We called it: Media largely ignores death of young mother, murdered for saying “All Lives Matter” (op-ed)


INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA – We predicted it.  There was barely a peep in the news about a young mother killed after saying “all lives matter”.

An Indiana woman was fatally shot earlier last month following an alleged argument between her family and a group of Black Lives Matter supporters, her family said. 

Few heard about that one on the news.  There were no “protests” and aside from her family, there was no outrage.  Nobody knew.

We called it: Media largely ignores death of young mother, murdered for saying "All Lives Matter" (op-ed)

The young mother, 24-year-old Jessica Doty Whitaker, was walking along Indianapolis Canal Walk with her fiancé, Jose Ramirez, and two others at about 3 a.m. on July 5 when when a group of nearby strangers overheard comments they made and confronted Whitaker and her friends.

Ramirez alleged that the other group shouted “Black Lives Matter,” and either Whitaker or someone else in their group reportedly responded with, “All Lives Matter.”

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They argued and then separated after realizing they were all armed, Fox 59 reported. Ramirez claimed that both sides managed to resolve the argument before separating.

Minutes later, someone opened fire from a nearby bridge, striking Whitaker, before running away, the station said.  The suspects not been identified.

On Saturday July 25th  a “Justice for Jessica” rally took place along the canal.  There were a few peaceful people there remembering her, but no media for this murder victim.

The event was organized by Mark J. Powell, who formed a group called “God Says All Lives Matter” in response to Doty-Whitaker’s death. Powell said he did not know the family prior to the shooting but said he wanted the help because he has a 24-year-old daughter of his own.

A description of the organization says the group is a collection of “caring and peaceful people from all backgrounds and beliefs honoring the life and final words of Jessica Doty-Whitaker.”

Powell, who unsuccessfully ran for Indiana’s 9th Congressional District this year, has spoken out against Black Lives Matter.

Powell called the Black Lives Matter group a Marxist front organization and accused them of using race to “destabilize and to divide” the country over race during the time of a presidential election.

But the main stream media has ignored him as well as ignoring Jessica’s murder and her family.

On the other hand, some aren’t ignoring Jessica.  In fact, many people are posting hateful messages on her mother’s Facebook page.

Some of the comments posted as reported by the Daily Mail follow:

‘I can’t feel bad for a racist who used a racial slur. Now you’ll have plenty of time to think about your horrible actions,’ one woman wrote.

Another man added: ‘Black lives matter. The rest of you are next.’

That comment was followed by a man who wrote: ‘Can’t feel bad for you when you used a racial slur and acted a f**king fool’ and a woman who shared a sarcastic crying emoji with the words: ‘Oh I’m sorry, did someone get what they f**king deserved?’

But, the media hasn’t reported on that nor have any of the vile commenters been doxxed, had their employers emailed (employers may not be relevant however), or had their lives turned upside down for comments they have made on social media.

Jessica doesn’t fit the narrative.  Jessica is the wrong color to fit the narrative.  Jessica is nothing more than a young woman, a young mother, someone’s daughter, someone’s fiance…  but someone, somewhere high up in an executive office decided that this was not a story worthy of a news cycle.

And when we are judged by the color of our skin rather than the content of our character, don’t we just trash the entire legacy of the worlds foremost civil rights icon?

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