A pair of seasoned Los Angeles-based Black Lives Matter leaders recently traveled to Indiana to help local progressives organize residents against South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigiegas he contends for the Democratic presidential nomination, according to Jeffrey Cawood of the Dailywire.

Dr. Melina (MellyMel) Abdullah, the California State University professor who was charged with eight criminal charges including battery of an LAPD officer and was represented pro-bono by a protégé of Johnny Cochran, led a meeting in South Bend, Indiana, attempting to support a BLM chapter there as well as bolster the already-established “BlackTavist” group. The National Lawyers Guild and ACLU were also part of Abdullah’s legal team during her California legal proceedings.

Mayor Pete Buttigieg is taking criticism from his constituents. (Wikipedia)


During the Abdullah trial, prosecutors from the L.A. City Attorney’s Office affirmed that 17 police officers were prepared to testify that Abdullah’s tactics had gone far beyond free speech and peaceful protest, crossing a boundary to “obstructing and intimidating” LAPD commissioners.

Dr. Abdullah was accompanied to South Bend by Greg Akili, a former union organizer who was mentored by Cesar Chavez in the 1970s.  Akili has been embroiled in a back-and-forth fight over lawsuits and countersuits involving LAPD.

Abdullah and Akili indicated they “were invited to South Bend to organize” in the wake of an officer-involved shooting death, according to BLM-LA.  “What we saw with the murder of Eric Logan at the hands of police really is an opportunity to revisit and re-engage around the questions of police violence in black communities,” Abdullah told a crowd of about 75 people gathered at a restaurant in downtown South Bend.

Report: Mayor calls cops racist to raise money for his presidential campaign

It should be noted that despite the notoriety and infamy of both Abdullah and Akili within the BLM movement, only 75 attendees showed for their “meeting.”

In an interview with the South Bend Tribune, “BlackTavist” leader Jordan Giger said that his intention was to get everyone in a room and empower them to move forward.  Giger organized the meeting after a report by Young Turks alleged that SBPD Sergeant Ryan O’Neill “had a history of alleged racist language,” although that claim was not substantiated in any way.

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SBPD Sergeant O’Neill was involved in a fatal OIS when he confronted Eric Logan – Logan had a knife and wouldn’t surrender the weapon, and O’Neill shot him. BLM considers it “murder,” as is commonly the case to incite violence and fear long before facts in the case come out.  A special prosecutor is still investigating the incident.

federal judge rejects



At a Black Lives Matter rally on June 13, BlackTavists issued a letter with demands for Mayor Pete Buttigieg, which included paying reparations to Eric Logan’s family, firing or demoting the police chief, and terminating Sergeant O’Neill.  O’Neill resigned from the police force last week based on several reasons, including death threats against him and his family.

This police department officer-involved-shooting and the insertion of national-level and exceptionally controversial BLM leaders into the mix surely contribute to Mayor Pete’s stressors – rumblings with the South Bend Police Department indicate a mass exodus of officers is on the near horizon.