Lifelong Democrat turned Republican installs electric fence to stop thieves from stealing Trump sign


NEW BEDFORD, MA –John Oliveira is fed up with people taking his Trump 2020 signs out of his yard. 

Oliveira, who is a 20-year Navy veteran and a current New Bedford School Committee member, cannot believe that his signs have been being removed from his yard.  He is so upset that he has installed an electric fence around it to prevent any further thefts.

Oliveira alleges that he has had six Trump signs, which he had in his front yard disappeared after he put them up.  Oliveira filed two police reports on the thefts and even installed another sign next to the Trump one, asking people to vote.  The Trump sign is gone, the sign urging people to vote has been left untouched. 

Oliveira told WJAR:

“It’s a shame that I have to do this.  I believe in the president.  Obviously, people didn’t like that.”

He then went on to say:

“I’m done with this.  I’m just trying to make a statement and say what I believe in.  The electric fence is a deterrent.  Horse wire carries a charge.  It will certainly send a message.”

Oliveira, who said that he was a lifelong Democrat until he recently registered as a Republican, feels that he should not be forced to do such drastic measures to voice his opinion on the election, which is protected by the constitution. 

He said:

“Our country is about different opinions and being able to voice those opinions in a fair and equitable manner, and when you’re taking people’s signs, that’s not fair and equitable.  You have to be able to respect each other because we’ll never get anything accomplished if you don’t.  Don’t mess with my right to free speech.”

This was not the only report of Trump signs being stolen throughout the United States.  Another recent one was reported in Waco, Texas.  There, Brad Holland, the McLennan County Republican Party Chairman is asking democratic and civic leaders to condemn the theft and vandalism of the political signs. 

He said:

“Several of the pricey large signs have been taken from major intersections, and daily we are getting 10 or more people come into the office to replace Trump signs that were stolen.  It is so sad that the level of brazen vandalism and sheer disregard for the law has reached new levels even in Waco, Texas.”

In Waco, they have reported that several political signs have either been stolen or vandalized.  There have been so many done that the Woodway Public Safety issued at a Facebook message:

“Over the past several weeks, several campaign signs have been stolen or defaced.  A friendly reminder that theft or destruction of political campaign signs is considered criminal mischief punishable by a fine of up to $500 and possible additional charges of criminal trespass.”

Over the past several weeks, several campaign signs have been stolen or defaced. A friendly reminder that theft or…

Posted by Woodway Public Safety Department on Tuesday, September 15, 2020

And in Bel Air, Maryland, in August, the Hartford County Sheriff’s Office was called to several homes in the area after Trump-Pence signs were stolen out of people’s front yards.  At least one of the people involved was captured on video during one of the thefts.

In the video, a man is seen driving up to the private residence and pulling down what is believed to be a Trump sign.  The man, noticing the camera, gives it the bird and takes the sign with him.  The Hartford County Sheriff’s Office posted on Facebook:

“We all have difference of opinion.  Let’s respect those opinions and not step into somebody else’s yard to commit a crime by stealing a campaign sign.  It’s a violation of free speech and downright disrespectful of your neighbors.”

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LET Unity

It has become a common thing to people to vandalize any show of support for President Trump. It has gotten so bad, that people are actually being assaulted for showing their support. 

WILMINGTON, DE – A 7-year-old boy who set out to support President Trump during last month’s DNC convention in Delaware is now on the receiving end of nationwide support himself. 

He became the victim of what a county court now labels as a hate crime, just as the boy was getting his start in peaceful political activism. 

Two Delaware women are accused of attacking him and stealing his MAGA hat. 

Now, the women are both facing charges tied to that attack. 

According to the Delaware News Journal, on Tuesday, a grand jury indicted Olivia Winslow and Camryn Amy of second-degree robbery, second-degree conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child, third-degree assault, attempted third-degree assault, offensive touching and felony hate crimes. 

Of the seven charges, three are felonies. The hate crime charges carry the most severe punishment. If convicted on all counts, each woman could face up to 15 years in prison. 

Both women are 21 years old. 

Video from August 20 appears to show the pair shouting at the boy, stealing his hat and then tossing it over a fence outside the Democratic National Convention in Wilmington. 

In the three weeks since it was first posted, the recording has gone viral with nearly 5.5 million views on Twitter. 

The video starts by showing two women kicking what appear to be handmade political signs. 

A woman off camera asks “are you destroying my property?” and another woman responds “yes, we are.”  

The confrontation escalates from there. 

The video shows a young boy run into the frame and say “That’s somebody else’s hat.” The boy starts crying, and the two women who took his hat respond with profanity. 

The more than two-minute long clip has gotten thousands of comments in response on Twitter. 

Twitter user Mozella Stokes wrote: 

“That was wrong, no child should be subjected to that. No matter what their hat says, no matter what their T shirt says, no matter what color their skin is, no matter where they live. It is wrong to do this to children, to anyone.” 

Another, Autumn Turland, posted: 

“I personally hope they get a really big lesson by the law that this is unacceptable. Your opinion is not a reason to assault anyone.” 

Other media reports following the incident have said he was wearing the pro-Trump gear while waiting outside the convention with his mom to eat dinner. 

The Delaware News Journal reports that the boy’s mother says she was “punched in the face” repeatedly during the attack. 

The newspaper quoted Delaware’s Democratic Attorney General Kathleen Jennings. She said: 

“Violence in any form is unacceptable, but harming another person — let alone a child — because of the expression of their views betrays the principles on which our country was founded. Free speech, free assembly, and free expression are sacred, no matter whether we agree with the opinions expressed, and especially when we don’t.” 

It is certainly not the only time in recent weeks that supporters of President Trump have been met with violence during political rallies. 

On August 27, Law Enforcement Today reported on a shooting at a pro-Trump rally in South Carolina. 

LET reported: 

A barrage of bullets interrupted a political gathering in Fort Mill, South Carolina Monday. 

The group, a local organization for women, told local news outlets that they were meeting on the side of the road, on a bridge overpass, and holding signs in support of President Donald Trump. The gathering coincided with Night Two of the Republican National Convention. 

In that incident, no one was hurt. 

Read the full article here. 

Even more recently, pro-Trump, pro-police view became a death sentence for a Portland man. 

Killed on August 29, LET reported on the search for his shooter: 

Police are actively searching for a self-identified member of Antifa who gunned down a pro-police, Trump supporter during violent riots in downtown Portland on Saturday, August 29th. 

Read the full article here. 

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