Massachusetts department creates Christmas miracle for grieving family


A Massachusetts family’s first Christmas without their father was made a little bit easier after two Southwick PD officers showed up on their doorstep with gifts.

After losing her husband suddenly in November, Lisa Bailey was struggling going into the holidays. She and her children were facing challenges they never expected, losing Joseph at the early age of 65.

But during this trying time, the Bailey’s found themselves finding friends amongst strangers. “There were 3 officers that stayed with my family the entire day,” Lisa stated in a recent Facebook message to the Southwick department. “It was the most devastating day of my life and my children’s, but they compassionately stuck by us until my husband was brought to rest at the funeral home.”

Lisa was greatly appreciative of the officers’ actions. But she didn’t expect what came a month later.

As the difficult Christmas season settled upon her, Lisa fought to bring joy and comfort to her children. When a few officers from the department showed up on her doorstep, they weren’t empty-handed.

“Those same officers arrived at my house with a large bag full of toys, games, handmade winter gear, and even all the wrapping paper I would need for my 10 year old,” said Bailey.

grieving family
Lisa Bailey’s 10 year-old daughter with gifts from Southwick PD. (Facebook)

“They knew how difficult Christmas would be for us and wanted to make it a bit easier.”

The officers then made a request. They wanted the gifts to be anonymous. To come from her or from Santa.

But Lisa refused.

“I thanked them, but told them all the gifts would be signed from the Southwick PD, not myself or Santa, as I thought it was extremely important for my young daughter to know how caring our Police Department is.”

The family now feels a close bond with the men and women who protect their community.

“How [did] officers who did not even really know her, kept her in their thoughts and went out of their way to do this for her? Our Police Department is truly something special.”

What an incredible display of selflessness and love. These officers came into the Bailey’s life during a tragic and horrific time. And when they could have just carried on, focusing on making it through the hectic time of year, they chose to make a true Christmas miracle a reality for a grieving family. We are certain that the Bailey family will never forget the love that came from a small Police Department in Massachusetts.

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