I am tired of reading news articles involving deadly use of force; the media is quick to point out the race of the officer, the race of the suspect, and whether or not the suspect had a weapon. The media machine is throwing gasoline on a fire in an attempt to further polarize this nation and build an “us against them” mentality between citizens and law enforcement.

Law enforcement officers right now are on heightened alert because of compulsory and selfish factors in society.  Violence towards police is escalating; however the police are being pressured by community leaders and high ranking brass to not respond with escalating force.

In 15 years of law enforcement, I have never made a legal decision based either on my race or the race of the suspect. By the same token, I have never seen a legal decision made based on either the race of the officer or suspect. Police officers are humans and have prejudices and emotions like every other person.

Police are trained to fight, to survive, to ignore pain, and fatal consequences to protect ourselves and complete strangers in the line of duty. LEOs will come to a people’s house when they call, no matter what.

Cops will not be stopped by people with knives, people with guns, people with MMA fighting skills or people with microphones. Police will not apologize for doing their jobs enforcing the law.

I don’t care if the public doesn’t like how I do my job. Every murderer, every rapist, every sexual predator who violates children, every demented individual who has victimized someone in ways that would make your stomach turn to even think about – every one of those people who is in jail was arrested by a cop.

These arresting officers were cops just like Darren Wilson. They were cops just like me. They were cops who walked away from home at the beginning of the shift and swore an oath to protect citizens, no matter the cost.

Cops don’t care if the public hates them, if residents protest in the streets against them, if they hold up a sign saying “Kill all cops”. They can’t care. The next time those same protestors trembling fingers dial 911 in a panic, they will be there.

Cops are the reason that people in this country sleep safely in their beds at night because they know that all they have to do is dial those 3 numbers and someone will come ready to do battle on their behalf.

Community members can give water-cooler opinions of how mean the cops are, and that they shouldn’t shoot unarmed people, or they should Taser people with guns, or whatever other the uninformed, Monday morning quarterback theory of modern 21st century law enforcement is. Police officers can’t be locked in a closet, pulled out when someone wants to make the bad man go away, and then locked back in the closet.

Police can even be killed at a rate of one every 58 hours. Cops don’t care. Cops will be there.

Josh Crosby has served in law enforcement 15 years as a patrol officer, narcotics investigator, and criminal detective as well as a defensive tactics instructor, in criminal interdiction and personal protection detail. Josh has trained police officers in four countries and maintains that well-trained officers are safe officers.