Man wanted by federal authorities gets approved for police ride-along in sanctuary city


Maryland – A police department in Montgomery County, MD took the whole “sanctuary” thing to a whole new level.

In November, an unnamed illegal alien filed an application with the department to participate in a ride-along with the Montgomery County Police Department. He said that he “wanted to know a little about the responsibilities and dangers of an officer”, according to WJLA.


The department ran a routine background check on the man and discovered he had an active warrant on him for failing to show up at a hearing for immigration court.

Department policy requires that any ride-along applications be forwarded to the district or unit commander for review any time a background check reveals that the applicant has a criminal history. It is then up to the commander to decide whether or not to approve or deny the application.

The policy says that any Montgomery county resident over the age of 15 is eligible to take part in the program. All participants have to fill out an application, provide valid identification and submit to a background check.

The policy makes no mention of immigration status requirements.  

If the application is approved, the commander must notify the officer who is being shadowed that the subject doing the ride-along has a criminal history.

According to the news outlet, the illegal alien was also allowed to participate in the MCPD’s Hispanic Community Academy, which was formed to try to build relationships between the Latino community and police. The course, which lasts 12 weeks, is taught in Spanish.

Man wanted by federal authorities gets approved for police ride-along in sanctuary city
Man wanted by federal authorities gets approved for police ride-along in sanctuary city (Adobe Stock)


The program’s website says that:

“Graduates of the program have used their newly-gained knowledge of MCPD to help their family, friends and the larger Hispanic community build stronger bonds of trust with the officers of their police department. They continue to give back to the community through volunteer opportunities and are currently working on a project to increase pedestrian safety.”

The undocumented man told WJLA that he is a church chaplain with a wife and children.

When the background check was completed on Dec. 8, it was given to MCPD 5th District Commander Mark Plazinski, along with a hand-written note, which read:

“Lt. [this man] is part of Spanish speaking Citz Academy. He (has crim history) is 10-60 FTA for immigration deportation.”

Plazinski approved the illegal alien’s rid-along request anyway.

Last August, Montgomery County Executive Mark Elrich, a Democrat (of course), said that he does not consider immigration issues to be criminal. Ah yes, another virtue-signaling Democratic hack.

“This is not the role of the county government, per se, to be involved in doing this,” Elrich said. “People have referred to us as a sanctuary city.

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Even though the illegal alien (who has never been identified) was approved to ride, which was to have been done on Feb. 1, it never took place.

“Somebody called me and told me they were not able,” the man told WJLA on Monday. “I told him, ‘If there’s a problem, no problem. That’s no problem.’ It would have been a good experience but it’s nothing I have to do.”

It is not known who contacted the man and told him the ride-along was canceled.

A veteran police officer told the news outlet,

“It’s great that this man trusts the police. That’s exactly what we want,” he said. “At the same time, it’s not a good look for the department to be shuttling around people who are wanted by federal authorities.”

Gee, you think?

Montgomery County last year in effect ended the county’s cooperation with ICE.

Under the far-left leader, Marc Elrich, the county barred its employees from asking residents about immigration status. It is believed that would also include police officers. In addition, the policy bars ICE agents from entering any portions of county jails, and instead must take custody in unsecured public areas.

Under Elrich’s new policy, county jailers can still contact ICE if an illegal alien posts bond, but must comply with two conditions:

  • The defendant must be charged with or convicted of at least one “serious crime,” which the county defines as any felony under Maryland’s criminal statute: murder, rape, armed robbery, kidnapping, etc.
  • ICE must have previously filed an immigration detainer against the defendant in question.

A Brazilian national, in the country illegally and wanted in Brazil for homicide, was arrested last week during enforcement efforts conducted by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) Enforcement and Removal Operations (ERO) in New Jersey, targeting at-large criminal aliens, illegal reentrants and other immigration violators.

From January 27 to February 1, ICE arrested 115 foreign nationals, and 84 percent had prior criminal convictions and/or pending criminal charges.

Convictions and pending charges included:

Homicide, sexual assault on a minor, child abuse, possession of narcotics, distribution of narcotics, extortion, DUI, fraud, domestic violence, theft, possession of a weapon, robbery, aggravated assault, resisting arrest, endangering the welfare of a child, assault by auto, receiving stolen property, shoplifting, burglary and illegal reentry.

Both ICE’s Homeland Security Investigations (HSI) and U.S. Customs and Border Protection’s (CBP) New York Field Office assisted ERO with these arrests.

ICE agents arrest a Brazilian national wanted on a murder charge in his home country.ICE
ICE agents arrest a Brazilian national wanted on a murder charge in his home country. Courtesy: ICE

“The remarkable results of our officers and law enforcement partners highlight ICE’s ongoing commitment to public safety in the face of the New Jersey Attorney General’s Immigrant Trust Directive, which severely limits local and state law enforcement cooperation with ICE-ERO,” said Ruben Perez.

He’s the acting field office director of ERO Newark.

“This targeted enforcement action focuses on the arrest of individuals convicted of serious crimes and are a threat to public safety. Because of the targeted efforts of these professional officers, there are 115 fewer criminals in our communities.”

ICE has a message for sanctuary cities and agencies:

Any local jurisdiction thinking that refusing to cooperate with ICE will result in a decrease in local immigration enforcement is mistaken. These jurisdictions that choose to not cooperate with ICE are likely to see an increase in ICE enforcement activity as ICE has no choice but to conduct more at-large, targeted enforcement actions since the agency is unable to take custody of a criminal alien within the confines of a local jail.

Recent arrests include:

-In Newark, a 53-year-old Brazilian national, who has a warrant in Brazil for the offense of homicide;

-In Fairfield, a 58-year-old Peruvian national, who has a warrant in Peru for the offense of extortion;

-In North Bergen, a 44-year-old Salvadoran national, who has a conviction for the offense of endangering the welfare of a child;

-In Elizabeth, a 28-year-old Salvadoran national, who has a pending case in El Salvador for the offense of homicide;

-In Glassboro, a 60-year-old previously deported Mexican national, who has a conviction for the offense of homicide;

-In Guttenberg, a 40-year-old Mexican national, who has convictions for the offense of child abuse, DUI and domestic violence;

-In North Brunswick, a 42-year-old Jamaican national, who has convictions for the offense of drug smuggling and exporting cocaine;

-In Plainfield, a 31-year-old previously deported Guatemalan national, who has convictions for the offense of domestic violence and DUI;

-In Paterson, a 45-year-old Salvadoran national who has convictions for the offense of endangering the welfare of a child and DUI;

-In Passaic, a 50-year-old Bolivian national, who multiple convictions for the offense of endangering the welfare of a child, hindering apprehension and DUI;

-In Pompton Plains, a 55-year-old United Kingdom national, who has convictions for the offense of arson, domestic violence and distribution of narcotics;

-In West Milford, a 46-year-old previously deported Mexican national, who has a conviction for criminal sexual contact involving a minor;

-In Paterson a 22-year-old Dominican national, who is a member of the Trinitarios gang with convictions for the offense of possession of a weapon and theft; and

-In Paterson, a 20-year-old Salvadoran national, who is a member of the MS-13 gang.

The individuals arrested throughout New Jersey were nationals of:

Argentina (1), Bolivia (1), Brazil (4), Colombia (3), Costa Rica (1), Cuba (2), Dominican Republic (9), Ecuador (9), El Salvador (12), Ghana (1), Guatemala (16), Honduras (9), India (2), Jamaica (2), Mexico (32), Nigeria (1), Panama (1), Peru (2), Philippines (1), Poland (2), Spain (2), United Kingdom (1), and Venezuela (1).

Some will face federal criminal prosecutions for illegal entry and illegal re-entry after removal. An alien who illegally re-enters the United States after removal can face up to 20 years in federal prison if criminally prosecuted.

 “U.S. Customs and Border Protection is extremely proud to have assisted in this targeted enforcement action,” said CBP New York Field Office director Troy Miller.


However, the county has also said that it will not hold illegals beyond the normal time it takes the jail to process their release, which can take one hour up to a day.

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