Jim Johnson and Carol Raynsford were found dead by law enforcement authorities in their vehicle in a remote area of Arizona on January 6.   They were residents of New Hampshire who frequently traveled and hiked together.   Police had no leads on their killers

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio announced today that evidence has now confirmed that the shots which killed Deputy Coleman from Arapio’s department were fired from the same AR-15 used in the deaths of the New Hampshire couple found near Sedona, Arizona.

Coleman and another deputy approached a van in which Drew Maras was found sleeping on January 8.  They were in the area following a burglary call and found Maras in the parking lot of a medical building.  When he was awakened, Maras opened fire.  Coleman and another officer returned fire, Maras was killed.

Maras was a Marine reservist who was reportedly depressed and had recently lost his civilian job.  There is no explanation for his apparent killing of the New Hampshire couple or Coleman.  His only previous brush with the law included the relatively minor charge of driving with a suspended license, which was later dismissed.

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