It’s one of those stories that you can’t NOT report on.

This is Cameron Jeffrey Wilson.  He’s 27-years-old.  And we can assure you that the legal pains he’s experiencing probably aren’t as bad as the physical pain.

Cameron Jeffrey Wilson

Cameron Jeffrey Wilson accidentally shot himself in in the testicles and was then found to be hiding marijuana in his buttocks, according to police.


That’s because he accidentally shot himself in in the testicles and was then found to be hiding marijuana in his buttocks, according to police.

They say he was carrying a gun in his front pocket on April 5th when it accidentally went off, the bullet piercing his testicles and embedding itself in his inner thigh.

Doctors began operating at the hospital.  That’s when police say a balloon filled with marijuana fell out of his anus.

That basically gave them the all-clear to search his car.  That’s where they found a bag of meth.

It was bad news for Wilson, who was already a convicted felon.

After his searching, Wilson was brought to the Chelan County Jail in Washington state.  It gets better.  Before going in, he was strip searched — and another balloon of marijuana fell out of his anus.

That’s bonus charges.

He was slapped with being a felon in possession of a firearm and unlawful possession of meth and possession of a controlled substance in a correctional facility.

He pleaded not guilty on all charges, and will be back in court on June 18th.

The whole “drugs in the anus” thing seems to be a trending thing these days.

On April 30, a 29-year-old in Nashville ended up joining that same family.

That’s when police were staking out the parking lot of Santorini restaurant in Nashville when they spotted 29-year-old Kadeem Wilkins talking to two women and then getting inside his van.

Kadeem Wilkins

Kadeem Wilkins, 29, is accused of swallowing at least one baggie containing heroin, which he had previously hidden in his anus.


One of those women had an outstanding felony warrant for her arrest, so police pulled over Wilkin’s vehicle.

Police said that as they were getting ready to detain the woman, they saw the driver – someone they knew well thanks to his extensive criminal history – ‘lift his rear end and quickly put his hand down the back of his pants’.

You guessed it – police say he was hiding drugs inside his anal cavity.

Detectives tried to do a strip search, but he resisted – so they got a warrant to search his body cavity.

He was then taken to Metro General Hospital, where a doctor agreed to carry out an exterior search only. That consisted of spreading the man’s butt cheeks, which failed to produce any drugs

He was still booked into the county jail on charges of possession of marijuana, a strip of the prescription painkiller Suboxone and drug paraphernalia.

While bringing him to the jail, officers say they once again saw Wilkins reaching into the back of his pants.

Before they could conduct a second strip search, they say several baggies – including one believed to be crack cocaine – fell out of his underwear.

As they tried to collect the evidence, Wilkins allegedly put up a fight, grabbed at least one baggie that he previous had stashed inside his anus and swallowed it.

So they brought him back to the hospital, where he told a nurse that he ingested heroin.

He then stayed there until his body passed the drugs… naturally.

He was finally booked days later on charges of resisting arrest, drug paraphernalia, assault of an officer, bringing contraband into a penal institution, felony tampering with evidence, and possession of cocaine with intent. 

Police say Wilkins has a lengthy criminal record in Tennessee dating back to at least 2012. That history includes a list of charges related to drug and marijuana possession, along with counts of domestic assault, false imprisonment, forgery of auto title and probation violation. 

Most recently, he was arrested in January on charges of theft, and possession of weapons, marijuana, drugs and drug paraphernalia.