Officers with the New York Police Department are lucky to be alive after a brazen overnight attack that happened in Brooklyn.

They spotted a masked man on Howard Avenue Monday morning around 2:36 a.m..  When the three officers approached him, he took off. 

One officer exited the vehicle and the other two continued to follow him.

They say the man then pulled out a gun and opened fire at the NYPD vehicle.  NYPD Chief of Department Terance Monahan says one of the officers – the cop outside of the vehicle –  returned fire.

He managed to get away.  About 30 minutes later, a call came in from a neighbor who said someone was trying to break into a home through a backyard on Howard Avenue.

When police arrived at the back yard, the suspect opened fire on them.  The officers returned fire but were pinned down by the suspect shooting at them.


More officers responded to the scene and six of them exchanged gunfire with the suspect, police said.  The man, who police have not yet identified, was shot several times.

He was brought to a local hospital where he later died.

According to Monahan, a handgun was recovered in the yard.

A number of residents in the area posted videos on Citizen App.  Those clips show a heavy police presence, with at least a dozen officers at the scene.

Luckily nobody other than the victim was hurt in the shootout, Monahan said.


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Masked gunman opens fire on NYPD, pins down officers until backup responds

Last Saturday in Florida, a Coconut Creek police officer was also ambushed.

The attack lead to him being hospitalized with serious injuries after being hit with a shotgun blast in a violent early morning incident.

By the time it was over, two people and a dog were dead, another person was critically wounded and that officer was being rushed to the hospital.

That officer is 30-year-old Andrew Renna.  Police Chief Albert Arenal says he was shot at as soon as he arrived at the scene.

“They were shotgun rounds and they were fired through the passenger door and through the passenger window,” he said, at a noon news conference. “Multiple shots were fired.”

Coconut Creek officer shot

Coconut Creek officer shot – this was his cruiser.

According to Renna, as he tried to get out of the way of the blasts, a shotgun pellet struck his right side and collapsed his right lung, Arenal said.

Renna has been on the force for over four years.  He’s listed in “very stable good condition” at Broward Health North Medical Center.

Police haven’t confirmed if he lived there… but 44-year-old man Jason Roseman was being questioned by investigators in connection with the shooting.  It happened at about 7 a.m. at 4217 NW 57th Drive in the Coral Pointe subdivision. 

When two other officers arrived at the scene, they saw Roseman standing in the intersection of Northwest 42 Way and 56 Drive holding the shotgun.

“When the suspect was confronted by other officers …he dropped the shotgun and surrendered,” Arenal said. “He was taken into custody.”

When police began investigating, they found one person’s body inside a house, a woman’s body in the driveway, and a pit bull also shot dead inside the home.

On top of that, another critically wounded man was also found outside and taken to Broward Health North. Police haven’t identified any of the victims besides the officer.

It apparently all began after a resident called police, saying someone was knocking on her door asking for help.

One minute later, Renna arrived and was shot at.

Arenal said that’s when an all-county call went out for police backup.

Robert Robison, 60, moved into Coconut Creek just three weeks ago.  He said he was shocked to see more than three dozen police cars racing around the Winston Park neighborhood about 7:30 a.m after he had just returned from dropping off his wife at work in Delray Beach.

He said his street is blocked off.

“Police cars were flying down here like crazy,” he said. “They told me, ‘Get out of here. Get out of here. Get out of here.’”

At the time of the shooting, his sister, his 18-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter were home.

“I called the house asked my sister what was going on and she had the dog in the backyard and she heard a man say, ‘Don’t do that,’ and then she heard five gunshots.

“Pop, pop, pop, pop, pop and she went back in the house,” he said. “She was scared. It woke my 14-year-old daughter up. She called me, scared.”

He said there was an overwhelming show of force from area departments.

“I just saw police cars continuously coming in from Fort Lauderdale, Coral Springs, Margate,” he added. “I tried to count them but I stopped at 35 police cars. Everybody speaks about how safe this neighborhood is. I’ve talked to people and they said they never had an incident around here. I’m in a little disbelief. Nobody’s life is worth an argument.”

Local media outlets also interviewed Gabriella Almeida, 28, who said she was trying to get to her parents’ home near the shooting scene.

That’s when she says a neighbor told her parents that a body was lying in the parking lot of their apartment building.

“My parents said their neighbor saw some guy under a truck,” she said. “I believe he died under the truck and was one of the people who was shot. My neighbor, who is a cop, was frantic on the phone saying that there was a dead body under the truck.”

The Broward Sheriff’s Office bomb squad checked the inside of the home where the shooting happened.

They say they found several rifles and something that looked like an IED homemade explosive device.  They later determined it was fake.

“Everybody speaks about how safe this neighborhood is,” Robison said. “I’ve talked to people and they said they never had an incident around here. I’m in a little disbelief. Nobody’s life is worth an argument.”

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