Man shoots two teens, kills one after they try to carjack him – second teen may be charged with killing


MEMPHIS, TN – A man shot and killed a teenager in Memphis, Tennessee recently and claims he did so in self-defense.  The man alleges the teen victim was attempting to car jack him in a gas station parking lot.

The victim, Terry Thompson, alleges that he was at an East Memphis Kroger with his 2019 Mercedes, valued over $100,000 pumping gas.  According to the arrest affidavit, Thompson said that someone had entered into his vehicle and stolen his key fob.

The affidavit said:

“Thompson stated he started to walk toward the store to look at surveillance video to see who took his fob.”

Instead of entering into the store, Thompson went back to his vehicle and opened the driver’s side door.  While doing so, he saw that there was a person in the driver’s seat that was trying to drive away.  The affidavit said:

“Thompson stated that the male in the driver’s seat jumped out the passenger side door of the vehicle after Thompson startled him.

“Thompson advised officers a black vehicle was parked 15 feet from his vehicle and the person in the driver’s seat pointed a black handgun out the window toward him as he exited his car.

“Thompson stated he fired shots toward the black vehicle.”

Willie Murry, 18, and Cameron Pryor, 16, were both shot as Thompson allegedly fired in self-defense.  Pryor was killed at the scene and Murry then fled from the scene, later driving to a hospital for medical treatment.

The affidavit said:

“Murry was observed on surveillance video exiting a black vehicle before entering the hospital with a gunshot wound to his foot.”

Murry was treated for the gunshot wound and released into police custody.  Memphis Police advise that Murry allegedly admitted that he and Pryor were trying to steal Thompson’s vehicle, valued at $147,000.  The affidavit said:

“Murray stated the black sedan used in the attempted theft was also stolen.  The stolen vehicle, a black 2013 Lexus ES 350 was recovered with blood and bullet holes.  The value of the Lexus is $30,000.”

Murry was arrested for his involvement in the case and charged with attempted second-degree murder, employment of a firearm during the commission of a dangerous felony, two counts of vehicle theft, and carjacking.

An attorney for Thompson, Leslie Ballin, spoke to the Commercial Appeal and said:

“I’m optimistic that there’s not gonna be any charges placed against him [Thompson].  And we should know shortly if my optimism turns into reality.

“It’s about my client being a victim of an attempted carjacking and that during the carjacking his life was put in danger by the carjackers.  He [Thompson] defended himself.

“My client cooperated with the authorities, will continue to do so.  If there’s prosecution of the others that were involved in the carjacking, he will be available and cooperative to give testimony as to what happened.”

Memphis Police believe that there may be several other juveniles that were involved in this incident.  They will continue their investigation and review all video surveillance in order to make a determination as to if the two acted alone of if there were others involved.

In addition to the charges Murry already faces it is possible that he could be charged with the death of Pryor even though he did not pull the trigger.

This is because the law allows for any party to be charged for the death of another while they are both knowingly and intentionally committing a crime together.  If Memphis Police charges him, it would be viewed the same as if Murry pulled the trigger and killed Pryor himself.

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Here is another article reference a carjacking with two teenage suspects.

The suspects since identified as Zaire Barry Vaughn, 18 and Dion Dushan Davis, 17 have been charged in connection with the car crash that tragically killed Jiwyna Harlan on the evening of August 1st. According to reports, the crash happened in the area of Chalmers Street and East Seven Mile Road.

According to police, Vaughn was behind the wheel when he allegedly sped through a red light striking Harlan’s SUV, killing her and injuring three of her kids who were inside. The mother was pronounced dead at the scene. The three children were taken to a nearby hospital, and are listed in stable condition.

A relative of Harlan said:

“We’ve been watching people fly up and down these streets since we were children. There has been many accidents, police chases, hit and runs, all down this particular street.”

According to reports, Vaughn should have been serving a brief prison stint when the crash happened. Back on March 26th, he plead guilty to a pair of felony gun charges and resisting arrest. After the police successfully arrested him, the court set his bail at $1,500. Vaughn only had to pay 10 percent of that amount, which was $150, and he was able to be released from jail.

Court records show that Vaughn got into more trouble in the months since he bonded out of jail. He had carjacking charges as well as several felony weapon charges for a case in July. And now his criminal behavior killed an innocent woman.

Investigations by the Detroit police revealed a weapon inside the stolen vehicle. Both suspects have been charged. Davis has been charged with driving while license is suspected, revoked, or denied and drag racing.

Vaughn has been charged with second-degree murder, reckless driving causing death, operating a vehicle while license is suspended, revoked, or denied causing death, fleeing and eluding in the first-degree, carrying a concealed weapon, and four counts of felony firearm. 

Vaughn was remanded to jail. Davis was arraigned and got a $25,000 personal bond.

Just prior to the accident, police were responding to a stolen vehicle and robberies reported in the area. According to police, Davis was racing another car in the area with Vaughn as a passenger. They were racing a stolen Dodge Challenger.

Davis stopped off at a gas station in the 1400 block of E. Seven Mile Road and when he exited his vehicle, police officers approached him. As reports have it, at the same time Vaughn moved from the front passenger seat to the driver’s seat and sped out of the parking lot southbound on Chalmers Street.

Vaughn continued to speed down Chalmers Street and when he approached Seymour Street, he ran the red light, striking the Chevrolet Trailblazer driven by Harlan who had three children inside, including 5-year-old twins and a 12-year-old. The family dog was also inside the SUV, but was safety rescued. 

A relative of Harlan said:

“A what point do we get to the point where enough is enough. Enough doing stupid stuff, acting the fool because all it does is get us back to what we were doing right now. Loving on each other, crying, and now we have to bury our loved one, for what? It wasn’t worth it.”

She continued:

“And now you are spending the rest of your life in jail and your loved ones get to look at you while we have to see my sister at a grave site laying in the ground.”

A GoFundMe page has been set up to donate to the family for a memorial in Harlan’s honor.


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