Massachusetts Governor gives in to gun-control mob, ignores Trump, deems gun shops “non-essential” businesses


BOSTON, MA.- Let’s get this out of the way. Massachusetts governor Charlie Baker identifies as a Republican. However just as some people have the parts which identify them one way, yet they choose to identify as another, Baker is a classic RINO…Republican in Name Only.

Pretty much the only way you can get elected as a Republican in Massachusetts, with the possible exception of former Sen. Scott Brown, is to be a RINO. See former “Republican” governors Bill Weld and Willard “Mitt” Romney. True to form, Baker bent to political pressure from the Massachusetts liberals and reversed course on firearms dealers being “essential businesses.” How Democrat of him.

On Tuesday, Baker issued an executive order #21, and Massachusetts published a list of essential businesses, which included firearm and ammunition retailers, plus manufacturers, retailers, importers and shooting ranges. Specifically, it said:

“Here is the full list from the governor’s office:

“…Workers supporting the operation of firearm or ammunition product manufacturers, retailers, importers, distributors and shooting ranges.”

Initially, Baker had not deemed gun shops as essential businesses. That was changed when he issued Order #21. Seems pretty clear, no? Well lo and behold, Wednesday morning that language had disappeared from the state’s website.

Under the new list, manufacturers, importers and distributors can continue to operate, however shooting ranges and retailers must remain closed until May 4, under RINO Baker’s latest executive order.  

The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development confirmed Tuesday to MassLive that the extended executive order leaves out gun retailers. Firearm makers, importers and distributors was supposed to apply only to military and law enforcement officers, who are considered essential workers.

The Executive Office of Housing and Economic Development refused to respond to questions when asked by MassLive, and it isn’t clear why the state did the 180. Oh, and Baker also excluded gun shops from emergency small business loans as well.

How ironic is it that at a time when states are releasing known felons from jail, and when law enforcement resources are being stretched thin, governors such as Baker are taking away the ability of people to protect themselves.

After Baker reversed course, the sudden change of guidelines, which took effect on Wednesday at noon, created confusion for gun retailers, interest groups and gun control advocates.

In a release, the National Shooting Sports Foundation said that it was told the state reversed course “to keep as many people home as possible.” That people is what you call a crock. Liquor stores can remain open, but gun shops have to close. Makes a lot of sense.

“This antipathy for the respect of the right of Massachusetts citizens to protect themselves is alarming,” said Lawrence G. Keane, senior vice president and general counsel for NSSF.

“Every other governor in New England is permitting their citizens the right to acquire a firearm. Even the governors of New Jersey and Pennsylvania have now recognized the limits of their authority to infringe on fundamental American rights and reversed course. Gov. Baker’s using a health crisis to further an anti-gun agenda that denies Americans their rights is inexcusable.”

NSSF had taken the lead in trying to make sure that second amendment protections are enforced, and the group had spoken to the office of Vice President Mike Pence, who is leading the Coronavirus Task Force on behalf of the White House, according to Politico.

Cue the Bloomberg funded anti-gun groups. Rina Schneur of the Mass chapter of Moms Demand Action, a gun-grabbing group, initially raised concerns about the Baker administration’s decision to include gun retailers and shooting ranges on the list of essential businesses.

She complained that allowing gun sales at a time when people were being forced to stay home could possibly lead to more unintentional shootings of children, as well as suicides and domestic violence incidents. Not really sure what gun sales have to do with domestic violence incidents, but apparently she has information that we do not.

“They may make some of the gun lobby richer, but it certainly will not make us safer, and it will make us less safe,” Schneur said. These people are like a broken record.

After Baker capitulated to the anti-gun mob, Moms Demand Action said they were glad that Baker had decided that gun stores were not essential.

In Hyannis, MA, Toby Leary, co-owner of Cape Gun Works had seen the initial list of essential businesses, and only learned from MassLive on Wednesday that the language had changed.

Cape Gun Works, a manufacturer, distributor and retailer can remain open under the latest essential businesses list. Leary said he has been mostly involved with fulfilling the company’s contracts with local law enforcement and federal agencies. Their gun training classes have moved online, while their evening shooting range hours have been cut.

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Leary did note however that some customers would be adversely affected by the rules on gun retailers. He said that one customer was looking for ammunition for his daughter, who is in the police academy. Leary was low on ammunition at the time, so he was only able to sell the father a small portion of what he needed.

“I feel we fit the guidelines in more than one way, but I’m talking more for the other retailers who have closed their doors in other parts of the state,” Leary said. “I think other states are recognizing that gun stores are an essential service.”

“Plus homeowners, general civilians maybe had to wait three months for their license to carry to come in, and now they can’t buy a handgun. It’s a further infringement of their rights.”

Guidance issued by the Trump administration deemed gun stores essentials, and some states, such as Alabama and Texas labeled gun sellers essential businesses.

Despite Baker’s order, some Massachusetts gun shops have remained open. The Gun Parlor in Worcester told customers on Facebook last week that they would remain open.

When asked about the city’s enforcement, Worcester Police Lt. Sean Murtha said officials are working out the details with gun retailers because of a “gray area” after the state changed their guidelines twice.

When MassLive reached out to the Gun Parlor’s owner on Wednesday, a representative said that the owner was not available but the store remained open.

In Middleboro, MA. John Costa, owner of The Gunrunner was blunt.

Of course we never closed. The government can go pound tar. We are essential. We have every right to protect our citizens. We have every right to give them what we need to protect themselves.”

Costa noted that The Gunrunner was one of several around the state that are defying Baker’s order which is requiring nonessential businesses to close down. When he was spoken to at his business on Wednesday, Costa said he has not yet been approached by any local or state authorities trying to close him down. 

“They’d have to drag me out in chains,” said Costa, a Navy vet who has owned the store for seven years, along with his wife in Middleboro. “That’s what they’re going to have to do.” 

James Wallace, executive director of the Gun Owner’s Action League of Massachusetts said that Baker’s initial order didn’t include gun stores as being essential businesses, however on May 4, his administration put out an updated list that matched federal guidelines signed over the weekend by President Trump, which classified gun stores as essential. 

However within a matter of hours, Wallace said, firearms retailers and shooting ranges were removed from the list. 

“Suddenly, they edited the release to remove firearm retailers and ranges,” said Wallace. “That crated a much bigger stir in our community.” 

Wallace claimed, and rightfully so that the Second Amendment establishes the rights of gun store owners to be able to continue operating their businesses, even through the current pandemic. Wallace said his organization is now considering legal remedies to stop Massachusetts from closing down gun shops during this time. 

“Yes, after yesterday’s actions, we’ll certainly be exploring all the options,” Wallace said. “As far as I’m concerned, this whole thing is a pattern of discrimination against our community.” 

Other states are allowing gun stores to remain open, including Rhode Island, New Hampshire and Connecticut, Wallace said. 

Baker representatives told news sources that the governor followed federal guidance, and then tailored the list of essential businesses to reflect Massachusetts’ “unique economy,” while being as stringent as possible to make sure people continue to avoid unnecessary activities. Wow, talk about your basic deflection. 

Baker of course played dumb during a press conference Wednesday afternoon, about what you’d expect from this empty suit. 

“They were open last week? The shouldn’t have been open last week.”

Good to know that Baker knows what is going on in his state…right on top of things there governor. 

Baker said that only gun manufacturers in Massachusetts should be open at this time. 

“The only folks on the firearms side that have been essential since we issued the initial order are manufacturers,” he said. 

Meantime at the Gunrunner, Costa said that especially now during the coronavirus crisis, people need to be able to protect themselves and need firearms more than ever. 

“The government can’t protect us,” he said. “The only time the police get involved is after the fact. That’s not going to keep the looters, robbers and everyone else away from us. That’s why we are essential and we will not close.” 

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