Man violently assaulted by “peaceful” Seattle protesters outside his home – blinded by laser pointers, violently assaulted


SEATTLE, WA – Chalk another one up to “peaceful protesters.” KIRO in Seattle is reporting that the Seattle Police Department is investigating a case in which a 47-year-old was assaulted when he confronted some of those “peaceful” protesters outside of his home on Thursday.

Police were called to the Swedish Hospital, where the victims was receiving treatment for a head injury.

According to the victim, he said that around midnight he was unable to sleep due to the raucous protest outside his home making its way through the neighborhood. He went outside to record the incident on his phone.

Some of the protesters were angry that he was recording them, and started to flash laser pointers in his eyes, then struck him in the head with an object believed by officials to be a flashlight.

Some of the protesters actually provided first aid to the victim. While that was occurring, one of the people who was involved with the protest deleted the video from his cell phone. He was then driven to the hospital by a member of his family.

Investigators were able to confirm the victim’s story through witness statements, and they also found several surveillance cameras that captured the incident.

Officers took photos of blood splatter that was found at the scene.

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According to Hot Air, around 80-100 protesters were walking throughout the neighborhood with the intention to protest at the home of Teresa Mosqueda, a member of the Seattle City Council.

However, neighbors said that Mosqueda doesn’t even live in the neighborhood anymore.

According to the police report:

“Officers met the victim at Swedish Hospital early this morning, where he was receiving treatment for a head injury. The victim told officer that around 12 am, he was attempting to sleep but was kept awake by a protest that had been making its way through the neighborhood. He said that he went outside his home near 10th Ave W and W Lee Street and asked the crowd to quiet down so that he could sleep, video recording the confrontation on his phone.

“The man said that members of the protest became angry that he was recording them, flashed laser pointers in his eyes, and then struck him in the head with a blunt object, possibly a flashlight. Several other protesters provided first aid to the victim, while according to the victim, a person with the protest deleted the video on his phone. A family member transported the victim to the hospital, where he met with police.

“Officers spoke with multiple witnesses who confirmed the victim’s story, found surveillance cameras that may have captured the incident, and took photos of blood splatter at the crime scene.

KIRO was able to acquire two videos of the incident posted by members of the protest group. It showed a woman shining a flashlight directly at the victim’s face from around two feet away. The victim then pulled the flashlight out of her hand and threw it onto the ground.


At that point, several members of the group began to shove him, and he ended upon the ground. It wasn’t clear who exactly assaulted the man and struck him in the head, but there was no appearance that any of the protesters had been injured prior to the assault.

Hot Air noted that what occurred was “pretty standard operating procedure for protesters.” Cause a ruckus, confront anyone with a camera and then escalate the situation. That was done in this case by shining a flashlight in the man’s face to cause further irritation.

Police told Hot Air that they would try to identify those responsible, however without the video from the victim’s camera, it might be difficult to do so.

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