Mark Levin warns we are losing America, says Biden “closest thing we’ve got to a dictator yet”


We are currently facing one of two possible scenarios. First, the cognitively declined Joe Biden, clearly suffering from mid-stage dementia is cluelessly plodding along, taking instructions from Marxist progressives who whisper in an earpiece under control from Susan Rice, or more likely Barack Obama.

Or, Biden, still cognitively declining and suffering from mid-stage dementia is actually running the show, still cluelessly plodding along.

Either way, what we are seeing is clearly the most radical president in modern American history, and probably in our 245-year history, something that is not lost on conservative radio host Mark Levin.

Breitbart reports that on last Sunday’s “Life, Liberty & Levin,” the host slammed Biden’s dictate from last week in which he announced he was going to use the Labor Department through its workplace “safety” OSHA division to force unvaccinated Americans to get the vaccine, undergo weekly testing, or lose their jobs.

Levin said that Biden’s unhinged rant where he was “condemning” and “yelling” at unvaccinated Americans in fact makes him “the closest thing we’ve had to a dictator yet.”

“Joe Biden gave a speech the other day, and he always walks off. He doesn’t take questions like he is some kind of a dictator, and he is the closest thing we’ve got to a dictator yet,” Levin said.

“He certainly is. He gives a speech. He doesn’t communicate with the American people as equals. He doesn’t treat you as a citizen. He is basically yelling at you, condemning you, lecturing you. He’s filled with scorn.”

Levin noted that Biden was going after the 80 million unvaccinated Americans and attempted to lay blame on those people for people dying of COVID-19, why the virus was continuing to spread.

This despite the fact that all vaccines and therapeutics were developed when Donald Trump was president—Biden hasn’t done anything to facilitate new vaccines or therapeutics since he was inaugurated. That wasn’t lost on Levin.

“Remember how he used to blame Donald Trump for every death that occurred as a result of the coronavirus? Well, how many new vaccines have been developed under Joe Biden? None. How many are under development? None that I know of. How about therapeutics? Many were developed under Donald Trump—none that I’m aware of right now,” Levin continued.

Levin then slammed Biden for not accepting responsibility for anything that happens under his watch, however, is quick to accept credit for accomplishments that were actually the doing of President Trump.

He next criticized Biden for keeping the southern border open “and potentially 2.5 million people coming across the border in his first year, many of whom have all kinds of diseases and all kinds of issues, including the coronavirus.”

He continued:

“What does he do? He gives a speech in which he congratulates himself. He attacks the governor of Florida; he attacks the governor of Texas. He dismisses everything that came before him. This is a man who is out of control This is a fool with enormous power. You can support vaccinations, as I do, without supporting tyranny.”

Levin then addressed Biden’s claim that he will sic OSHA on those who have not yet been vaccinated while disregarding the fact that some people who’ve already had COVID may have natural  immunity, which Biden is apparently disregarding.

“There is a serious question whether Congress can delegate this power to OSHA, which it hasn’t,” Levin added. “And yet, this is their argument. And the same time that they are threatening small businesses with horrific fines and to fire people without vaccines, people in small business are having trouble hiring people,” Levin said.

He was of course referring to the fact that businesses across the country are already struggling to hire people, businesses that were already under pressure due to overbearing coronavirus mandates put in place by power-hungry governors and mayors. Now Biden wants to double-down on those issues, and potentially cost people their jobs.

“This is going to create economic dislocation, of which Joe Biden knows nothing because he’s never worked in the private sector. He’s almost 80 years old and he’s spent his entire life in government telling people what to do rather than doing something.”

Levin also believes Biden’s mandate may have problems passing constitutional muster, and compared Biden’s dictate to Marxism, which Levin calls American Marxism, of which he’s written a book by the same name.

‘This is a big constitutional issue. It is a big economic issue. And the idea that he thinks he can sign an executive order or that the Labor Department can put out regulation and snap his fingers then Joe Biden can control the economy. That is what I mean about American Marxism. That is what I mean that this man is as close to a dictator as we ever had.”

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For our previous reporting on Mark Levin’s sharp criticism of the Biden administration, we invite you to:


Conservative Mark Levin, author of American Marxism, made the argument on his Fox News program, Life, Liberty & Levin this week that Americans in 2021 actually have “less liberty today than we did before the Revolutionary War.”

Of course, Levin was taken totally out of context by the pretorian guard media, however the crux of his argument is virtually impossible to dispute.

Breitbart News reported that in making his argument, Levin was particularly incensed at the nineteen Republicans who “jumped ship” and voted along with Senate Democrats to pass a behemoth $1.2 trillion “infrastructure” bill. He also rued the fact that Americans were going to be taxed to death in order to pay for the Democrats’ economy killing spending.



“I was thinking about this before the show. Do you realize we have, in many respects, less liberty today than we did before the Revolutionary War?” he asked. “Look at taxation…look at taxation. It’s a disaster.”

Leftists unsurprisingly seized on his comments and left out his qualification where he said, “in many respects.”

Clearly overall America is in a better place in some regards than prior to the American Revolution, but leftists, as they are wont to do, left the qualification out and criticized Levin. We won’t give their comments justification by publishing them here. Google it.

Or better yet, Duck Duck Go…tech tyrants and all.

Of course, part of the impetus for the American Revolution was “taxation without representation.” And for Levin, that is still an issue in 2021 America.

“Look at representation. Do we have representation today? Have you even tried to meet your member of Congress lately? It’s impossible. And if you do meet your representative, what are you going to tell them? They are passing 2,700 pages of omnibus spending bills, and they’re doing it in the middle of the night. You have no idea what’s in those bills,” Levin said. 

“That is less liberty than you had when we didn’t have representation because what happens here is you get to vote, but you don’t get to know anything. And that is the great irony of what is taking place.”

Levin was no doubt referring to Pelosi’s use of proxy votes in the House, where representatives don’t have to show up in person to vote and instead have a “proxy” vote on their behalf. This was put in place ostensibly due to COVID when it was at its peak, but Pelosi has seized upon using the pandemic for her own political purposes.

Levin continued:

“The Democrat Party has decided that it is going to take control of this country, and it is going to take control of this society and every aspect of this culture,” he said. “And it is doing so devouring one piece at a time. And we have reached a pinnacle now where we either claw our way back, or we are going to lose the country.”

Levin then took aim at the RINOs in the Senate, in particular Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell:

“Is it too much to ask the 19 Republicans of the United States Senate who sold out at least half of the American people to vote the right way?

You know, you look at the founders of this country; they put their lives and their fortunes on the line. All we ask them to do is vote the right way, and they can’t do it—led by Mitch McConnell, the McConnell Republicans, all 19 of them,” Levin said.

“Thirty did the right thing, but McConnell leads a minority of a minority—19. And he helped greased the skids for what’s going to be a massive expansion of already a massive welfare state.

And most of our laws are not made by Congress. They’re made by this massive welfare state—unelected bureaucrats, millions of them, who work in allegiance to and alliance with the Democrat Party.”

Levin accused the “McConnell Republicans” of laying the “way for what is now a massive transformation of America that will make the FDR New Deal look like a walk in the park.”

“Was it too much to ask 19 Senate Republicans to vote the right way?” Levin asked.

“We didn’t ask them to fight the British crown. We didn’t ask them to put their wealth on the line. We asked them to vote the right way. Instead, they sold us out.”

“Yes, you were freer before the American Revolution than we are today,” Levin concluded.

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In case you missed a recent report we filed about Levin’s evisceration of Joe Biden, we invite you to:


Conservative firebrand Mark Levin is apoplectic about what he sees going on in America and in fact has written a book describing what he sees and what he feels patriotic Americans can do to fight back in American Marxism.

On his Fox News Sunday night program, Life, Liberty & Levin, the former Reagan Justice Department chief of staff went off.


Fox News reports that Levin, in describing the Biden presidency, said Biden is engineering “the most diabolical presidency and most diabolical Democratic Party since slavery.”

During the program in which he hosted economist Stephen Moore of The Heritage Foundation and former Trump adviser Stephen Miller, Levin sharply criticized the sudden hard-left turn of the Democratic party, calling the move toward a neo-Marxist ideology a “massive degrowth movement dress[ed] up as climate change and the Green New Deal.”

Levin slammed Biden’s willingness to go along with the hard-left wing of the Democratic party which he said is seeking to permanently turn the United States from the most successful capitalist country in the world to one that embraces what he calls “American Marxism.” 

This, Levin said, is being done through a process of pushing through massive spending bills such as the current behemoth $3.5 trillion package disguised as “infrastructure” and so-called “voting rights.”

The voting bill in particular, along with the push for open borders is designed, Levin says, to nullify Republicans and gain control of “all levers of power” in a way that hasn’t been seen in a century and a half.

“The economics of that, how that’s going to impoverish so many Americans in the war on success, the destruction of the voting system to make it [so] only one party can ever win, blowing out the Republican state legislatures so they have no say on it,” he said.

“This is probably the most diabolical presidency and diabolical Democratic Party, probably since slavery,” Levin continued.

As history details, most of the Southern states where slavery—and Jim Crow segregation following the Civil War—was commonplace were controlled by the Democratic Party.

Levin then detailed what is currently standing between 245 years of American liberty and tyranny—what he referred to as the “collective thin reed”—as two “moderate” Democrats, Sens. Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona and Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

“Every other single Democrat senator is marching right behind Chuck Schumer and the American Marxists,” Levin said.

Schumer (D-NY), the Senate Majority Leader only because Kamala Harris is vice president, is pushing S-1, the so-called “For the People Act” also known as the voting rights bill, and a $3.5 trillion human infrastructure bill which is light on “infrastructure” and heavy on social engineering programs.

Levin refers to that mega-spending bill as a package of “far-left ‘degrowth’ policies.”

Manchin and Sinema are the only ones standing between maintaining some semblance of a capitalist society and going full-bore neo-Marxist.

Levin asked Americans to reach out to both moderate senators and plead with them to break from the hard left of their party. Levin added that their role as one of the few congressional moderates remaining proves that our country is “always one election away from tyranny.”

“[Democrats] will ram through whatever they have to. They don’t play within the boundaries of the Constitution. They play outside the boundaries,” Levin said.

Levin reminded viewers that the Democrats’ razor-thin margin is dependent on the mid-term elections next year, with the ability to either be expanded, or (hopefully) eliminated. Levin cited key senate races in Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin as examples of seats Republicans have a chance of regaining.

Appearing on Fox News’ Hannity last week, Levin also eviscerated the nineteen Republican senators, let’s call them reprobates, who supported the Democrats’ $1.2 trillion infrastructure scheme, calling them the “Bernie Madoffs of the Republican Party.”


Levin said it was disconcerting that a number of Republican senators don’t have the same concerns as he and many others have over the Democrats’ spending spree and Marxist agenda.

Miller, a former Trump speechwriter and presidential aide added later in the program that Biden is “the vessel that American Marxists have been waiting for their entire lives to advance their radical program.”



“What they are doing is they’re putting it all into one bill,” Miller said. “Everything you just listed off from the equity agenda to the destruction of voting rights to the climate agenda to, of course, the open borders agenda.”

Continuing, Miller said, “And the reason that if we did this in five or six bills, we would get crushed by the sheer weight of the exercise…it’s up to everyone watching this program, and it’s up to all the American people to say to their senators, no, do not pass this bill. Do not destroy our country. Do not take away our treasured American way of life.”

One wild card for Democrats, Miller noted, is Sen. Mark Kelly (D-AZ), who is up for reelection in 2022.

Miller said Kelly has reportedly shown reservations about the size and scope of the $3.5 trillion spending bill. Miller said Kelly hasn’t indicated on how he would vote on such a bill, but Arizona is still a purple state, so Kelly could possibly commit political suicide by voting for such a behemoth.

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In May, Law Enforcement Today wrote about the coming collapse of America. We invite you to read our thoughts:


The following contains editorial content written by a retired Chief of Police and current staff writer for Law Enforcement Today. 

UNITED STATES OF AMERICA- We came across a podcast by a man named Jeff Dornik on the Freedom First Network and it reminded us of warnings we issued in the lead up to the 2020 presidential election. Sadly, everything Dornik says and everything we warned about is now coming to fruition. Is it too late? 

The warning signs were there for anyone who opened their eyes to see and there were plenty of voices warning the American people what was headed our way. Yet here we are, at the precipice.

As Dornik says, there are three paths forward for our country, paths where we can head which are completely up to us as Americans. The left is consumed with attempting to undo within two years not only the four years of  President Trump but the 245 years of the great experiment we call the United States of America.

So, what are our options?

Dornik suggests three possible courses as follows:

First, we can concede to the neo-Marxist left and dive further into socialism. Two, we can hold our ground and split our nation in two.

Or finally, we can continue to expose the corruption and try to turn the Titanic before it hits the iceberg in a last-minute attempt to save our great nation.

Heading into the November election, most people especially on the right knew how pivotal this election would be. As Dornik and numerous others warned, as did we, if Joe Biden won the election, we were 2/3 of the way toward potentially losing our country forever.

When the Senate headed to a runoff in Georgia, the stakes became even higher. And after January 5, the fate of our country was almost completely sealed.

In the lead up to the election, Democrats made no secret about what their intentions were; end the filibuster, make Washington, DC and Puerto Rico into states, pack the Supreme Court, and open the southern border to anyone who wanted to come here.

Once they won the two senate seats in Georgia, Democrats set about to push their agenda. The very first bills to come out of the House and Senate—HR1 and SB1—their highest priority bill is nothing more than an attempt to solidify in perpetuity their hold on power.

By completely federalizing elections, Democrats would never lose a presidential election again.

In the midst of a pandemic, Democrats’ highest priority was to empower themselves. Not to find out what happened with the coronavirus, but to solidify their power. This is also one of the reasons to push for open borders…to get more potential Democratic voters.

What else is in the bizarrely named “For the People Act?” They want to lower the voting age to 16, give felons the right to vote, implement ballot harvesting…all initiatives which will benefit Democrats…all to hold on to power. Nothing in HR1/SB1 benefits the American people as a whole. Only Democrats.

What else? Critical race theory has been around for a while, but since last May, it is on steroids. When Donald Trump was in the White House, he attempted to remove it from being forced down the throats of government employees.

But like everything else Donald Trump did, one of  the first things Biden did was reverse the policy. Now we’re seeing all manner of woke videos coming out from inside our intelligence community (CIA) and the military (U.S. Army).

What are their other priorities? Reparations, equity, climate change, gutting our history through the bogus 1619 Project, gun control, ,defunding the police. Nothing is safe with these people.

The amount of destruction to our country that can be fomented within two years is mind-boggling. Four years? There is literally no coming back, as Dornik said.

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So, what of the three scenarios? He believes the most likely scenario is the worst one…Conservatives (more accurately Republicans) “concede and go back to business-as-usual and the globalists take over.”

This of course would lead to the “fundamental change” Barack Obama talked about in 2008. To quote Dornik as America is changed “from the beacon of freedom and liberty to yet another socialist and globalist society.”

Under such a scenario, America will no longer be a free country; we agree with Dornik.

Under a second scenario, conservatives would actually take a stand, as we have seen indications of from several red states such as Texas, Florida and others with overreaching government mandates. Under this scenario, red states may ban together and push back against tyranny of the federal government by refusing to submit to illegal and unconstitutional laws.

Civil War part II? Not likely however unlike the last time, this would be more of an ideological war rather than actual combat.

Funny, it has actually been floated as an idea (albeit mostly tongue in cheek) that the country should be divided in half between red, freedom and liberty loving states and blue tyranny and socialist loving states and let’s see who is still standing in five years. Not (obviously) a likely scenario but the idea is fascinating.

Finally, the last scenario proposed by Dornik is, as he says the least likely but with it comes the greatest reward, not a “short-term sprint, but a long-term marathon.” We’ll let Dornik explain:

“We win this battle by changing the hearts and minds of the American people with the truth of the Gospel and of the freedom and liberty written into the Constitution of the United States of America. In this scenario, an army of American citizens would wake up to the evils of socialism and push back against the tyranny of the globalist agenda.”

Under this scenario we actually disagree with Dornik that it is the least likely.

We have seen across the country parents starting to speak out against policies being taught in schools such as critical race theory, speaking out against children being forced into distance learning because teachers refuse to go back to in-person learning, and finally against tyrannical emergency orders being issued by power-hungry Democratic (primarily) governors.

The United States Constitution was written to give power to the citizens, placing restrictions on the federal government, not the other way around. Dornik notes that our system was set up with a system of checks and balances, with the ultimate check and balance being the American people.

That is one of the reasons for the Second Amendment…not for “hunting” but to defend against a tyrannical government.

Radio and television host Mark R. Levin has written a book called American Marxism, which is currently available for pre-order on a number of sites including Amazon, Books-a-Million, Barnes & Noble, and other retailers.

Levin has promised that this book, aside from detailing much as Dornik did the Democrats’ run on our Constitutional Republic, will also provide a guidepost to help the American people fight back against the tyranny of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer and the other neo-Marxists in the Democratic Party.

Is option 3, the last option possible? Dornik thinks it has a slim chance of success, but we give the American people a little more credit than that.

“…if we pull it off, we’ll experience the saving of America and the preservation of the rights that we acknowledge are bestowed upon us by God Himself,’ Dornik said in closing, adding, “Do not get complacent. Do not give up. Now is the time to wage this battle over the minds and hearts of the American people.”

America can be saved. Time is running short, but we are a resilient people. We beat the world’s greatest military, the British. We survived a Civil War that tore our country apart. We survived Nazi and Japanese aggression in World War II.

Finally, we survived two passenger jets flying into the symbol of our economic might, the World Trade Centers and another into the symbol of our military might, the Pentagon. We can survive the socialists trying to take down our great nation.


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