Marines, business owners cancel order that says “F- the police” then send a mic drop response


For every Starbucks that refuses to sell coffee to cops or puts their name in as “pig,” there is a bag of Black Rifle Coffee to take its place.

For every Dallas-area moving company that says they will refuse cops business, there is a company that will not honor anti-police orders for their product.

We have highlighted companies like Battle Grounds Coffee and Bottle Breacher for their unwavering support of our police, deputies and agents.. It is time to add another company to that list.

Allow me to introduce you to Milspin. It was founded by Chet and Dane Peters. They are brothers, Marines, machinists, engineers and most importantly, unapologetically patriotic.

They love our military, veteran and law enforcement communities.

And that is what started this entire saga that started playing itself out on Wednesday.

Milspin received an order to design an engraving that simply read:

“F%&# the police!”

As is the standard response, customer service reaches out to the customer and politely provides them a refund, an order cancellation and a reason for the refund.


Chet Peters, one of the founders, speaking exclusively to Law Enforcement Today, said:

“We typically get 1 to 2 requests per week for a product with a customized product with an anti-police message. It is a low percentage as we fulfill between 1000 and 2000 orders per month (depending on the month).”

What is the most commonly requested engraving from the folks who want to troll cops?

“F%&# the police seems to be the go-to,” Peters said.

He also said that with all of the refunds and cancellations they provide, they have never had anyone fire back a response.

Until this week.

Here was the e-mail that Milspin sent out.

Sean, we have cancelled and issued a refund for order number 27987 due to the requested engraving. Please allow 5-7 business days to see the credit in your PayPal account.

Milspin supports the Law Enforcement community and will not fill orders such as these.

Thanks for your intereste though, we hope you’ll find something else you’d like to order instead.

Have a great day.

Marines, business owners cancel order that says "F- the police" then send a mic drop response


The wanna-be customer replied:

What’s more important to you? Your blind support to a certain group. Or the firsts [sic] amendment. Got my answer. Not only will I not buy form you. I will give you bad reviews any chance I can.

Next time maybe separate your beliefs from your business. It’s called capitalism. I do it all the time.

Liberty > Thin Blue Line

“When customer service made us aware of the comments, my brother (Dane Peters) said, ‘tell them to go f— themselves.’”

Marines, business owners cancel order that says "F- the police" then send a mic drop response


The Customer Service Liaison typically filters the response and then relays the message back to the individual on the other end.

Here was her response.

Hi Sean,

We ran this up the chain of command to see if they wanted to handle your request any differently than our customer service had.

They asked that we let you know to “Go F— Yourself” and that “No cops are coming for your guns.”



“When I saw that she sent the message exactly as it was stated, I had to screenshot it,” Peters stated.

Marines, business owners cancel order that says "F- the police" then send a mic drop response


So far, the response has earned close to 1700 comments on Instagram. Some are in support of Milspin and their stance, but many are attacking Milspin and those who support the men and women behind the badge.

Peters said he knew that there were those that don’t like cops, but he was surprised at the sheer volume of comments reflecting a hatred of the Thin Blue Line.

Bootlicker seems to be the insult of choice.

For those unfamiliar with the term, it essentially means someone who kisses up to their oppressors’ thoughts and feelings rather than being aware of their own communities’ needs to survive.

Translation: Milspin is sucking up to the “nazi-esque” cops who are trying to incorporate a police-state that keeps everyone in the country oppressed.

We all know nothing could be further from the truth.

Our law enforcement community is there to protect and serve. They are there to do something bigger and greater than themselves.

Did you know that Law Enforcement Today has a private new home for those who support emergency responders and veterans? It’s called LET Unity, and it’s where we share the untold stories of those patriotic Americans. Every penny gets reinvested into giving these heroes a voice. Check it out today.

Marines, business owners cancel order that says "F- the police" then send a mic drop response

But to Peters point, the sentiment on Instagram was almost exclusively one-sided.

Icecoldjm writes: “F—the police and f—SitnSpinMIl.”

D_mac876 went even further: 

Cops are so sensitive. I love to see companies kiss ass and virtue signal . Y’all are no better than the left crazies. I bet boots taste yummy. Cops infact [sic] will and have come to take guns and cops have in fact killed several innocent people so keep on being a lil bootlicker. Some cops are cool and all but to tell someone willing to pay you money for something that doesn’t affect your life to ‘go f— themselves’ shows that you are no different from the snowflakes you bitch about.”

Zacgg00 got straight to the point on how he feels, posting:

“F— the pigs in blue.”

And then there was this bit if irony from camdrugich94:

“Anyone who supports the constitution, DO NOT do business with this company.”

Ummm, what?

He is actually using the 1st Amendment to defend a boycott of Milspin because they would not honor someone else’s freedom of speech. How did they do that? By exercising their own freedom of speech.

That is quite the strategy there, Zac. 


To quote Jason Bateman’s character in Dodgeball:

“It’s a bold strategy, Cotton. Let’s see if it pays off for ‘em.”

 One of the biggest takeaways for Chet Peters is this:

“I am just a spectator in all of this. The men and women in uniform put their lives on the line every day.I cannot imagine how much of a sacrifice it is to not only do what they do, but to do it with all of this anti-cop sentiment out there.”

There could be no more concise words spoken on the matter.

To the men and women who comprise our law enforcement agencies, we do recognize the difficulty and sacrifice asked of you.

Please know that we have your backs and there are companies out there who are willing to stand in support of you rather than take money from those who wish to ridicule, defame and criminalize you.

Milspin is one of those.

Peters mentioned a few things that he has in the works to give back to the LEO community in and around Columbus, Ohio where Milspin is headquartered. Hopefully, we will be able to follow up soon with more details about that.

2A Cops had a story about that earlier this week.


In the meantime, reach out to them on social media and share your appreciation for their stand against the portion of our society that hates the uniform, the badge and everything that those men and women stand for.


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