Cops: The media is lying about Officer Moye’s killer. Here’s the real story.


After another tragic murder of a brother who gave his life to save others and the media’s attempt to make the killer look like a victim… these cops are setting the record straight. 


Let’s set the bulls–t narrative straight: CHP Officer Andre Moye Jr. was murdered Monday night by a convicted felon with an illegal gun.

That suspect, who I will never name, had served 10 years in prison for an attempted murder, and thus was legally prohibited from possessing any firearms, let alone the gun that he had, which is also illegal under CA law.

CHP Officer Andrew Moye
CHP Officer Andrew Moye Jr. was killed in a shootout on Monday night. (Family Photo/Flickr)

If you listen to the news, you may know that the suspect was a convict and what he had been convicted of. And while I appreciate the suspect’s father expressing concern for the loss of Officer Moye, you probably have also seen or heard the suspect’s father telling reporters that his son was turning his life around and how he was trying to be a good dad to his kids. That could not be further from the truth.

The suspect was not turning his life around. The suspect was an active member of the Vagos, an outlaw motorcycle gang. Someone trying to turn their life around, someone trying to be a good dad to their kids does not participate in any motorcycle gang, especially not one as notoriously disregarding of the law as the Vagos.

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Cops: The media is lying about Officer Moye's killer. Here's the real story.


Also claimed by the suspect’s father is that this was just a “suicide by cop” because his son did not want to go back to prison. That is just more of the same BS! This was a cold blooded murder committed by a violent criminal. Calling it anything but not only takes away from the loss of the officer, but also attempts to make the suspect into some sort of a victim. He was not a victim. He chose his path and he got exactly what he deserved.

The suspect was an active member of the Vagos, an outlaw motorcycle gang. (Flickr)


On Monday night, shortly after the suspect was killed in the shooting that he was solely responsible for starting, the Vagos began threatening to storm the hospital. Law enforcement in the area took this as a very serious threat and I have read in various places on Facebook and on some other Internet forums, that not only did the local cops beef up security on the ground at the hospital, they actually had snipers placed in overwatch positions covering hospital entrances in case the hospital was rushed by the Vagos.


Today, while perusing various Internet forums searching for info on this event, I stumbled on one person who appears to be a Vagos member claiming the intent last night was to “stage a blood drive” for their wounded member. Anyone with half a brain can see right through that as that is not remotely how blood drives nor biker gangs work.

Officer Andrew Moye Jr. was killed in the deadly shootout. (KBCW News Broadcast)


Don’t believe the stories the news is feeding you. The guy who killed Officer Moye was a hardened, violent criminal who was still living the lifestyle of a hardened, violent criminal.


To top off all that other BS, I’ve been reading rumors that the Vagos are threatening retaliation against cops in general, and CHP in particular. Apparently in the mind of a Vago, if they start shooting at you, you are just supposed to sit there and let them.

The suspect could be seen trading fire with CHP officers. (KBCW News Broadcast)

Thank you for your service and sacrifice Officer Moye, we have the watch from here. Until Valhalla, brother.”

This was stolen from a friend, and they stole it from someone else. 
-Deputy Matt & Others Who Serve


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