I received a memo from my boss the other day. It was titled “Bonus Opportunity” so naturally I opened it before sorting out the rest of the morning’s emails.

I’m still trying to process how awesome this opportunity really is.

Kyle Reyes is the National Spokesperson for Law Enforcement Today, but he also created and runs a full in-house digital marketing agency in Connecticut, The Silent Partner Marketing.

When we’re not creating wild ad campaigns and cutting-edge videos for national brands, including a few Shark Tank companies, we’re practicing what it means to be good Americans.

We help people in need. We do as much pro-bono work for local departments as we can. We shoot guns. We break bread together. And we fight for the rights of our fellow Americans.

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So why is Mr. Reyes paying us to get our permits? It’s simple: freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.

Check it out! (and note the existing sick day policy while you’re at it)

Attention: All Employees

Re: Bonus Opportunity

Effective for 2019, The Silent Partner Marketing is offering a bonus opportunity for those of you who want to secure your concealed carry permit.

The company will pay for you to take the NRA course and issue you a bonus in the amount of $200 upon issuing of the permit.  Furthermore, the last Friday of the month every month we will be spending the second half of the day with a licensed instructor for personal training, on the company dime.  All firearms and ammo will be supplied by the company.

Why are we doing this?  For the same reason why we aren’t afraid to take on clients in the firearms industry.  For the same reason why we do pro-bono work for police and fire departments and veterans organizations across America.  Because… ‘merica.  Because the Second Amendment secures the rest of The Constitution and ensures the safety and security of our families and our freedom.

This new policy does NOT replace our sick time policy – it adds to it.  You can still trade a “sick day” for half of a “shooting day”.  The company will continue to pay for all training, firearms and ammunition.  As a reminder, you can bring your spouse or significant other by trading in a second sick day.  Any of your children can attend for free – we’ll take care of their costs as well.

Any questions… don’t hesitate to ask.


Kyle S. Reyes


In 2019, you won’t find many workplaces like ours. You won’t see many offices with a gun safe. You won’t see companies issuing a ‘Snowflake Test’ before extending a job offer. In order to succeed here, you need to not just love America, but be willing to stand up and fight for it.

The Whiskey Wall is made up of donated bottles from police, veterans and first responders who tell their stories on Behind the Uniforms.

Cheers, stay safe, and God Bless America.