Mayor DeBlasio,

I’m so sad. Can’t you just say these two simple words, “I’m sorry, ” to your LEOs? Two powerful words. You have already lost two officers who died needlessly since this war of “I Can’t Breathe vs. Blue Lives Matter”. Do you know how much difference a mayor can make in the lives of his or her officers? Just like a police chief, you are their leader also, even more so. You are the big boss.

I am worried. I am very worried about the health and wellness of the NYPD LEOs. Like everyone else, I have seen the media, the Facebook posts, photos, and videos. Have you thought about your LEOs’ health and wellness? What about the anguish that they must be feeling…to lose two beloved brother officers in an ambush attack in addition to the unlawful and unthankful environment they face on the streets of NYC every day?   After all that, then to have you be unsupportive of them? They have enough people against them on the streets they patrol.

You may be asking “Who the heck is writing this and what gives her the right to say all this?” I am the widow of East Hartford CT Police Officer Paul Buchanan #208 who died by suicide on March 12, 2013.

Paul served his department for almost 24 years and had seen his share of bad things and stress due to the job. As a LEO spouse I have seen what undue stress can do to a LEO. I have a message to share with you.

Your officers need your support. They are stressed; they are tired; they have seen too much and their spirits are broken.   Did you know that you have walking wounded in your department? Their wounds may be invisible but they are real. Depression, anxiety, PTSD, and panic disorder are alive and well in the NYPD. We can’t lose any more LEOs. Please, can’t you just be on their side?

New York’s Mayor has great power and can do many things with that power. I ask you to think about the NYPD LEOs and all that they have been through. Think about what you can do to change things for the better. All you have to do is look around you; look at your officers; look in your heart.   The NYPD is made of amazing men and women in blue. Just make it right. Please.

It’s never too late. Just say those two words to your officers – two words – “I’m sorry”.

Trish Buchanan is the widow of East Hartford, Connecticut Police Officer Paul S. Buchanan Badge Number 208 who died by suicide on March 12, 2013. She seeks to bring light to the subject of police suicide by talking about it. Trish is an executive assistant in a Hartford Connecticut suburb and the proud mother of two sons. Her current passion is working on “BELIEVE 208” in collaboration with the Connecticut Alliance to Benefit Law Enforcement ( to enhance awareness and support law enforcement officer mental health. She is preparing for the next 5K “Believe 208- Run for the Brave and Finest” to be held in September 2015. Trish’s strong faith has sustained her through this terrible time in her life. You may reach her at: [email protected] To learn more about “Believe 208 – Run for the Brave and Finest” please visit her Facebook page: