Massive nationwide “Back The Blue” rally planned Saturday July 18. We will be silent no more.


NATIONWIDE – Many have been writing in to Law Enforcement Today to ask how they can find out about rallies in their areas.

One problem we have noticed in planning of the rallies is safety. It’s almost like the people organizing them (this author included) want to keep the rally a secret until the morning of the event so there is less of a chance of people from “the other side” showing up and turning the event negative, or, worse, violent.

But if we, the silent majority, are truly going to make our voices heard, we have to take a leap of faith that we’ll be protected and get out there to stand up for our law enforcement.

A fairly new group has formed and rapidly gained in members and reach during the past several weeks. They’ve created two massive events to help us show our police that we support them.

The group is called Bridge the Blue and their message is clear:

We the people will be silent no more.

We are done watching what essentially has become domestic terrorism destroy our cities. 

We are done listening to the ridiculous narrative that our police are bad, that they’re evil.

We are done sitting on the sidelines while our police are left out there, night after night, all but abandoned by their “leaders.”


Bridge the Blue was founded in 2017 with a vision to make America safe again. 

Bridge the Blue has posted:

“Over the years, social media has become a tool that has been used to create a narrative that has been detrimental to the law enforcement community.
“And now… our nation is at a crossroads.
“As our nation has become more and more divided, the silent majority that believes in God, family, and supports law enforcement must remain #SilentNoMore!
“It’s time to take a stand, rise up, defend truth, and rewrite the narrative!
“And on July 18th, everything changes.”
What’s on July 18, you ask?
Let me tell you.
On July 18, at 11 am pacific time, 1 pm central time, and 2 pm eastern time, thousands of people across the nation will rally in front of their local City Hall.
The purpose is simple: To show love and support for our police.
That’s it.
There is no intent to go against any other group, there’s no intent to further the divide between law enforcement and members of the community.
On the contrary. This rally is to bridge that gap.
Bridge the Blue continues:
“It’s time to take a stand, rise up, defend truth, and rewrite the narrative!
“TOGETHER, we can spark a movement that gives everyone that supports and defends the blue a voice so that ALL our voices can be heard!
“This narrative is being told by a group of people operating on emotionalism instead of facts and objective truth.
“If as a community, ‘we the people’ operate in the same manner (emotionalism), then all we can expect is more division and more of the same.
“If we want to see something different in our country, then we have to be better and be different than the other side.”
So what does that mean? That means that we will show up wearing our pro-police attire, wave flags, hold signs, cheer for our officers, and then go home.
Following the in-person even there will be a virtual rally:
“And then later, at 4pm CST (5pm EST, 2pm PST), we will be streaming a LIVE EVENT here on Facebook as well as YouTube so that we can light up social media the most beautiful shade of blue the world has ever seen!”
Our police deserve to see us out there. They deserve our support.
As Bridge the Blue put it:
“Because right now, as we speak, LEOs everywhere are finding it more difficult than ever before to do their jobs.
“They feel as if they’ve lost the support of their community & their own leaders within their respective departments.
“It’s the very reason why we must wake up the ‘silent majority.’
“America can’t afford to remain #silentnomore.”
To find the rallies in your state, click HERE.

To register for the online event, click HERE.


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