Hero Marine saves man who was repeatedly stabbed in random convenience store attack


FAYETTE COUNTY, TN – A U.S. Marine Corps member just happened to stop in a Tennessee convenience store just in time to save a man who had been randomly stabbed several times.

The hero’s actions and quick thinking saved the man’s life.

The incident started when 66-year-old R. L. Owens was leaving the Longtown Shell gas station on Highway 59 on January 4th around 3 p.m.

As Owens was leaving the store, an unknown man walked inside and began stabbing him several times with a knife before fleeing.

As Owens lay on the ground bleeding and confused, a 20-year-old U.S. Marine just happened to stop inside of the store.

The Marine saw that Owens was injured and began first aid. The Marine, who was not identified, was able to slow the bleeding and apply a tourniquet to the wounds, saving Owens’ life.

Owens was transported to Regional One Medical Center in Memphis where he immediately underwent surgery for the wounds that he received in the stabbing. Owens’ family said he was stabbed in the stomach, leg, and forehead by a man he did not know.

Owens’ niece, Stacey Whitley, told News3:

“He [Owens] was walking out the store. He was holding the door for the guy for him to come in and he [the suspect] just started stabbing him.”

Whitley reported when the attacker had stopped, he dropped the knife on the ground and got into a grey Chevrolet Sonic, and fled. Witnesses in the area noted that the suspect was speaking a foreign language of some kind.

Whitley and her family believe that Owens may have been attacked over the color of his skin. She said:

“We were just left to believe it was a hate crime. Police say it could possibly be a white supremacist initiation, just the way it happened.”

Regardless of why the attack happened, Owens’ family is thrilled that the Marine just happened to be in the area that day. If he had decided not to stop at the convenience store that day, Owens’ family members may be planning a funeral. Whitley said:

“We’re so thankful for him [the Marine], that he was able to render medical assistance until the paramedics got there. He saw the whole thing happen and was able to give a statement to the police.”

Whitley reported that they have been able to speak to Owens after the incident and are thrilled that he seems to be on the path to recovery. Whitley said:

“We were able to hear his voice last night too, and he’s been talking today.”

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office reported that the stabbing was captured on store surveillance video and has released a snapshot of the alleged attacker.

Deputies are hoping that someone will be able to identify the suspect so that he can be held accountable. They are asking anyone with any information that can lead to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible to contact them at 901 465-3456.

Whitley also said that she and her family are hoping that police can quickly identify the suspect and take him into custody. She said:

“I would love to see him in jail, love to see him off the street. He’s clearly a thug. You know the world is not safe with people like him out here in the street.”

Hate crimes: Police have arrested six men responsible for over 70 attacks on Asian women

Hate crimes: Police have arrested six men responsible for over 70 attacks on Asian women

SAN JOSE, CA- Authorities have arrested six men they believe are responsible for targeting Asian women and committing more than 70 robberies in San Jose and as many as 177 throughout the San Francisco Bay Area. 

During a news conference on Wednesday, December 15th, in San Jose’s Little Saigon section, Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeff Rosen announced the charges against the six suspects.


Rosen said that the six suspects targeted their victims, including elderly women and “took their purses” while pouncing on them during incidents of robbery, burglary, and theft in San Jose between October 2020 and September 2021. He added:

“And this happened to more than 100 women throughout not only Santa Clara County, but throughout the Bay Area. They targeted Asian women because they thought Asian women don’t use banks and they made other ethnic slurs against Asians which I won’t repeat here.”

Leaders of the city, including Rosen do not want residents in San Jose, especially in Little Saigon to be fearful this holiday season and beyond. Rosen said:

“While we live in different places and our families came from different countries, we take your safety seriously and we take it personally.”

The suspects were identified by San Jose police as: 24-year-old Anthony Michael Robinson of Stockton; 27-year-old Cameron Alonzo Moody of East Palo Alto; 23-year-old Derje Damond Banks of San Jose; 24-year-old Hassani Burleson Rasmsey of Oakland; 21-year-old Clarence Jackson of East Palo Alto; and 21-year-old Malik Short of Tracy.

San Jose Police Captain Brian Shab said that these six men may be linked to as many as 177 robberies, burglaries, and thefts throughout the greater San Francisco area. Shab said:

“There is no doubt that these suspects believed they could prey on these victims because of their ethnicity, because of their gender.”


In a statement, San Jose police said that the six suspects were arrested following a yearlong investigation, during which at least one ghost gun was recovered.

The arrests should send a “strong message” to members of the Asian American and Pacific Islander communities. Department officials said:

“Criminals who wish to target you because of your ethnicity or your gender will be met with the tenacity of the finest police officers, detectives, and attorneys in the nation, and this case is a great example of that.”

Police stated that witnesses and victims helped investigators identify the robbery crew.

Prosecutors stated that the six suspects stalked their victims and then attacked them while alone at locations like grocery store parking lots and then would flee the scene afterwards. Marisa McKeown of the Santa Clara County District Attorney’s Office said in a statement:

“These victims … were being essentially hunted. It’s been a terrifying experience. If you were an Asian female in certain parts of San Jose, it would feel — and it actually was —unsafe [at] certain times of the day to go to the bank, to go to the grocery store.”

McKeown said that the six man crew made off with up to $2,000 in each robbery and stole hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and belongings altogether.

Police said that these men specifically targeted more than 100 women because they were Asian American. Rosen said in a statement:

“An attack like this is really an attack against the basic premises of this country that as Americans, we are all entitled to equal and fair treatment under the law and that we should all treat one another with respect. So, because of those reasons, we charged this as a hate crime.”


The suspects were arrested in September and November. Three were still in custody as of Thursday, December 16th. If convicted on all charges, one of the men faces up to 95 years in prison.

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