GAMBRILLS, Md. – A Maryland high school football player wooed the crowd with his unique version of the national anthem, complete with its southern charm. The rendition is going viral, reported Fox News Insider. 

Jackson Dean courted those in attendance last weekend by singing his country rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” while playing the guitar.

The young man tapped into a level of patriotism that has been absent as so many professional athletes have decided to use the tradition as a form of anti-police protest. As a result, his performance is being lauded by many who share the sentiment.

Here is the version creating a buzz:

The defensive end played a stripped-down version of the anthem before his teammates burst through a banner at the end of the tune.

Maryland High School Football Player

Jackson Dean woos the crowd with his version of the “Star Spangled Banner.” (YouTube)

Dean plays for Arundel High School. The overwhelmingly favorable reaction to his performance landed him an invitation Saturday on Fox & Friends. He said the amount of attention he’s getting is “very awesome.”


Fox & Friends Appearance

According to the Capital Gazette, there is a little bit more to his name. “Jackson Dean Nicholson,” publicly, doesn’t use his last name. “Jack Nicholson” is taken. “Jackson Nicholson” is a mouthful, not to mention he found another musician already using it, a heavy-metal artist jamming in his room.

And Arundel’s “Jackson Dean” is anything but that.


He grew up on classic rock and country, a dead-end road with nothing but a gun-range and a swamp behind him.

“Spent more time in the woods than with actual people,” the young performer said. “I was always drawn to music.”

It was there he eventually learned to play country music. His career first bud in his freshman year and now, as a senior, it’s blossoming.

Indeed it it. Well done young Mr. Dean, or should we say Nicholson?