Trending this Fall is the Mannequin Challenge. Ask ten people the purpose, and you might receive ten different answers. Replies range from “It’s just art,” to “It’s a statement,” or “No purpose at all.” Even Lebron James and Michelle Obama got into the act as reported by The Telegraph News.

There have been some police agencies that have used the trend to issue a public service announcement (PSA).

The Gary Police Department produced one that is very well done. Their creative message was anti-gun violence. They said in a statement attached to the video, “We joined the Mannequin Challenge in order to bring attention to FREEZING gun violence in our city!”

This is their Mannequin Challenge:

The St. Thomas Police Community Services Unit participated in the Mannequin Challenge depicting the stages should a person be caught drinking and driving. Going into the holiday season, let’s hope the message resonates and people bring a designated driver to their parties:

Finally, the Central Texas Regional SWAT Team (CTRS) created a Mannequin Challenge that did not really have a message, yet it would make a great recruitment video. But I wonder how they got Styker, the K9, to remain still?

Have you seen other law enforcement themed Mannequin Challenges that have a noteworthy PSA?

Photo source CTRS Youtube Video