Common sense, common sense, common sense….

We hear the term daily in the gun debate in America.

We heard it again on Monday from Richmond, Virginia Mayor Levar Stoney as he called upon the Virginia General Assembly to pass a bill that would allow localities such as the City of Richmond to make its facilities Gun Free Zones.

NBC12 News’s Kelly Avellino reports that Stoney claimed, “I am sick and tired of spineless leadership out of the General Assembly. If they are not willing to [pass gun laws], then at least give local governments the authority to safeguard their communities. Simply put, move out of the way because localities like ours are ready to act.”

Richmond Mayor Levar Stoney wants to take gun control into his own hands. (Facebook)


Mayor Stoney seemingly has quickly forgotten that less than one month ago, Virginia Beach city engineer Kate Nixon opted not to carry her legally owned firearm despite her fears of a co-worker who had begun acting erratically. According to The Virginian-Pilot’s Katherine Hafner, the night before Nixon died, she had discussed with her husband her desire to bring her firearm for self-defense. Hafner quoted Kevin Martingayle (the Nixon’s family attorney) that the couple had discussed “whether or not she should take a pistol and hide it in her handbag.” Ultimately, Kate Nixon opted not to bring the firearm solely due to a city policy prohibiting employees from bringing weapons to work. Nixon’s fears played out before her as her co-worker DeWayne Craddock committed the deadliest mass shooting of 2019… in the very space deemed gun free for employees.



In fact, the area was secured only to employees resulting in the delay of police to the scene. Associated Press’s Finley and Lavoie reported “Police responding to the deadly mass shooting at a Virginia Beach municipal building were unable to confront the gunman at one point because they didn’t have the key cards needed to open doors on the second floor. Over the radio, they desperately pleaded for the electronic cards and talked of bringing in a sledgehammer, an explosive charge or other means of breaking down the doors.” The shooting spree resulted in 36 minutes of horror.

Yet Avellino reports that Stoney reiterated the rhetoric “The answer to gun violence is common sense laws and policies.”

Tonight, I will introduce an ordinance at #RVACouncil allowing the city to ban firearms from all municipal buildings and…

Posted by Mayor Levar Stoney on Monday, June 24, 2019


Dr. Christopher Kopacki is the Virginia state director of the National Rifle Association’s Institute for Legislative Action and a former detective. In an exclusive interview with Law Enforcement Today, Kopacki commented, “Stoney is looking to push New York-style gun control in Richmond. He is using the gun control lobby talking points to stand on a political soap box that would have no effect on keeping Virginians safer.”

Avellino also reported Kopacki’s earlier comment “Mayor Levar Stoney is using this as a publicity stunt to distract from his failing administration. Richmond is reporting more homicides so far this year compared to last year. That’s because Stoney has let gangs and drug dealers continue to run parts of the city.” Kopacki continued “When the idea of Project Exile was brought to his attention, he had no interest in being tougher on criminals who commit crimes with firearms. The policies he’s proposing failed in Virginia Beach because good people weren’t allowed to defend themselves from a criminal who ignored the gun free zone policy.”

It’s time politicians cease use of the term common sense. A criminal set to do harm and take lives will never be dissuaded by foolish policies which only create an environment rich with defenseless victims. Common sense to law abiding gun owners like Kate Nixon is the ability to defend… a right denied by a non-sense policy.