Man rolls out a Halloween display so gory and horrifying people keep calling the police on him


DALLAS, TX – A man in Dallas, Texas has had the police called on him several times for a reason one might not believe.  They were called to his home about his very morbid, gruesome and unsettlingly realistic front yard Halloween decor.

Artist Steven Novak decided to turn the Halloween ornamentation up a notch this year and created a scene that looks like it stepped right out of a Horror movie, or a serial killer’s house.  Novak created the decorations by using several dummies, other props and more than 20 gallons of fake blood to make it look more realistic.

Some pictures of the macabre scene in his front yard were posted on social media.  There is a wheelbarrow that appears to be full of bloody severed limbs.  There is another photo that looks like a man’s bloodied body with a chainsaw stuck in his back. 


There is also a fake dead body on the roof of his house and the one on the front lawn apparently met his demise with a hammer to the head.  Novak explained that decorating for different holidays is something that he rather enjoys and has seemingly gone a bit overboard.  He said:

“I’ve always been up to hijinks like flying ghosts or 7-foot tall snow sculptures of myself, so if I was gonna do Halloween, it was obvious that it should be hyperreal. 

“No lights, fog machine, or camp…something that would really freak people out walking by in the dark. So, I whipped up some dummies and slung 20 gallons of blood all over.”

Novak said that police have shown up at his house twice while he was home to check on the display.  He said that the officers tell him that they have received complaints and they had to verify it was a fake setup.  The officers, according to Novak, apparently thought that his display was cool:

“Neighbors told me cop cars were in front of my house a lot during the day.  I was only home twice to receive them.  They told me they thought it was cool and that they were only there because they were required to reply to complaints from the sergeant.”

Novak laughed when he recalled his conversation with the police, saying:

“They were in formation at the door and when I opened it they asked me if it was all mine.  I asked, ‘You mean the blood and bodies?  Yeah, that’s me…’  Honestly, though, I think I could’ve used more.  [His plans] were way worse on paper.  Next year though!”

Novak admitted that he is immature for his age but enjoys seeing and hearing the different reactions from people as they walk by and see it.  He said that he normally hears laughter from people who see it, yet other times he hears children screaming in horror.  He said:

“People freak!  It’s cool.”

Novak told the Orlando Sentinel that he had been decorating his residence for years, but found the common stuff was too generic for him.  He said:

“People love it, but it didn’t seem real.  So I slowly got more realistic.  The past few years, the rule has been that it needs to be believable, especially in the middle of the night.  If someone walks by it, I want them to think, ‘Is that real?’”

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Wedding called off after woman says her ghost fiancé cheated on her. No, really.

October 19, 2020

ENGLAND- In October of 2018, a British woman joined a morning TV show to explain her love affair with a ghost.  Now, in a sad but spooky turn of events, the upcoming wedding has been called off.

Amethyst Realm, 32, was a guest on the UK morning show This Morning to give an update on her steamy relationship with a spirit.  Realm claimed that during a vacation to Australia in 2018 she had met a dead, I mean, dashing ghost named Ray.  The love-struck pair quickly hit it off and formed a relationship.

Realm even divulged to The Sun that the pair consummated their relationship on the plane ride back to her home in England.  Although, she did not explain how. 

Realm stated:

“I was happy and excited — so excited that we had to do something about it. So we headed to the plane loo and, well, I am now a member of the Mile-High Club.”

Realm also told The Sun that the pale pair took their relationship a step further by getting engaged nine months later:

“There was no going down on one knee — he doesn’t have knees. But for the first time, It’s hard to explain but, until that point, his words were inside my head.  But, on that day, the words were outside.  I heard him speak.  I could actually hear his voice and it was beautiful. Deep, sexy and real.”

Realm claimed that the, err, unique relationship had been going well until recently:

“It was going really well until we went on a holiday.”

Unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst when her lover seemed to have had a change of heart (do ghosts have hearts?).  Realm tried to describe how her phantom lover had “just completely changed.”

She explained that while on their vacation, her “boo” got caught up with the wrong crowd:

“I think maybe he fell in with a bad crowd when we were on holiday.  He just started becoming really inconsiderate.”

Then, things had become worse when Ray began ghosting Realm for days at a time:

“He’d disappear for long periods of time.  When he did come back, he’d bring other spirits to the house and they’d just stay around for days.”

She felt Ray had started to turn to other spirits for comfort:

“I think he started doing drugs and partying a bit much.”

One This Morning viewer took to Twitter to defend Realm saying:

“All men are bastards. Even ghost ones.”

Another viewer seemed to share our sentiment and commented:

“I guess he ghosted her.”

Sadly, the pair had broken things off before their wedding.  Though this entire story seemed rather creepy, we were certain that their wedding would have been boo-tiful.


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