City bracing for protests after man shot while attacking officers dies of his injuries


DAYTONA BEACH, FL – A man with a history of violence and erratic behavior who repeatedly charged at officers with a sharp object in his hand, prompting officers to fire their weapons, has now died.

Daytona Police have now released body camera footage showing exactly what took place when the man, now identified as 25-year-old Andrew Mansilla, attempted to attack police officers. 

According to authorities, the incident started on Thursday, December 17th around 9 p.m. at the Icon Apartments inside One Daytona when at least two people called 911 to report a domestic altercation taking place in the building.

One 911 caller told the dispatcher she could hear someone in another apartment throwing glass and banging on doors. Screaming could be heard in the background, Click Orlando reported.

The caller said:

“It’s just really loud, he threw glass at someone,”

The caller told dispatchers that two men were arguing in the complex, and one of the men was overheard saying he would “stab someone” if he saw police arrive. 

A second caller told dispatchers Mansilla said:

“If I see a cop I’m going to stab a (expletive).”

By the time officer arrived on scene, Mansilla and his fiancé had moved their argument to the parking lot of the complex according to body cam footage. It is reported that one officer claims they saw a sharp object in Mansilla’s hand. 

Mansilla is seen on the body camera footage that was released by the department, running toward the officers with the object. Officers can be heard making multiple commands for him to get on the ground and stop.

An officer fired a Taser at Mansilla in an effort to get him to stop, however his efforts failed, and Mansilla continued to run at officers, forcing two officers to open fire, striking the 25-year-old suspect. 

Click Orlando reported that Mansilla was taken to Halifax Health Medical Center in critical condition. According to the body camera video, Mansilla was shot in the neck area behind his left ear, and it was reported on December 23rd that he had succumbed to his injuries.

Both officers involved in the shooting are on paid administrative leave pending an investigation by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Mansilla’s fiancé, Hunter Harrison, told News 6 he was the other person in the parking lot when the shooting happened. He said he had been unable to get more information about Mansilla’s condition at the time.

Harrison said:

“I’m just confused and hurt I don’t know what’s going on. I come back to my apartment (complex) where he laid down in a pool of blood and it killed me. Killed me when I heard the first gunshot,” 

The couple is from Los Angeles, according to Harrison, and he is in Daytona Beach studying to be a pilot. He also confirmed Mansilla has a history of mental health issues and told police Mansilla didn’t take his medication that day.

Harrison said:

“I’ve been through a lot with this guy,” 

Harrison continued:

“Loves not gonna tell you who to fall in love with. I’ve been with this man for four years. For what the officers did, it goes to police brutality.”

According to an incident report, the initial domestic altercation occurred between Mansilla and Harrison over the fact that Mansilla allegedly made a sexual comment to an Uber driver as they were riding back home from Target.

The report states that when the couple arrived at their apartment, Mansilla began destroying things and started gathering his belongings. Police said Mansilla was angry and got so upset that he grabbed a shard of glass and went out into the parking lot when he heard that officers were on their way.

Harrison said he tried to calm Mansilla down and added that the fight between him and his fiancé was not physical, according to the report.

This is not the first time Mansilla has had a run in with police however, including an incident earlier that say day. 

According to the report for that incident, Mansilla was at a 7-Eleven when he and the person he was with got into an argument with another customer. Records show the customer displayed a gun and the person Mansilla was with pulled out a knife. No one was injured and no arrests were made.

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In a separate incident, Daytona Beach police previously arrested Mansilla in November at the Daytona International Speedway.

Click Orlando reported that according to the arrest report, Mansilla was on the 4th floor Rolex Lounge where he had been discovered sleeping on one of the couches. Security at the speedway also found evidence he had been living in the lounge, including food and drinks.

Police said that when security confronted Mansilla, he pulled out two large knives, which belonged to the Speedway, and began running at the security officers, according to the report. A security guard struggled with Mansilla to get the knives and suffered several injuries, police said.

When police arrived, security had successfully removed the knives from the suspect. Police said Mansilla told them he had been living in the Rolex Tower lounge for about two days after jumping the fence.

Mansilla was arrested on charges of armed burglary, aggravated battery and aggravated assault during that incident.

This incident was also caught on a 24-minute body camera video, which shows that Mansilla was combative when first arrested by officers. 

Mansilla said:

“Where were you guys? I (expletive) called you and you guys just (expletive) hung up. I went to the police station and, ‘Oh, we’re just backed up on calls and other (expletive). You guys are useless,” 

Mansilla continued:

“We called you. You guys wouldn’t come. Where else was I supposed to go?”

It’s unclear what he was talking about.

Footage shows that his behavior did not last long, as roughly ten minutes after being placed in handcuffs, Mansilla calmed down and offered to pay for whatever damage he caused.

He told one of the security guards:

“Sorry mister, I’ll find a way to pay it back,” 

All in all, police said they’ve responded to five calls involving Mansilla in the past two months.

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