns holding more than three rounds should be the threshold for what takes a regular, “allowable” gun to an “assault weapon.”

And he made it clear to everyone watching that guns categorized as the latter need to be banned.

Nightline’s Cynthia McFadden asked Bloomberg how to define an “assault weapon.” Bloomberg responded by dividing guns into categories of what is necessary for hunting versus what goes beyond that.

He said:

“If it [the gun] can fire a lot of bullets very quickly, that’s a good place to start.”

In what many supporters of the 2nd Amendment see as a lame argument, McFadden tried to approach the conversation from a hunter’s point of view, but Bloomberg interrupted.

“So, we’re going to argue what ‘a lot’ is? Okay, let’s pick it. Let’s say three,” Bloomberg interjected. “If you haven’t hit the deer with three shots, you’re a pretty lousy shot, that deer deserves to get away.”

McFadden then pointed out that his three-shot definition for an “assault weapon” includes most pistols.

Bloomberg responded by arguing that pistols are different because:

“…you have to pull the trigger each time…[but] an “assault weapon” you basically hold it and it goes brr-brr-brr.

McFadden, exercising a little logic and common sense realized that Bloomberg was confusing semiautomatic firearms with machine guns.

“Those are fully automatic weapons,” McFadden countered.

Bloomberg paused and simply said:


Knowing that he was quickly losing any modicum of credibility he may have had on the subject matter, Bloomberg flipped from number of shots to ammunition capacity, suggesting large capacity magazines as the defining characteristic of an “assault weapon.”

He said:

“If it’s 30 bullets or 20 bullets or 10 bullets before you run out, I would suggest God wants that deer to live.”

The reality remains that the number of rounds fired from a single magazine or the aesthetics of the weapon are irrelevant in hunting.

The 2nd Amendment does not exist for the purpose of what we use to hunt. It exists for the purpose of this nation’s citizenry to be able to defend itself against a tyrannical government.

And a pistol holding no more than three rounds would not allow for that.

In fact, by his 2012 definition, revolvers would be considered assault weapons.

Flashback: Bloomberg says if a gun goes "brr brr brr", it should be banned. Confuses pistols and full-auto.
Flashback: Bloomberg says if a gun goes “brr brr brr”, it should be banned. Confuses pistols and full-auto.


But Bloomberg has not really gained any credibility on the issue of the 2nd Amendment in the past 8 years.            

Last night’s Super Bowl spot cost him $10 million dollars. And it misleads the American people.

The ad stated that 2,900 American children die from gun violence every year. That figure covers ages 0-19 and includes suicides and accidental deaths.

Truth be told, 18 and 19-year olds are legally considered to be adults, not children. When you remove them from the equation, that number falls by almost half, to 1,499.

Of the ad, people took to Twitter to show how off-based Bloomberg is. And it wasn’t only the NRA.

Ryan Petty, whose daughter Alaina was killed in the Parkland shooting in 2018 also dismissed the ad.

Side note: Bloomberg, you have nothing to offer this country aside from having enough money to buy everyone lunch. If you were running for mayor of NYC again, your campaign slogan could be:

Hey, at least I’m not de Blasio.

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San Francisco's new DA fires seven senior prosecutors in two days because they enforced laws


If you were ever to enact any of this lunacy on a national level, you would make it virtually impossible for every member of law enforcement to do their job. 

Now, back to the commercial.

It focuses on a Houston-area mom whose 20-year old son was killed by gunfire in a September 26, 2013 altercation.

First, I will pause to say that as a parent, I would not wish the loss of a child on anyone. So, to Kemp’s parents, George Sr., and Calandrian, I am sorry for your loss.

Ok, back to the point.

“I heard Mike Bloomberg speak. He’s been in this fight for so long. He heard mothers crying. When I heard Mike was stepping into the ring I thought, ‘Now we have a dog in the fight,’” Calandrian Kemp said in the ad.

“I know Mike isn’t scared of the gun lobby. They’re scared of him. And they should be. Mike’s fighting for every child because you have a right to live. No one has a right to take your hopes and dreams.”

You are correct. Children have a right to live. Perhaps you should remember you said that when backing a man that is a violently pro-abortion as the candidate to fight against violence against children.

See the irony there, Calandrian?

Bloomberg is one of the most radical pro-abortion politicians in American history. When he first ran for mayor of New York in 2001, he pledged to force everyone training to become an obstetrician or a gynecologist in a city hospital to learn how to perform an abortion.

According to an article in the Houston Chronicle, witnesses told deputies they were riding with Kemp in Kemp’s vehicle. Kemp drove to the Lakemont subdivision to confront Brandon Lacour over a personal matter.

Kemp parked down the street from Lacour’s residence and called him on his cell phone, challenging Lacour, 17, to a fight. Lacour showed up with several other persons, all riding in Lacour’s vehicle.

Lacour and his passengers exited the vehicle and approached Kemp. One of Lacour’s passengers was carrying a handgun. Witnesses told deputies that Lacour told the subject with the gun to shoot George Kemp, which he did.

There is very little I could find on the death of Kemp, or the trial and other witness testimony, one thing is clear. A 20-year old man went to challenge a 17-year old minor to a fight over a “personal matter.”

That confrontation escalated and a man died.

Fast forward to 2020. Michael Bloomberg is running for President, and the area in which he chooses to launch his campaign nationally is gun violence. But it isn’t gun violence he is actually focused on.

It is gun control.

In the same year as Kemp’s death, Mayor’s Against Illegal Guns merged with Mom’s Demand Action for Gun Sense in America. The former was co-founded by Bloomberg in 2006. The merger has been financially backed by Bloomberg for close to 7 years.

Everytown and Bloomberg make no bones about it. Their fight is against the “gun lobby,” or as we supporters of the 2nd Amendment call them…the NRA.

And what exactly is their beef with the NRA?

Meet the group that's on the front lines of the fight against unconstitutional gun laws


They dare to stand firm on the Constitution. Of all the nerve.

Of Kemp’s situation and her story being the highlight of the ad, Bloomberg said:

“Calandrian’s story is a powerful reminder of the urgency of this issue and the failure of Washington to address it.

People will be rooting for different teams in the Super Bowl, but virtually all Americans — including people in both parties and a majority of gun owners — support universal background checks and other common-sense gun laws.”

Ummm…Mike? You do know that the federal government and state legislators have already deemed what happened to Kemp a crime, right?

The man convicted of the shooting, was 18 at the time of the shooting. He was illegally in possession of the gun he used to shoot Kemp.

The “common-sense” gun control laws that Bloomberg proposes would not have stopped what happened to your son.

Short of confiscating every firearm that the government can find in this country, it would not have stopped it.

In fact, confiscation wouldn’t have stopped it either.

See, here is the only thing common-sense about anything Bloomberg is pushing is this: gun control will only remove guns from the hands of those who follow the law and use guns responsibly. Criminals like those that killed her son will continue to have guns.

And then what happens to a child’s right to life. Parents will be stripped of their right to protect their children from violent attacks.

I am not here to trivialize violence against children, quite the contrary.

Do you really want to protect kids?

Here are a few ideas.

Let’s put a stop to the annual murders of almost 1 million unborn children in the US.

Or… put on a uniform.

Here are a few to choose from.

Become a cop, a sheriff’s deputy, a constable, a state trooper or a federal agent.

Put on the uniform of the group above that you selected, and then go to work everyday protecting everyone in the communities that you serve, all while protecting and serving the Constitution of the United States, which reminds us that we, as American citizens, have the uninfringed right to keep and bear arms.

Do these uniforms not do it for you? Ok. Try one of these.

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard. Put on one of those uniforms and go to work every day protecting this nation and defending the Constitution. Fight to defend the rights of parents everywhere to protect and defend their children from the evil predators that seek to harm them.

Sill not wetting your whistle, huh?

You want to protect children. Why don’t you ask Bloomberg to take the $10 million he spent on this ad and give it to a group like DeliverFund?

DeliverFund is a nonprofit intelligence organization dedicated to combatting human trafficking. We have decades of experience from our careers in the CIA, NSA, Special Operations, and law enforcement, and we leverage cutting-edge technology into the ultimate weapon against human trafficking.


Between 100,000 and 150,000 victims are held as commercial sex slaves in this country. Every 2.5 hours, a child is abducted by traffickers. Those children are purchased for sex 5.4 times per day.

You want to do something to protect children, how about you ask Mike to pony up the dough to run a commercial about human trafficking and highlight a group like this, that takes the fight to these sub-human animals that profit from selling kids for sex, and those who buy these services. Child sex trafficking is almost a $1 billion enterprise. And it must be stopped.


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