McCarthy: Republicans may gain enough seats to control the House thanks to Democrats who ‘rejected socialism’


WASHINGTON, D.C.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) has said that Republicans have gained enough seats in the election and may control the House of Representatives.

Maria Bartiromo, host of Fox News Channel’s “Sunday Morning Futures” interviewed Kevin McCarthy on Sunday morning.  She asked McCarthy if he thought Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) would continue working as Speaker of the House.

McCarthy answered that with Republicans gaining several seats in the House and at least ten Democrats who voted against Pelosi as Speaker returning, there is a “chance Pelosi will not be Speaker again because Republicans are close enough now to controlling the House.”

“[We] will only know in January, because, to become speaker, you have to have 218 votes on the floor.  When she went up for that vote two years ago, there were 15 Democrats who voted against her. 10 of those Democrats will be coming back to Congress.

“If those ten vote against her again, she will not be Speaker of The House, because she won’t have 218 because of the gains of the Republicans.”

Later in the interview, McCarthy added:

“We are close enough now that we can control the floor, with a few Democrats joining with us.  Remember what America just said. They rejected socialism. We won from Miami to New York to Minnesota to California.

“We won by Republican women winning. We will have more women in Congress as Republicans than in the history of Congress. That says something about what President Trump has been able to do to expand this party, bring diversity. And that brings strength. The same thing that brings strength to America, diversity, is now in the Republican Party as well.”

Kevin McCarthy has been a vocal supporter of President Trump and, with the election last week, that support has been reinforced.

Also, during the Fox interview with Maria Bartiromo, McCarthy expressed strong support for the legal challenges the Trump campaign is pursuing.  Other Republican leaders have also expressed support, but none are as vocal as McCarthy:

“What we need in the presidential race is to make sure every legal vote is counted; every recount is completed, and every legal challenge should be heard. Then and only then that America will decide who won the race.”

Speaking on another Fox News program, Rep. McCarthy also addressed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s prospects to retain her position for one more term, given divisions between the centrist and more left-leaning wings of House Democrats.  Those divisions have been playing out publicly in recent days after Democrats had a worse-than-expected showing in Tuesday’s elections.

Rep. McCarthy said:

 “They’re yelling at each other whether they should call themselves socialists or not.

 “They’re not the same party they were in 2018.”

McCarthy has continuously claimed that President Trump “helped us expand the party” and “helped us with the gains we’ve seen in the House.”

During Dana Perino’s “The Daily Briefing” recently, McCarthy explained the gains from the GOP and Trump’s assistance to the party:

“We’re going to have more women Republicans in Congress in the history of the Congress. We’re going to double the size in this election. Every pundit said we would lose somewhere between 15 to 20 seats. The opposite happened.

“We’re already ahead in — we’ve won seven seats by the AP, and we’re ahead in 11 more. This is more diverse. … America is going to be more reflective in Congress and the Republican Party than we’ve ever had at any given time.

“It’s the quality of the candidate. I give President Trump a great deal amount of credit that he expanded this party. He expanded Hispanics and African Americans who are welcomed into this party.”

In a previous interview with Dana Perino, McCarthy showed pride in his party’s accomplishments while slamming the Democrats:

“Our economy grew at the fastest rate in history last quarter, smashing all expectations. That was despite Speaker Pelosi holding up COVID relief legislation that would help middle-class Americans. She wants to win the election by making America hurt more. It won’t work.”


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LET Unity

Nancy Pelosi was hoping she and the House would get to pick the President – but she should have done her homework.

November 4, 2020


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi has declared that if there is dispute and controversy over the Presidential election, the House is prepared to make that decision.

The Constitution provides a roadmap for that to be done. But it stands to reason that Pelosi’s excitement means that she doesn’t understand how it actually works. 

It is also important to point out that the process that she is referring to has actually been put in motion twice before, in 1801 and 1825.

Ironically, the House has no obligation to pay attention to the popular vote. This happened in 1824 when Andrew Jackson won the popular vote and had the most votes in the electoral college. However, he didn’t reach 270 or have a majority of the electoral votes and the House chose John Quincy Adams instead.

Apparently, Pelosi believes that she can bang her gavel and declare a winner, but here is how it works.

According to the Dan Bongino Show

“In this case, the Democrats have a 232 to 197 lead in the House and aren’t projected to lose it. However, there is a twist. The new President would not be decided by a vote of the entire House, but by a vote of the House delegation from each state. In other words, California gets the same number of votes as South Dakota in this situation.

Currently, Republicans hold a small lead in control of state delegations and are projected to maintain it after the election. In other words, the Democrat-controlled House, run by Nancy Pelosi, would probably end up electing Donald Trump if they had to decide the election.

Can you imagine the wailing the gnashing of teeth after that outcome? In any case, since this hasn’t happened in 195 years, it probably won’t happen this time either. Of course, in the extremely unlikely event that it does, let’s hope Republican delegations hold a majority of the states.”

It appears that Pelosi doesn’t grasp that. She seems to believe that either the people will elect Joe Biden, or she will. 

“But let’s not worry about that right now. We’re ready. We’re prepared. We’ve been ready for a while because we see this irresponsibility of the president, his disrespect for the Constitution, for our democracy and for the integrity of our elections.

So we’re ready for him,” she told NPR’s All Things Considered

“The speaker of the House is ready for that prominent role, but let’s not worry about that right now. What we want to be ready for is a big vote tomorrow to dispel any thought other than that, on January 20, Joe Biden will be inaugurated president of the United States, that we will have a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate.

Our country is a great country. We’re even great enough to survive one term of Donald Trump. Two terms would be such a serious setback that I worry for our country.” the California Democrat remarked on her personal feelings about a second Trump term.

As we await the returns, it appears that the Democrats will maintain control of the House of Representatives, so it would make sense that Pelosi will continue in her role as Speaker of the House. 

And this is a woman who has been hellbent on overturning the will of the people who voted to elect Donald Trump in 2016, leading the charge in the impeachment process of the President. 

In essence, she has declared that it doesn’t matter what the American people want, she wants to see him out of office, regardless of what it takes to achieve that outcome. 


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