Mask-wearing protestors terrorize New York subway riders, vandalize stations, scream at police


Here come the mask wearing anarchists again.

A Twitter post from a group called “Decolonize This Place” is threatening to f**k s**t up” on the subway system in New York City today.

“We encourage you to link up with your friends, your family, and think of the ways you can move in affinity to f—k s—t up on J-31 all day long,” a masked man ways in the video posted on the Twitter page, which is organizing demonstrations.

The goals of the group include “no cops in the MTA, free transit [and] no harassment,” the video says.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez must be so proud.

This my friends is what anarchy looks like, and Democrats across the country do not seem to have an issue with it.

Protesters strung a black banner with the words “F—k your $2.75. Fare strike today,” from the Oculus at the World Trade Center station, as shown in a video posted by the group.

People were heard clapping and cheering as the banner was unfurled. Glad they were able to escape mommy’s basement to cheer on their comrades.

Emergency exits have been chained in subway stations to allow people to pass through fare-free, while some MetroCard readers have been covered in Gorilla glue.

The 72nd Street B and C train station on the Upper West side was painted with graffiti earlier this morning—including many of the anarchist groups catch phrases tagged on the walls and display screens. One said, “Free transit.”

Another said “F—k cops, f—k MTA.”

The cost to clean up after these clowns will be expensive, according to Tim Minton, spokesman for the MTA.

“This is going to incur significant expense, as well as inconvenience, and some of the tactics that have been discussed threatened to put both riders and employees at risk for their safety. The MTA is focused on maintaining service while ensuring safety, as we know are both the NYPD and MTA police departments.”

The New York Post reported today that a department spokesperson said the department is “aware of the demonstration and will have an adequate police presence in place.” Additional police resources will be deployed, according to the spokesperson.

The Police Benevolent Association of the NYPD also weighed in, calling the protests the “true end-game of the anti-police movement, and end of all policing & destruction of public order.”

“Our members have spent their career—and in some cases given their lives—to bring public safety back to NYC. We can’t go backwards,” the union said in a tweet.

The protest was planned to protest the plan of the MTA to add 500 new police officers to the city’s subway system. The whiners complain that the added police are targeting minor crimes in the city’s subways and are discriminatory against minorities.

They also think subway service should be free. Because after all, it costs nothing to run the New York City subway system, right?

The chief of the NYPD, in an internal memo obtained by NBC New York told command staff:

“While we will always protect people’s right to protest, illegal conduct that puts law-abiding community and cops in danger will not be tolerated in New York City. It is imperative that officers take appropriate action and make arrests when they observe a violation of the law,” he said.

This is the third such protest organized by this group. In November, dozens were arrested after a crowd estimated to be at 200 gathered in Harlem, with some of the participants leaving buses and police cruisers vandalized with anti-police messages.

Some interaction between police and protesters became violent however no injuries were reported.

New York Attorney General Leticia James announced earlier this month that her office is investigating the fare enforcement practices of the NYPD after it was found that black and Hispanic people account for the majority of fare-related summonses and arrests.

Not for nothing, but is it at all possible that the reason for that disparity is because those are the people who are actually evading fares? Just asking.

James of course received campaign donations from Jennifer Soros, daughter of famed busy-body George Soros, who has stuck his nose into attorney general and district attorney races across the country, in order to further his goal to radicalize the criminal justice system.

“We’ve read all the stories and seen the disturbing videos of men, women and children being harassed, dragged away and arrested by officers in our city’s subway system, which is why we are launching an investigation into this deeply troublesome conduct,” James said in a statement.

We wonder if she is disturbed by the “deeply troublesome conduct” of Antifa.

A spokesperson for the NYPD, Devora Kaye said officers “patrol day and night to keep 6 million daily riders safe and enforce the law fairly and equally without consideration of race or ethnicity.”

One really needs to wonder why Antifa and affiliated groups such as this have not been declared terrorist organizations. President Trump has mentioned doing so, however as of now, nothing has been done in that regard.

The word Antifa is actually a contradiction in terms. They are anything but “anti-fascist.” With black outfits, face masks and helmets they are more closely aligned with ISIS than with anything else.

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Mask-wearing protestors terrorize New York subway riders, vandalize stations, scream at police

They silence speech they disagree with. They damage property, assault police (and anyone else they disagree with) and throw concrete laden “milkshakes” at those with whom they disagree.

Antifa terrorists have firebombed an ICE detention facility in Tacoma, Washington to oppose U.S. immigration policy. The Antifa terrorist set a car on fire, then opened fire with an AR-15 and hurled Molotov cocktails at the detention center, which was housing over 1,000 migrants at the time.

That was the fourth attack on ICE facilities in a matter of months. A lot of this was driven by the brain-dead bimbo “Squad” of four congresswomen—Ocasio-Cortez, Tlaib, Omar and Pressley, who compared ICE detention centers to “concentration camps”…an insult to all of those who died in real concentration camps under Nazi aggression.

A mass shooter in Dayton, Ohio was an Antifa sympathizer. He killed 10 and injured 26 in August, 2019. He had declared on Twitter in 2018, “Kill every fascist.”

For President Trump, last summer he tweeted:

 “Consideration is being given to declaring ANTIFA, the gutless Radical Left Whack Jobs who go around hitting (only non-fighters) people over the heads with baseball bats, a major Organization of Terror (along with MS-13 & others). Would make it easier for police to do their job!”

We are waiting, Mr. President.

We are not sure if this needs an act of Congress but it would seem that a presidential executive order might suffice in the stead of gutless politicians at the Capitol.

It is time that we used the full force and authority of federal law enforcement and the courts in gutting this group before something major happens. 

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