Masks for thee, but not for me: Fauci caught going mask-less in violation of D.C. mandate


WASHINGTON, D.C. – The man who functions as the face of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Anthony Fauci, was recently seen in the nation’s capital on July 23rd – and he just so happened to have his masked pulled down.

What makes this such a flippant gesture is that while Fauci pulls said stunt (while not social distancing), the rest of D.C. is compelled to don a mask if they’re three-years-old or older, or risk a fine of up to $1,000.

Guess who happens to be exempt from said order? On-duty law makers and government employees.

How convenient.

The pictures in question were reportedly taken while Fauci was able to enjoy a private viewing of the Washington National’s season opener while being seated with two other people who were able to join in on the game.

Keep in mind, there were a myriad of available seats – but apparently social distancing also wasn’t on the agenda during the game.

Also, one would highly question whether a government employee is “on-duty” while leisurely watching a baseball game.

As mentioned earlier, this display happens to coincide with the timeframe where D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser mandated that masks need to be adorned in most indoor and outdoors settings.

On July 22nd, the mayor’s office released the following statement:

“Today, Mayor Bowser issued Mayor’s Order 2020-080 to clarify and extend requirements related to wearing masks indoors and outdoors in Washington, DC. Additionally, the Mayor issued Mayor’s Order 2020-079 to extend the state of emergency and public health emergency for Washington, DC through October 9, 2020. Both Mayor’s Orders are effective immediately.”

This order notes that masks must be worn whenever someone leaves their home and are “likely to come into contact with another person for more than a fleeting moment.”

The exceptions are minimal, with children under three being exempt, masks can removed to eat or drink (how gracious),  no masks are required for “vigorous outdoor exercise,” as long as social distancing is maintained, or if someone is in an office where no one else is allowed to enter.

Other exceptions were cited as someone swimming in a pool, legally smoking, delivering a speech so long as social distancing is observed, when someone is lawfully ordered to remove a mask, and of course medical purposes.

Some online are coming to the defense of Fauci – claiming he was among a family member and a friend at the game. However, while there may be exemptions for household family members, there’s no real exception when someone is among a “friend” regarding the D.C. order.

So if Fauci appears to be not on-duty and seemingly in violation of D.C.’s mask order, why are officials in D.C. investigating President Donald Trump for not adorning a mask on July 22nd while visiting the Trump International Hotel?

That can certainly make one wonder.

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LET Unity

Speaking of mask-related hypocrisy and shenanigans – who can forget when back in April, reporters were grilling President Trump for not wearing a mask during press briefings while the reporters weren’t wearing masks either. 

Stupid questions will often get stupid answers, as evidenced by a press briefing held in the White House on April 5th.

A handful of reporters within the room were asking questions regarding the wearing of face masks and why the president wasn’t actively wearing one.

All the while, reporters asking these questions weren’t wearing face masks either.

Reporters not wearing masks demand President Trump explain why he isn't wearing a mask

The face mask inquiries began with one reporter asking the following:

“Are we getting to the point where we might see the members of the coronavirus task force also wear face coverings?”

Reporters not wearing masks demand President Trump explain why he isn't wearing a mask
Face mask inquirer #1

For someone asking about whether the task force leading the fight against COVID-19 will be donning medical-grade masks, you’d think this gentleman asking would be “leading the charge” so to speak.

President Trump responded, noting that the use of face masks is voluntary at the time. Furthermore, the president stated that if any among his task force wanted to wear a face mask then he would “encourage it”.

Another reporter kept going down the same path, asking the following:

“The First Lady has been tweeting, encouraging people to wear face masks. Has she been talking to you about this? Encouraging you to wear one?”

Reporters not wearing masks demand President Trump explain why he isn't wearing a mask
Face mask inquirer #2

Imagine that.

Another reporter without a face mask gearing toward why the president isn’t wearing one. Trump responded with some jest, stating:

“I would wear one. Would you like me to wear one right now? That would be a little awkward, I guess. But again, I would wear one if I thought it was important.”

It gets better, as the infamous face mask question was levied toward Dr. Anthony Fauci, by another reporter not wearing a mask.

Reporters not wearing masks demand President Trump explain why he isn't wearing a mask
Face mask inquirer #3

When the doctor was asked the question, President Trump stepped aside and began to chuckle at the question.

Reporters not wearing masks demand President Trump explain why he isn't wearing a mask
President Trump begins to chuckle at the question asked of the doctor

Dr. Fauci responded to the reporter with the following:

“Why am I not wearing a face mask now? Okay, there are a couple of reasons. One of them is that part of the, in fact the major reason to wear a face mask, is to protect you from infecting you. I had my test yesterday, and it’s negative.”

While it would have been far more satisfying to see the president and the doctor turn the tables and ask reporters why they weren’t wearing masks, they still handled the inquiries perfectly.

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