Florida – the gift that keeps on giving.

A man in Baker County, Florida decided that he was going to dodge an arrest by hiding underwater in a pond. You know, like a Hannah-Barbera cartoon character would do. It didn’t take long for this guy’s antics to be foiled, and you can guess what substance-related charges allegedly fueled this crafty attempt at hiding.

36-year-old Daniel Christopher Booth thought he would employ all he had learned from action movies to avoid the police last week. While deputies were on the hunt for Booth, authorities had discovered him hiding underwater in a pond, according to a report from Fox.

According to authorities, the pesky need for oxygen exposed his location as Booth surfaced for some air. The suspect was wanted for a warrant pertaining to selling methamphetamine, but we here at Law Enforcement Today are crossing our fingers that his antics also rack up a criminal mischief charge, too – because that would be fitting based upon his escape attempt.

The Suwanee County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to inform, and also entertain, their page followers of the pseudo Swamp Thing’s capture. When a deputy had made their way over to Booth’s job at a solar power plant to arrest the suspect, he made a daring escape.

By daring, we mean he booked it and jumped into a pond. Whoever manages the Suwanee County Sheriff’s Facebook page needs an award for how they relayed the hilarious story:

“Now we can only assume that Mr. Booth has seen one too many action movies and thought he could hide from the K9 teams, from Suwannee CI and Mayo CI by hiding under the water in a pond.”

Earlier this morning we got word that Daniel Christopher Booth, 36 years old from MacClenny, Fl, had warrants for his…

Posted by Suwannee County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday, January 15, 2020


The post continued, noting how deputies had spotted Booth once he may his way up for air. The post online was accompanied by a photo of the miserable looking Booth being escorted in cuffs by deputies.

The sheriff’s off stated that the suspect was transported over to the Suwanee County Jail, while including some of the best hashtags on the post like “#NotRambo”. He’s currently facing additional charges for the comical means of escape.

With the internet being the Thunderdome that it is, Booth has been forever immortalized in the comments section. One of the best comments read:

“The good action movies show that you need to hollow out a reed to breathe through.”

Another user online somewhat mirrored those very sentiments noting:

“Clearly he forgot to grab a bamboo shoot [sic] to breathe through while he waited. He needs to watch more cartoons.”

Of course, there’s always one stick in the mud when it comes to comical arrests. One Facebook user stated:

“This post is in no way funny. People should take responsibility for their crimes but your post is poking fun at a young man whom I have known for years..and his family. He needs help kicking what I suppose is a meth addiction. I suppose he has been or will be transferred to Baker where I hope they offer help to Mr. Booth. But as we all know, he has to want help.”

Did I already mention that the Internet is the equivalent to the Thunderdome? Well, a certain someone responded to that triggered person from the hilarious arrest post with the following monumental jab:

“Ex con here to chime in (spent five years in prison) – this is freaking hilarious. Yes, it’s okay to laugh at people getting hemmed up while trying to escape like they’re in a Benny Hill short. If my arrest was this comical, I wouldn’t have an issue with it. I’d laugh with everyone one else. Now, if you stand up and slightly arch your back, you might be able to remove that stick from your butt.”

The only thing better than police doing an amazing job is when their work can inspire a laugh too. Despite the occasional triggered persona from police sharing follies of suspects, these kinds of stories show people that police have a sense of humor just like everyone else.

Another story out about social media in Florida this week has been no laughing matter.

An officer in Bay Harbor Islands has been suspended for “liking” his wife’s Facebook post where she referred to anti-American Congressman Rashida Tlaib as being a “Hamas-loving anti-Semite,” according to the Miami Herald.

Cpl. Pablo Lima, a former vice-president of the police union in Miami-Dade, has been put on administrative leave pending an internal affairs investigation, according to town manager J.C. Jimenez.

“The content of the social media posts that were brought to our attention are not consistent with our Town’s values and policies,” Jimenez said in a statement.

Lima had applied to be the town’s next police chief on a Tuesday, and then the following Thursday after being asked about the Facebook posts by the Miami-Herald, the department opened an investigation and put him on leave.

So, let’s get this right. Someone posts a status on social media, who happens to be your wife. You “like” the post to support your wife’s right to her opinion.

Then ONE YEAR later a newspaper asks about it under questionable circumstances. And you get suspended for doing it? Ok.

Lima’s wife, Anabelle Lima-Taub serves as the city commissioner in Hallandale Beach, Florida, and is apparently considered a “controversial” figure in the city. Incidentally, Lima-Taub was born in Haifa, which is the third largest city in Israel.

Given the rhetoric that Tlaib has emanated since she got into public life continually berating Israel, one can hardly blame Lima-Taub for lighting her up on social media.

Man tries to hide from police in fish pond - gets caught after running out of oxygen


The Facebook post in question emanates from a post last year. Last January, a vote was held in Hallandale Beach to condemn her for Facebook posts targeting Tlaib, including calling her a Hamas-loving anti-Semite and said that she might be a “martyr and blow up Capitol Hill.”

The vote passed 3-2, but apparently held no weight. During the meeting, supporters showed up waving Israeli flags and holding signs in support of her statements. Lima-Taub refused to apologize for the posts, and in fact re-emphasized them in other posts.

“I am offended by anyone who is NOT OFFENDED by Rashida Tlaib’s hateful rhetoric and pro BDS and other radical dangerous views calling for the obliteration of Israel, literally off the face of the map,” she said in one post.

“I remain unapologetic for my views that she is a danger to the peace process and demand an apology of her for relabeling Israel as Palestine on a map hanging on her wall in her congressional office.”

Lima-Taub explained that her primary issue with Tlaib is her support of the BDS or Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement against Israel, which she feels is tantamount to supporting the terrorist organizations Hamas and Hezbollah.

Tlaib has a history of making anti-Israel comments. At one time when she was asked if she supported a one-state solution, she said:

“One state. It has to be one state. Separate but equal does not work. This whole idea of a two-state solution, it doesn’t work.”

Palestinian activists use the term “one-state solution” to refer to the replacement of Israel.

Tlaib told Britain’s Channel 4 that she would cut U.S. military aid to Israel.

“Absolutely, if it has something to do with inequality and not access to people having justice,” she said. “For me, US aid should be leverage. I will be using my position in Congress so that no country, not one, should be able to get aid from the US when they still promote that kind of injustice.”

Did you read that? “US aid should be leverage.” Are we not impeaching President Trump for doing something like that?

Here is where Cpl. Lima comes in. After the vote on his wife, she shared a news story on Facebook about the incident and had the audacity to like five comments that expressed support for his wife.

Florida cop suspended for his wife's social media posts about a member of 'The Squad'.

Florida cop suspended for his wife’s social media posts about a member of ‘The Squad’.


Those statements also contained “provocative” statements about Tlaib, with suggestions that she “took her [congressional] oath on the Koran,” “openly hates Jews” and that she “supports the people who flew planes into our [New York] twin towers and killed over 5,000 people.”

Tlaib is a pretty easy person to dislike. At a rally just after she was sworn into Congress, Tlaib, ever the class act in speaking about President Trump said, “we’re gonna impeach the mother*cker.” The absolute epitome of dignity and grace there, Tlaib.

So, Cpl. Lima liked the posts in support of his wife, and now finds himself suspended, even though he did not make any posts himself.

According to the Miami Herald, the Bay Harbor Islands police department prohibits any speech that “ridicules, maligns, disparages, or otherwise expresses bias against any gender, race, religion or any protected class of individuals,” even over social media.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) addressed the issue in a tweet under it’s “Islamophobia Watch.”

Apparently calling out Hamas, a group which Tlaib has supported, as a terrorist group can now get you in trouble with your employer.

The suspension is the least of Lima’s problems. Even if he were to be exonerated, the incident will likely leave a black mark on his career, which has spanned nearly four decades. He was a candidate to take over as the next chief of the department.

“Throughout my 38 years of law enforcement experience my reputation has been impeccable!” he wrote. “I took the role (and still do!) of conducting myself ethically very seriously.”

Lima-Taub also wrote a long post supporting her husband on Facebook, supporting him in face of “corruption” in southern Florida, as well as the work of an unnamed lobbyist.

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Colorado woman uses red flag law against officer who shot and killed her knife-wielding son


“Pablo knows that as an elected official, I am not at liberty to delete any comments affiliated with my political work,” she said.

“As he always does the right thing and he was liking comments that reiterated support of me not being a racist which he now is being punished and suspended for.

This matter is being investigated. I am sure Pablo would love to comment on this matter. However…a law enforcement official is not allowed to comment pending an internal investigation.

To my amazing and honorable, husband, Pablo Lima: I admire you, love you, support you and stand by your side.

When this matter concludes, I will work diligently to uncover the trails, which I am sure will lead to a lobbyist who brings nothing but misery and corruption to every South Florida city he touches!”

God forbid somebody insult a member of the “squad.” If it was President Trump who was insulted, Mr. Politically Correct city manager would probably have given Lima a bonus.


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