According to The Las Vegas Review-Journal Alonso Perez, 25, a murder suspect escaped during interrogation by the Nevada Police. He was handcuffed and was placed in an interview room.  Perez somehow how twisted off his handcuffs to escape from the interrogation room. Perez is still on the run.

Alonso Perez was being detained by North Las Vegas Police on Friday in connection with a murder committed on Aug 27th.  Perez was moved to the department’s detective bureau at 3525 W. Cheyenne Ave., near Simmons Street, where he was placed in an interview room, still handcuffed.

It’s unclear how much time passed before police realized Perez had escaped, that is still under investigation by the department. Authorities are still searching Sunday for the murderous Perez who slipped out of a Nevada interrogation room Friday.

On the night of Aug 27th, Perez was identified as a suspect in the death of Mohammed Robinson, 31, who was killed during a confrontation after having mistakenly failed to hold the door open for a woman.

According to NLVPD,  Alonso Perez is a Hispanic, about 6-foot-3 and 200 pounds. He has black hair, brown eyes and a goatee, and he was last seen wearing dark shorts, black shoes and a white jersey with two blue stripes on each sleeve and the number 21 printed on the front and back.

Perez also has a 3-inch “Air Jordan” logo tattoo on the left side of his neck, Patty said.


After the escape, Perez stole a white 2016 Ford F-250 pickup truck with Nevada license plate 26C819 from a neighboring business and drove away. Later, Police have located the truck taken by Perez.

According to NBC, Perez’s escape has left Mohammed Robinson’s sister, angrily wondering how such an escape could even happen.

“How can you let him escape? I don’t understand it at all,” Nestor Robinson, the murder victim’s sister told the station. “You don’t have any more security than that. You are interviewing a murder suspect, so you mean you couldn’t have another person there?”

“I want him found and I want him to pay for what he did,” Mohammed Robinson’s sister. “It’s ridiculous. You need to think about your actions. You could’ve walked away from the argument, you didn’t need to start the argument, you didn’t need to take it any further.”

I can understand their frustration, we’re just as frustrated ourselves,” North Las Vegas police spokesman Aaron Patty told NBC News. “But the bigger focus is: We have a homicide suspect on the loose.”

KTNV reported, the suspected murderer, Perez is caught on surveillance video firing shots into an office earlier.



Lewis Scott, Perez’s old landlord was aware of Perez’s horrid actions and the video would serve as a reminder of how prone to violence Perez can be.

Scott kept the door locked and did not allow the fighting Perez and his girlfriend into the Peterson Motel and Apartment office near Lake Mead and Nellis.  For us understand this as frustration, Perez fired nine shots into the office, startling and nearly killing Scott.
“Except for the glass flying and everything in here, I didn’t really believe what was happening at the time,” Scott said.
Scott says Perez has no regard for human life. “Anyone out there right now that he runs into, even if he’s smiling, don’t approach him,” Scott said.
Patty said the department will take a closer look at the details of Perez’s escape. But he added: “Believe me, this is the last thing we wanted to happen. We located him. We apprehended him. This wasn’t something intentional.”

Alonso Perez is considered to be armed and dangerous after escaping North Las Vegas Police custody.

North Las Vegas Police have urged to call them at 702-633-9111 or Crime Stoppers at 702-385-5555 to report any information about Perez’s  whereabouts.

Photo credit: NLVPD/Twitter