Man walks into sheriff’s office with his throat slashed – by a man out on parole for manslaughter


TROY, MO – Sheriff’s deputies in Lincoln County were shocked when a badly injured man walked into their lobby asking for help. 

The incident occurred on January 8th when the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office reported a man stumbling into their lobby who was bleeding from his neck.

When deputies went to render aid, they discovered that someone had slashed his throat in what seemed to be an apparent attempt to kill him.

Lincoln County Deputies Steve Pinkerton and Chris Walter provided medical aid to the victim who was somehow drive seven miles from the crime scene to the Sheriff’s Office.

The victim allegedly told deputies not only who attacked him, but how it happened.

The victim allegedly identified his attacker as 42-year-old Timothy Merle Wolf, Jr. and the attack occurred on Robin Hood Drive in Troy.

Deputies immediately contacted the Troy Police Department who was already responding to the residence for an unknown call for service.

Once at the residence, Troy Police officers made contact with Wolf and took him into custody for first-degree assault for allegedly slashing the unidentified victim’s throat.

The victim was transported to a nearby hospital where he immediately underwent surgery and is expected to survive.

Troy Police Officers authored a search warrant on the residence so that they could process the crime scene. Police allege that when they executed the search warrant, they recovered evidence from the alleged attack inside.

The prosecutor in the case, Michael Wood, charged Wolf with first-degree assault on January 10th and was able to get a $1 million bond.

Wood did not release many details on the case other than to say it appeared drug related as the two had been doing drugs together throughout the day.

When they took him into custody, police were alerted that Wolf is a convicted felon who is out on parole.

Wolf’s conviction came in 2017 after his 39-year-old girlfriend, Marivic Basas, died from wounds he caused while striking her in the head in St. Charles County.

Police had initially charged him with second-degree murder but later lowered the charge to manslaughter.

Wolf accepted an Alford plea which means he and his attorney agreed there was enough evidence to charge and try him in court, but not accept any guilt in the case.

Wolf was sentenced to 13 years in prison for the death of his girlfriend as well as drug and theft charges. However, instead of serving at least the majority of his prison sentence, he was paroled after serving only 4 and ½ years.

When asked by the St. Louis Dispatch why Wolf, someone who appeared to have a violent history, was released after serving only a short amount of his sentence, Wood said only the parole board could answer that question.

Wood said:

“Maybe they’re [parole board] way more lenient these days.”

Now that Wolf has been arrested on new law violations, even if the charges are dropped or he is found innocent, Wolf may still be headed back to prison for violating the terms of his parole.

Although that could be the case, it is unknown how many years he would be facing for the parole violation.

The St. Louis Dispatch attempted to speak to members of the Missouri State Probation and Parole Board about why Wolfe was granted parole so early into his sentence.

However, they refused to talk and referred questions to the State of Missouri Department of Corrections.

When a spokeswoman spoke to them about the case, she informed the Dispatch that they work independently of Corrections, and she cannot speak to their decisions.

Man walks into sheriff’s office with his throat slashed - by a man out on parole for manslaughter

‘I’m grateful for bail reform’: Career criminal keeps getting released in police-defunded NYC

NEW YORK, NY- According to a report from The New York Post, a career criminal in connection with a slew of burglaries across Manhattan and Brooklyn, has been set free to keep committing crimes thanks to what he calls the state’s “great” bail reform laws.

In a phone interview with The Post on Friday, January 7th, 58-year-old Charles Wold said in a statement:

“I’m grateful for [bail reform] because I’m too old to go to jail, I’m way too old, I can’t do it.”


Wold, who has had a substance use disorder for years, has been accused of burglarizing seven different businesses in Brooklyn alone, plus another three in Manhattan all in the course of just three months.

However, each time he was arrested by NYPD, he was subsequently released because of the state’s controversial bail reform laws. While at his mother’s house, Wold told The Post that freedom “feels good,” adding:

“Rikers Island is not the key, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been in jail all my life, I can do that standing on my head, it’s not teaching me anything. I can get more drugs in there than I can out here. Hopefully, the DA will see that I did not do all these crimes that they are accusing me of and they will get dismissed.”

According to police and court records, Wold, who has 32 prior arrests mostly from burglary and theft dating back to 1983, including 11 from 2021 alone, was arrested on November 24, 2021 after police stated he broke into two Manhattan businesses and stole from the cash registers. 

During his arraignment a day later, a judge released Wold because the felony burglary charges were not eligible for cash bail and within three days of being back on the streets, he was allegedly back to committing crimes.


Prosecutors stated that he was caught on surveillance footage on November 28, 2021 breaking into the Hipster Deli Grocery in Park Slope where he stole a cash register. Then, over the nine days after that, he allegedly hit another four businesses. The deli’s owner, Hazim Annisafee, said:

“It’s a headache, then the customers come in the next day, we don’t have money, we don’t have machine.”

Annisafee said that he lost between $400 and $600 from the initial burglary and the cost to fix the door and cash register cost him another $1,400. 

Court documents show that on December 1, 2021, Wold is accused of stealing five electric scooters, a bike, and two Macbook Airs from Fridge No More in Gowanus and then on December 5, 2021, he is being accused of breaking into Artisan Barber Shop in Park Slope and stealing their cash register. 

Rron Dulatahu, a barber and manager at the shop, said in a statement:

“The guy keeps going in and out, I think that’s wrong … They should give him time, leave him more in the jail so he understands more maybe. We’re frustrated because it could happen again and it keeps happening in this neighborhood. It’s not safe.”


Wold admitted to The Post that he has committed some burglaries, but not all that he is accused of doing. He added:

“I might’ve did one or two of ’em, but that was in the beginning of the summer. I didn’t do all of them. Whoever’s doing it has glasses and a bald head and he looks just like me.”

Wold then pointed to his struggles with opioid abuse and his many troubles with the law. He said that he is trying to get into an inpatient rehabilitation program so he can clean up his life. He added:

“People need to understand what addiction is. I don’t want to do crime. I don’t want to hurt people. I don’t want to steal from people. I really feel really, really bad about my situation and some of the people I have hurt … If I did it, I apologize.”

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