“I hate police brutality and I know it exists but here the cops did exactly what they could do in this situation.”


That’s just one of the comments criticizing Annapolis Mayor Gavin Buckley’s reaction to how two officers handled a fight.

The fight reportedly broke out on Sunday evening. Officers received a call of a fight forming at the Harbour House Public Housing complex in Maryland and responded to help break it up. Dispatchers had notified the responding units of the possibility that someone had a gun at the scene.


When they arrived, the officers were well outnumbered by the amount of people in the forming brawl. In the video, police can be seen separating suspects, only to have others rip them back into the fight. The officers were forced to administer pepper spray and one officer drew their taser to attempt to deescalate the situation.

No one was struck by police.

The officers never drew their weapons.

Not a single complaint was filed against either officer.


3 assailants were taken into custody and charges ranged from second degree assault to disorderly conduct.

Following the fight, Mayor Buckley issued a public statement saying, “As a mayor, I’m very concerned.”


Concerned how? That people causing a disturbance in a public area were dealt with properly? Concerned that we now live in such an anti-police society that you have to make sure your constituents don’t see you overlook a situation? Even when it was handled in a professional and proper way?

Or is now every use of force against people breaking the law frowned upon? Are we getting to the point where police can’t even use non-lethal means to take control of a situation without being chastised?

WUSA reported that citizen complaints of police misconduct in Annapolis fell from 4 in 2016 to 0 in 2017.  Not a single complaint was filed in 2018.

Mayor Gavin Buckley said he was ‘concerned’ over the way the fight was handled. (Facebook – Mayor Gavin Buckley)


Buckley’s statement continued.

 “We are committed to the highest standards for the Annapolis Police Department and the efforts to improve community policing. The safety and trust of community members, as well as APD officers, is of the utmost importance to me and my administration.”

Officers can be seen trying to control the situation. (Screenshot – Facebook)


That’s when thousands of citizens came to their defense. More than 3,000 comments appeared on Buckley’s post showing favor for how the police dealt with the escalation.

One user wrote, “I hope he is concerned with the behavior of the kids and lack of respect for the police. Somehow I feel that is not what he meant. Sad.”

Another called Buckley a ‘coward’ for his statement.

So Mayor Buckley… how do you propose it should have been handled?

We’ll wait.