Man wanted on felony warrant rams state trooper’s car repeatedly, tries running… gets tackled


RISING SUN, MD – A traffic stop took a dangerous turn when the driver of a vehicle rammed a state trooper’s patrol car in an attempt to flee the scene. Turns out he was trying to flee due to a felony warrant over theft charges in Delaware. 

Man wanted on felony warrant rams state trooper's car repeatedly, tries running... gets tackled
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According to the Baltimore CBS affiliate, WJZ13, the 22-year-old, James Knox Jr, was initially stopped for not wearing a seat belt and erratic driving. Knox did not produce a license, but gave the trooper a name.

The sergeant asked Knox to turn off his vehicle, which he did. After the trooper, who was in uniform and driving a marked car, made contact with Knox, he returned to his cruiser to run the name he was provided. 

That is when Knox put his GMC pickup in reverse and backed into the trooper, not once, but twice before speeding off. He subsequently crashed during the pursuit. After driving through several yards, he hit a utility pole, disabling his truck. He then fled on foot. 

That pursuit lasted only a few seconds, with the trooper tackling him after he refused orders to stop and hurdled a few fences. 

Fortunately, the trooper was not injured in the incident.

Turns out Knox was trying to flee due to a felony warrant over theft charges in Delaware.

Now he can add first degree assault, second degree assault, possession of heroin, two counts of possession of drug paraphernalia, three counts of malicious destruction of property, resisting arrest, obstructing/hindering arrest, disorderly conduct and 29 additional traffic charges to the list of offenses he now has to answer for. 

Assault of officer is happening far too often. For the record, a single assault on a law enforcement official is too many.

But we have far surpassed that number.

In fact, it happens so frequently that the mainstream media rarely touches this type of story. Law Enforcement Today has warned of the potential danger that could occur with violent and dangerous criminals being released from jail on little to no bail and being turned loose in their communities. 

A quick search of CNN shows no coverage of the story above. 

Last weekend, an officer in Rhode Island was stabbed by a suspect. Here is what CNN had to say about that incident: 


Transversely, a CNN search of  “officer involved shooting'” returned over 1000 results.

Yesterday, there was an officer involved shooting in Houston. HPD Chief Art Acevedo took issue with the fact that media was focusing on officer involved shootings rather than the fact that there are dangerous and violent criminals on the street.  

“What really makes me angry, this suspect stabbed an 80-year-old woman, then goes down and rifles through her stuff and tries to steal her car.”

Employees from the Walgreens had flagged down a nearby police officer regarding the woman stabbed, which is when the officer had encountered the suspect actively trying to start the stabbing victim’s car.

Police say that the suspect did not adhere to verbal commands delivered by the responding officer and had allegedly lunged toward the officer while still in possession of a knife. The officer was said to have fired two shots, resulting in the suspect dying at the scene.

From what Chief Acevedo says of the encounter, the officer wasn’t left with any other alternative than to exercise deadly force:

“The manager and everyone that saw it said the officer had no choice.”

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Murdered officer's grave desecrated before headstone even placed


The chief cited statistics that should certainly be eye-opening, saying that the woman’s murder marked the 125th of this year, an increase of 50% over the same time period in 2019. The release of violent criminals over COVID-19 concerns could have something to do with that increase, as Acevedo has discussed that as a big part of the uptick in major crimes over the past few months. 

“That’s 125 murders counting this little old lady. So, where’s the outrage for that?” the chief said. 

The officer involved in the shooting was shaken up by the circumstances, but otherwise was doing well. 

“Our officers, when they see something like this, it hurts them,” Acevedo said. “We believe we know who this person is. That’s because an officer who works this beat knows who it is. That’s the spirit of community policing. We’re not an occupying army. We are homegrown, from the community.”

When asked what the department was telling its officers considering the recent number of officer involved shootings, Acevedo did not hold back on his anger. You could hear it in his voice and you could see it in face, even through the medical mask he was wearing. 

“Where is the outrage when we are chasing the same crooks out here? Where’s the outrage? Where’s the outrage when our cops are putting their lives on the line and arresting the same person time and again who’s got a violent history?

So, don’t come and talk to me about officer involved shootings when no one is putting the mics [referencing the media silence on judges] in the hands of the judges who keep letting these crooks out time and again. Where’s the outrage?”

Acevedo didn’t stop there. 

“Why is it the police chief and the police department that is talking about these judges? You know what they want me to do? They want me to go away. Well, I’ve got news for them. I’m not going away and they’re not going to shut me up.

“We will starting putting out (the information) when a guy out on 8 felony bonds is out carjacking people. Where is the outrage? Where? I’ll tell you where. Directed at the wrong things (police). We’ve got to pay attention. 

“The violence is creeping up. The violence is being committed by people who are in and out of jail, in one door and out the other. And guess what, one day, that violence isn’t just going to impact these officers. It is going to impact the community. There should be some outrage.”

A media member asking a follow-up question, inquiring of the suspect had a criminal history. 

Chief Acevedo used his answer as an opportunity to continue. 

“We don’t know yet. But I don’t need to focus on this (pointing over his shoulder to the active crime scene), I can focus on the reality of what is going on in our city, in our county.

We have county officials telling me I need to shut up and stop talking about what is going on in our courts, I got news for them. I am not going to shut up.

“You see, they aren’t calling and pointing the finger at them. They are calling and pointing a finger at Mayor Turner and the police chief. 

“And believe me when I say we are ready to start putting out the information. Suspect. Crime. History. Bonding history. And the judges and the decisions they are making and we will let the public decide who is right and who is wrong.”

He didn’t stop with the press conference, sending out the following tweet later in the day. 


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