Media Meltdown

The media no longer reports the news; they report an agenda, their agenda. Character assassination has become all too commonplace in today’s media, cloaked in a twisted interpretation of the First Amendment.

Truth is second to headlines and sometimes even contrary to the events they describe. Far too many lives are ruined by journalistic misconduct with little to no recourse even if wrongfully reported, the media acting as judge jury and executioner.


The subsequent corrections printed on “page 11” bring no justice to the wake of destruction levied by the initial “breaking news” headlines. They don’t repair marriages, family rifts or reputations and careers. While President Trump has coined the term “fake news” it has, by decades, predated his presidency. It did not become a trending hashtag because of Trump; it became so because he is the first person with a microphone and a pair big enough to call them out on it.

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After dozens of hit pieces and countless segments disparaging me as something that truly does not reflect my character, it’s time for me to punch back.

Some of the things I said as a shock jock radio host trying to make a name for myself half a decade ago were out of line and for those I apologized. That said, some were still exaggerated to be far different than they were intended, weaponized to harm Trump rather than me, crafted to brand him with the false image liberals salivate over.

Journalists go out of their way to leave out the things that do not fit their narrative, such as in 1986 when Mr. Trump stood next to Rosa Parks while he was awarded the “Ellis Island Award” for “patriotism, tolerance, brotherhood and diversity.”

Put that in your pipe and smoke it Joy Reid.

My experience is no different. CNN headlined every evening show with a radio clip of me opining that a “lax of morality” existed in aspects of the black community. What they conveniently left out was that I was discussing statistical data such as prison population, out of wedlock births, welfare abuse and rap culture. This was addressed out of concern, not denigration.

Weeks later they headlined “Carl Higbie shares n-word laden post” conveniently omitting the first sentence of my post “these are not my words.” The post discussed a man’s plight of that word in his life.

Would it shock you to hear that the week before the first story aired I was reading books to minority children younger than these statements in Los Angeles as a presidential appointee for National and Community Service? Or delivering Christmas presents during the holidays to underprivileged kids in urban areas who would otherwise have nothing. Did anyone care to mention I was a Navy SEAL or that in high school did mission trips to the Dominican Republic, Haiti or Belize?

Of course not, that doesn’t fit their narrative!

CNN – “the most trusted name in news” declined to even have me on to discuss news about me. I reached out to producers from Erin Burnett, Wolf Blitzer, and anyone else who aired the segments. CNN staff that I’ve worked with for years ignored my call. That is because this network, among others, is less interested in fair press than their press.

Today, Ivory Tower liberals and commentators don’t know how to deal with fighters. They can’t deal with Trump and they can’t deal with fighters like myself, Bruce Levell and Jeffery Lord and others, so they try to label us or refuse us an opportunity to speak.

But networks need controversy to survive. That is why they cover Trump and enlist surrogates who, at times are even asked to be more controversial for segments to boost ratings. Where the media draws the line is when Trump people actually win the debates, they don’t want that.

media meltdown

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They stack 4 vs. 1 panels and force a narrative to ram PC culture down our throats to the extent that making a factual or statistical statement is racist. This is why the divide in society is greater than ever, because of the death of free speech. This is a manipulation of manners, and when Trump supporters sit down to discuss anything we are called racist for wanting to put American citizens before illegal immigrants, sexist that we don’t care about women’s health because we do not approve of abortions, or we hate Muslims because we don’t agree with Sharia Law.

The free exchange of ideas once protected under the First Amendment is what educates people to form their own opinions.


Difference of opinion is good, it doesn’t make you racist, bigoted or a xenophobe, it just means we disagree and that is okay.

But the left, and particularly the media, has weaponized racism to the point that it does actual racism (which does exist) a disservice, something that the talking heads can’t accept.

Despite all the work to make Trump and his team look bad, no matter if you grab someone’s crotch, have an affair or say inflammatory stuff on the radio, outside the media bubble, no one really cares. Because their paychecks are bigger, their children have more job choices and their 401K is worth 30 percent more. The left created Trump as a concept, yet we are growing in numbers because the average American is tired of being patronized.

Carl Higbie served as a US Navy SEAL. He completed two combat deployments to Iraq in 2007 and 2009 where he led his team to capture the infamous “Butcher of Fallujah.” Subsequently, he returned to take a senior training position for his remaining three years where he taught high-risk evolutions such as Close Quarters Combat and Air operations.

It was during this time that Carl released his first book “Battle on the Home Front,” which brought to light many problems, some political in nature that were plaguing our country and the military. The book led to a highly publicized battle against a politically charged machine reaching to the White House.

Two years after leaving the military, Carl emerged victorious against all odds, which his new book “Enemies Foreign and Domestic” is based on.

Carl has owned three successful business’ in his tenure including his current consulting firm Ameriman LLC. He has been an integral player on dozens of campaigns including President Trump’s chief surrogate during the campaign as well as the communication director and Spokesman for Great America Super PAC.

His latest book was released on May 10th 2016; “Enemies, Foreign and Domestic, A SEAL’s Story.” He currently sits on the advisory board of “Heartbeat for Warriors” as well as “Heroes to Heroes.”

Carl is quickly becoming one of the most respected authorities on politics, military and national security. His natural leadership skills coupled with his experience as a Navy SEAL make him uniquely qualified to comment on a range of issues. An intelligent and eloquent orator, he has become a fixture on both Fox News and CNN, where he is frequently called upon to provide insight on a variety of matters. Moreover, he served as a presidential appointee as the chief of external affairs for the Corporation for National and Community Service and is now the director of advocacy for America First Policy and America First Action.