Man in convenience store shoots cop, gets handcuffed, manages to run away from police


TULSA, OK – A Tulsa Police officer is recovering after having been shot in the arm while fighting for a gun.  The shooter was later located and taken into custody.

Tulsa Police Department reports that one of their officers was at a local convenience store on October 25th in the area of 61st Street and Peoria Avenue investigating a firearm that had been located inside of a bathroom. 

At some point during the investigation, the officer became suspicious of a male in the area, later identified as Rashad Thomas, and approached him.

Tulsa Police allege that when the officer approached Thomas, things went sideways.  Reportedly on video surveillance, Thomas is seen placing what appears to be a gun in his waistband in an apparent attempt to conceal it from the officer’s view.

The officer, determined to complete his investigation, continued to approach Thomas in an attempt to question him.  As the officer neared Thomas, he allegedly pulled a firearm out of his waistband and he and the officer began fighting for the weapon.

The officer fought with Thomas in an attempt to secure the gun and place Thomas under arrest.  However, at some point during the brief altercation over the gun, the gun fired and struck the officer in the wrist. 

The injured officer and his backup were able to secure Thomas in handcuffs after the shot was fired.  As the backup officer went to his patrol vehicle to get first aid supplies for the injured officer, Thomas took off on foot, running south from the convenience store.

Additional officers responded to the scene and established a perimeter around the area in an attempt to cause Thomas to bed down. 

Perimeters are always established in cases that have subjects fleeing from the police so that the suspect(s) stop fleeing further away from the original scene.  While the perimeter was being established, the injured officer was taken to a nearby hospital to be treated for what appear to be non-life-threatening injuries.

Officers informed the public in the area that Thomas was at large in the area and was considered dangerous while they continued their search.  Just before 8 pm, officers somehow received information that Thomas could be hiding in an apartment complex.

Officers moved into a locked area and located Thomas hiding in a laundry room.  Thomas was arrested by the officers without incident.  Additionally, the police department advises that Thomas was not injured either during the original incident or when he was taken into custody.

Thomas was transported to the county jail where he was charged with aggravated assault and battery on a police officer.  At this time, there is no further information on if Thomas was a convicted felon or how the firearm came to be in his possession.

Tulsa Police Captain Richard Meulenberg spoke to newson6 regarding the incident and his praising of the officers who responded to the area to keep the community safe.  Meulenberg said:

“Sometimes when it really matters, we have to get out here to help find someone who is dangerous, we have to get out here and protect the community, protect the officers, and that’s what happens we come from all over the city to come make sure we can do our job well.”

Thankfully no one was seriously hurt in this incident.  Law Enforcement Today wishes the officer who was injured a speedy recovery.

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Officer down: Illinois officer – a young dad – shot to death while investigating report of stolen car

Pontoon Beach, IL – A 14-year law enforcement veteran was shot to death while investigating a possible stolen car at a gas station. The Illinois State Police confirmed the tragic news surrounding Officer Tyler Timmins of the Pontoon Beach Police Department. He had only been with the department for 18 months.

According to reports, Timmins was checking into a car that was potentially stolen around 8 am at a Speedway gas station. A man opened fire on him, striking him at least once and leaving him him with life-threatening injuries. 

As reported by KSDK: 

“A fellow officer rushed Timmins to Gateway Regional Medical Center in Granite City. From there, he was airlifted to Saint Louis University Hospital in south St. Louis. Police department vehicles from several local agencies were seen parked outside the emergency departments at SLU and Gateway Regional Medical Center.”

Several hours later, Timmins succumbed to his wounds.

The alleged shooter was taken into custody. Details surrounding the suspect have not been disclosed at this time. He was sitting inside the vehicle Timmins was checking when he began shooting. A second person was also taken into custody at the scene.

A witness, who heard the shots but did not see what happened, assisted officers with getting Timmins into a squad car. 

“I grabbed him by the belt and got in the police car and started pulling him in the back seat so I could help them get him in the car,” Russell Morrow told local reporters. 

Timmins was 36-years old and leaves behind a wife and a daughter. 

The BackStoppers have stepped in to assist the family.  

“Our hearts are heavy today as we are faced with the loss of Officer Tyler Timmins. He was a hero who dedicated his life to serving and protecting our community. Officer Timmins will be honored and remembered and we will be there for his family for the long road ahead,” Chief Ron Battelle, BackStoppers Executive Director, said in a statement on their website. 

Departments from around the country have posted their tributes on social media. 

“Our heartfelt condolences go out to the family, friends, & co-workers of Police Officer Tyler Timmins of the Pontoon Beach Police Department, who was shot & killed while investigating a stolen vehicle. He has served his community for 15 years. #FidelisAdMortem” -NYPD


Fidelis Ad Mortem is a Latin phrase meaning faithful unto death, and is the motto of the NYPD. 

Chicago Police Superintendent David Brown said: 

“On behalf of myself and the @Chicago_Police Department, we offer our prayers and condolences to the Pontoon Beach Police Department, family, and loved ones of Officer Tyler Timmins. Officer Timmins made the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty and will #NeverBeForgotten.”


The @JolietPolice send our condolences to the family, friends & coworkers of Pontoon Beach, IL Police Officer Tyler Timmins. Ofc Timmins was shot and killed in the line of duty yesterday while investigating a stolen vehicle. Rest in peace Ofc Timmins.


GoFundMe page has been set up as well.  They have reached their initial goal of $10,000 and are moving towards their second funding goal to assist his family. 

On behalf of everyone here at Law Enforcement Today, our thoughts an prayers are with the family of Officer Timmins, both blood and blue. 

Pontoon Beach Police Officer Tyler Timmins, End of Watch; 10/26/2021.

LET will continue to follow this story and will provide updates surrounding the suspect as they become available. 


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