Anti-police, military-bashing, drug cartel-loving NJ Deputy AG caught mocking widow of fallen officer


Meet Brian C. Biscieglia, a Deputy Attorney General IV for the State of New Jersey. It appears that Biscieglia has held the position for over ten years. The position of Deputy Attorney General IV works under “LAW AND PUBLIC SAFETY- GAMING ENFORCEMENT.

In other words, he is a law enforcement official. The issue? Biscieglia hates police officers. And the military. And pretty much America.

Law Enforcement Today was tipped off about Biscieglia by a group in New Jersey who is involved with law enforcement, however we will not reveal the name at this time.

A journey through Biscieglia’s Facebook page is an instruction manual on someone who pretty much hates anything and everything to do with law enforcement, which is disturbing at least from someone who is supposed to have the perspective of a law enforcement official.  

As we go through Biscieglia’s Facebook posts, currently set to public, you can clearly see what an unhinged lunatic this man is. We have screenshots of the posts in the event they “disappear.”

First of all, his profile picture. A photo of Biscieglia and Pablo Escobar, a Columbian drug lord and narco-terrorist who was the founder and sole leader of the Medellin Cartel. Cool role model.


The following post from June 2:

“Weird how I just made the mental connection that maybe my issues with the police started when Galloway PD tried to pin a fucking arson on me when I was 14 or 15. No fucking evidence. And talk about white privilege, I remember my dad telling the cops to ‘get the fuck out of my house before I throw you the fuck out,’ and they just left.”

Guess we know where this guy got his respect for the police from.


Oh, he doesn’t just hate police officers. He also hates the military:

“Fuck Memorial Day. Fuck your wars, fuck your worship of people who will kill when ordered to, fuck the death cult that the US is, fuxk [sic] the slaughter the US military has caused worldwide, fuck memorializing destroyers over creators, fuck your ‘Freedom isn’t Free’ bullshit, fuck funding weapons over education and Healthcare, fuck you for not questioning int, and fuck all the assholes who just go along because it’s an excuse to pour more liquor into their stupid fucking faces.”


Says the man who would piss his pants if he was ever put in the position of having to defend either his sorry ass or others from any type of aggression.

Our thought is this ignorant jackass should go to a Memorial Day parade or a local American Legion and spout off this brain-dead bullshit in front of those who have put their lives on the line. Much easier to mouth off on Facebook while hiding behind a computer keyboard we suppose.

From May 20:

“’Law and Order’ is code for ‘I’m afraid of people who aren’t white.’”


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Oh, he’s also anti-Christian…from May 18:

Shows a picture of the bible, with the quote:

“The easiest way to become an atheist is to actually read this piece of shit.”



“Top 3 platforms of today’s GOP

  1. Trump won the election
  2. White supremacy/every other form of bigotry
  3. Conspiracy theories


More anti-police garbage from April 29:

“This fucking bullshit about society falling into criminal chaos if we change policing, is nonsense. And this shit with cops whining about wanting so much commendation for their jobs is fucked. It’s your job, who the fuck cares? Being a cab driver or a crab fisherman is dangerous as fuck, but you don’t see them whining about it all the time. The more cops quiet because they are angry over not being able to abuse or kill people, the better.”


Oh, he also likes to pick on widows of murdered police officers. Maureen Faulkner’s husband was assassinated in Philadelphia officer Daniel Faulkner by Mumia Abu-Jamal in 1981, and he took a shot at her as well…”brave” soul that he is:

“Man, fuck Maureen Falkner [sp]. Her fucking husband got killed 40 yrs ago, and FOX still brings her racist fucking ass out whenever they feel she can add to the racism. And to lie. She does a lot of that.”


What a hero…or is it zero?

More anti-police bullshit:

“Body cams don’t mean anything until the culture changes. Plenty of pigs have been caught on film murdering, and they still walked away. A step in the right direction, yes, but FAR from the answer.”

Anti-police, military-bashing, drug cartel-loving NJ Deputy AG caught mocking widow of fallen officer
Anti-police post Brian C. Biscieglia Facebook screenshot

“So much of the US are authoritarian loving bootlicking cowards who think that not complying with anything the pigs say is punishable by death. That’s fucked.

What kind of miserable fear makes people like that? Its so pathetic. And these are usually the people who talk about freedom all the time, while simultaneously saying comply or die. The levels of stupidity in the US are overwhelming.”


Biscieglia also whines a lot about getting divorced (we can’t imagine why a woman wouldn’t be swooning over such a “stud” who appears to be obsessed with being an anti-cop, anti-military and clearly anti-American jackass).


With people like Biscieglia working “for” law enforcement, who needs people working against us? The fact that the State of New Jersey employs such an arrogant, hateful, angry and anti-law enforcement obsessed individual such as this as a Deputy Attorney General is mind-boggling.

We wonder if they know what a dangerous individual they have in their employ. Can you imagine someone such as this being assigned to work on an investigation, when he clearly possesses a number of biases, none of them good? And someone who is obsessed with drug cartel kingpins? Obviously, some circuits inside this guy’s head aren’t connecting.

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