ASPEN HILL, Md. – A Maryland mother was arrested after she reportedly tried to saw off the head of her autistic son because she felt “overwhelmed” and was worried he would “grow up to be a burden to society,” according to court documents.

Kristina Petrie, 46, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse and second-degree child abuse for an incident involving her 11-year-old autistic son on March 11, according to case information from the District Court of Maryland.

An affidavit obtained by WJLA says that the incident began when Petrie’s son came home from school and went into his room to play video games. The boy’s mother appeared a short while later, with a bow saw in hand, and asked why he was not doing his homework.

As the affidavit reads, that’s when Petrie pinned the boy down and then allegedly “jammed” the cutting tool against her son’s neck and began “moving it back and forth multiple times,” according to WJLA.

Somehow, the small child managed to get loose from the grip of his mother, grabbing the bow saw in the process. According to her case information, she is 5-foot-6 and 175 pounds.

As a result of her actions, Petrie reportedly told her husband what occurred. Consequently, he admitted the distrubed woman to MedStar Montgomery Medical Center. While there, she reportedly said she felt “overwhelmed” and that she feared that both her sons “would grow up to be a burden to society” and as a result they “needed to die,” WJLA reported.

Petrie also reportedly said she “tried to kill her kids again” when asked why she was at the hospital but a search of her name in the District Court of Maryland records only turned up the March 12 case.

Police say they met with the boy days after the attack and noticed “several thin lines with the skin broken and some scabbing,” Fox25 reported, citing the affidavit. Police said they also noticed cuts on his left shoulder and red marks between his shoulder blades.

Speaking by telephone Tuesday evening, defense attorney Sharon Diamant told WJLA her client had “absolutely no intent” to harm anyone. Instead, Diamant explained Petrie has been happily married to her husband for 15 years, has no prior criminal history and loves her children dearly. Diamant noted certain critical facts will come to light in due time, better explaining Petrie’s “behavior.” When asked about possible mental health issues, Diamant said she was unable to discuss such a topic at this time.

Maryland mother

Kristina Petrie, 46, was charged with attempted first-degree murder, first-degree child abuse and second-degree child abuse. (Montgomery County Police Department)

Petrie is scheduled to appear in court on April 20.